BlackBerry World has some pretty awesome movies on sale at silly prices

BlackBerry World Movies
By James Richardson on 3 Jun 2014 07:43 am EDT

We've seen movies getting price reductions a few times in BlackBerry World, but I was having a quick look through this week and noticed that for just £0.79 there are some real gems on offer.

I tend not to watch many movies myself on my BlackBerry, but maybe that's as I use the Q10 as my primary device. But for you all touch BlackBerry 10 users you may well want to take advantage of these latest offerings?

The list includes the following titles, just to name a few:

  • Taken 2

  • Frozen

  • Die Hard 4

  • Thor: The Dark World

  • The Wolverine

I'm in the UK so I'm not 100% sure this is a global sale (for those that have access to movies), so please hit up the comments and let us know if you're seeing them at the reduced price and in what region you are?

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BlackBerry World has some pretty awesome movies on sale at silly prices


By global, he meant the sale prices would apply for anywhere you could buy movies in the first place.

It's not global though anyway this time, just a regional sale.

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Surely that's what the micro-HDMI out is for, so you can then play them on a TV....

And as films are not available worldwide in BlackBerry World, I'd take a guess and say the sale isn't either.... nice if you can get it though.


It's a pity. I can not get movies in Italy. Too bad because I can do it on iTunes. Why is this?

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Too bad movies aren't available here. With the micro hdmi it would be a perfect combo

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Usually a matter of licensing with different studios. Every country has their own laws so the stores need to negotiate new deals with each studio for each country. Some of those countries have fairly strict laws, others very loose. You end up with the stores having to debate whether they would make enough profit to justify all the hassle on a per country basis. We're often left out in Canada: tougher laws + smaller population = not worth it to many.

iTunes much more than anyone else seems to have to made the effort to go global, probably because their business model is more to drive you toward their devices by offering good services so they don't mind a modest gain from the movies themselves.

This is the second time that we have missed out in the past month :(
December's sale was fantastic - paid 7.00 for 7 new movies!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Nope... not in Switzerland... and reading other comments I ask myself in what countries are movies and music available... think this list is short, very short...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Well, no wonder people turn to download, would not be so if the offer was available.
But instead the majors prefer to go on witch-hunt against PIRATES with the FBI...
Sooo smart....

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Movies are on sale here in the US for $0.99. The Wolf of Wall Street, Monuments Men, 12 Years A Slave... a whole bunch more!! not all major titles though, but a great selection.

Would have bought lots of these already, but as we have read before above: jot available where I am, music as well....


Z30 Pooooooooower!

Nothing in Canada. In fact, I can't even find Frozen to compare prices to. Seems copyright restriction is playing its evil tricks on us once more.

I got a lot of 99¢ movies in the last sale, and some of these titles would be great to own at that price, but no love for Canada right now... CURSE YOU, ROVI!!! (Naw, I'm sure they'll get to Canada soon and we'll have a different selection, but hopefully Anchorman 2 will be one of them)

I saw bits of the "newscaster rumble" at HMV and thought that scene would be fun to watch in its entirety. Love the Canadian news team saying "Sorry" after every vile threat. :-) All those cameos! I think I'd rather pay the 99¢ instead of trying to get it through... non-approved sources.

Due to the shambles that is the licensing of the movies in BBW and the losing of movies I have paid for because of it, unless it's free there's no chance I'll download a movie from BBW.

Steve/Boanerges Performance

What shambles? I'm want to know if there's any BS because I was thinking about buying the $1 movies.

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Copy Protection and the limited time you have to download titles (use to be a month, but now it seems you have until January 1, 2015) make these more of a long term rental.

No movie store in South Africa...they should make it possible for us to buy movies, because we already are able to buy some music.

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Doesn't that just suck!

How come i don't see them in BlackBerry World :-(!

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Since I tried to get a different movie a while back, and they took my money but it would never download.... yeah, not really crazy about bbw for this reason.

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In these threads, everybody should be specific about movie names, country locations, and dates. All these factors matter to every reader.

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Blackberry world is selling snp2chat at a silly price should be free

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It's easier to just buy the DVD and use Handbrake to convert it to a phone compatible format. Certainly not cheaper though, but it works great and doesn't have any "you can only use this for x years before you need to buy it again" nonsense.

And.... AND! No large download required when using DVD converted on your computer.

- Disco Trooper CB10Z10

Not in US. We have another goods movies on sale, but Taken 2 is not available on sale or regular price.

God Bless You!

Yes, completely weird why we cannot rent movies through BlackBerry World in certain European countries? Soon, Netflix will come to my country but I rather support BlackBerry by renting movies thru the app world. Anyone knows why this is so?

CB10 - Q10

I downloaded and watched Saving Mr Banks over the weekend for 79p here in the UK. Bargain price, no need to go hunting for pirate copies when you can buy at this price. The only small snag is I connect my Z10 via HDMI cable to my TV and you can see the film stutter throughout the movie. I guess it's the phones graphics are too slow to cope with the frame rate. Anybody else experienced this issue?

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I've watched True Grit and American Hustle downloaded to my Z10 and transmitted to my TV via HDMI with no stuttering

Late to the party again James. I posted up about these films on sale in the UK in the forum on May 27th. Old news now! ; )

Careful! Z10 in action!

Stupid cheap movies....and good ones too.

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I bought 7 movies for. 99 back on December I think. I could not stream them from my Z30 to my tv (with miracast) like every other video I have, couldn't save the working file on any other devices and then to top it off they all stopped working after a few months. Some deal

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None of the ones specifically listed are on sale in the U.S., but there are a ton of great ones on sale for. 99 cents.

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I downloaded eight movies this past weekend for $0.99. I'm in the U.S.. The movies included World War Z, Wolf of Wallstreet, and Monuments Men.

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99cents a movie, a dream here in France....
Have a friend who was @Netflix insider, Netflix is planning to settle office in France, but prices will be drastically more expensive than in US.
Maybe BlackBerry World is testing a service...hopefully to expand it after.
But Universal paramount Sony etc will never ever lower prices in Europe.

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No sale here in Canada. Movies like Frozen and Thor: The Dark World are not even available on BlackBerry World.

These offers began for Mothers Day in US. I've downloaded about 4, yet to watch them but I will.

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I have Thor, Wolverine, Frozen, The Counsellor, Iron Man 3 and The Hobbit...

Paid £0.79 for each of them!

Cheaper than a bargain bin DVD!

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Just checked, available in The States. Many titles $0.99. Quick look had Star Trek, American Hustle, etc. My carrier is Sprint. Just FYI.

There's frozen in the US. Just not the good one. That one is hardly worth $10, I've seen it.

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Have purchased many movies only to find I'm unable to Miracast them via my Netgear PTV3000 although work great with a HDMI cable......................

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Netherlands us currently under a dictatorship. No outside movies nor influence allowed. Heck, they still think big collar shirts and flair pants are in fashion.

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despite being locked to device, it's a sweet deal...I'm gonna need a larger microSD card! (average movie is +2GB)

No movies/music in Uruguay... :( I can buy movies / music /books @ Google Play :_(

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In whiich countries do I have to live to get the Deal? So far it looks like only the US and the UK are making it possible.

I buy the Blue Ray with Digital copy. Always nice to have a hard copy and with the digital copy I can play across all my platforms and stream to smart TV without ever needing to pop the disc into the tray.

With that said,
No wonder people turn to torrent sites. The studios and their insane copyright and licensing agreements stifle their profits. More people would buy if they had access.

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I would really like to see BlackBerry charge a one month free like Netflix dose because they have movies I would be watching all the time in blackberry world. Please BlackBerry let's make them changes!

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