BlackBerry World delivers the apps on a Saturday night of sports

NHL, UFC and Formula 1 - on this Saturday night BlackBerry World succeeded 100% in delivering the apps I needed to enjoy a night of sporting action on my Z10

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Mar 2013 10:50 am EDT

I had a fun Saturday night. My fiancée Erika and I had friends over. Dinner was excellent and the wine was good. We all ate way too much - the only thing we could physically do after dinner was park ourselves in front of the television, where (luckily) there was no shortage of back-to-back sporting events to take in.

We watched the Winnipeg Jets vs. Maple Leafs hockey game (Go Jets Go!!). After that, we rented the UFC Pay-Per-View fight. My friends went home to bed after GSP gave Nick Diaz a beat down, but Erika and I stayed up a little longer to take in the first Formula 1 race of the year. With BlackBerry now sponsoring Mercedes I cheered for Lewis Hamilton to win, while Erika hoped for her favorite Kimi Räikkönen to win. Never bet against your better half - Kimi ended taking the podium while Hamilton finished 5th. Overall it was still a great debut for BlackBerry in Formula 1.

It was a fun Saturday night and I went to bed with a big smile on my face. The smile was for more than the entertaining evening though - it was also for the fact that on this Saturday night, BlackBerry delivered 100% on the apps front. As the evening unwound, I hit up BlackBerry World on my Z10 and grabbed the official app for each sport as we took in the action. NHL GameCenter, UFC and the F1 2013 Timing App were all there, and they were all really well-executed apps. 

On this Saturday night, BlackBerry delivered 100% on the apps front

While GameCenter and were both free, the F1 app rang in with a price of $29.99 (it's actually $34 for iOS). Expensive, but honestly, if you're a fan of Formula 1 it is completely worth it. It actually makes watching F1 more fun. You can see where the cars are at while the tv stops for commercial breaks, and there is just so much more data at your finger tips. This app is expensive on every platform, but it really runs smooth on BB10. I completely recommend it.

Yes, there is still work for BlackBerry to do in bringing more apps onto BlackBerry 10, and everybody has their own list of the big name app titles they want to see hit first, but on this evening I was not left for wanting. And having all the apps I wanted made me really, really happy. I want to have that same feeling every day.

With BlackBerry Z10 sales seemingly off to a solid start and the phone about to make its debut in the USA, I really hope we see this BlackBerry 10 app momentum continue. I'm sure BlackBerry is doing everything they can on their end to make it happen. And beyond BlackBerry, I really hope the big name apps that have not yet embraced BB10 come around, and do so quickly. Now is the time to get it done.

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BlackBerry World delivers the apps on a Saturday night of sports


@kevin are you a Toronto Maple Leafs fan or a Jets fan? One would guess you're a Jets fan since your from Winnipeg. Last night was a good game. Tough loss for my Leafs.

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I need a Z10 just for the gamecentre app(especially after missing the 10 round shootout last night) and the formula 1 timing app.
Has anyone used gamecentre on the PlayBook?


I have the gameCentre android port on the PB and it works for highlights. No live feed though. Fortunately, you can log into to get access. Just make sure you keep an eye on you RAM as the PB has a tendency to use more the longer the game goes on, forcing you to close the browser and reopen to fix the issue.

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The only PROBLEM with the F1 is it wakes me up in the middle of the night with the ZOOM notifier.............
no settings option to put it to sleep with the clock feature...
Guess they didn't figure on the time zone I had to delete it...Shame as family follows the races in Monaco every year...

Even if you delete it, you can still just re-install it for free, it would be a pain, but just re-install it for the races you care about. That way at least it's not a complete waste of $30

Just to make sure: Kevin is referring to paid app for $29.99 and not F1 live 24, so does the paid app make the zoom notification?

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It was the F1 Live worries..I can always re-install it to catch up...

that first Zoom in the middle of the night sure is alarming though ;)

LMAO. I can't believe I got the vroooooom at an ungodly hour last night too - had the phone on bedside mode and notifications set to silent. WTH?! I got other apps that just won't push no matter what, and then this fool thing sends me to the ceiling like Sylvester the cat.

Go to settings-notifications-other applications and find the app, click to open it and there is a sound scared the crap out of me the first time as well lol.

Thanks...I didn't realize that NOTIFICATIONS option under the main SETTINGS allowed one to do this...I guess that wasn't in my training manual ;)
Thanks again for the TIP

Anyone take a guess how many apps are in BBW for BB10? Crackberry should post when we're over 100k. We might already be close. Good stuff is arriving in recent weeks. I hope the next series of BlackBerrys bump to 32 GB internal RAM as some of these new games are over 1 GB!

Since the Z10 and Q10 came with external media card slot, I guess the internal storage capacity is not an issue.
Just remember to use the media card for all your 'media': Music, Pictures, Videos.
To separate storage between apps and media really become a huge advantage.
Make sure to use high speed (class) micro SD to get better experience.
Like to record in 1080p. The video recorder will detect if your media card is Class4 or higher to allowed you to record Full HD videos.

NHL app is surprisingly good. Though live video requires a subscription, the free version offers video highlights in reasonable time delay to supplement the scoreboard. A very nice implementation of video on the Z10.

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And the apps keep flowing...making my PB nearly obsolete. Any speculation about when BlackBerry will update PB OS to 10?

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My best bet would be when BlackBerry already launched BOTH Z10 and Q10 worldwide.
By launch it means available.
BlackBerry will focus on delivering both devices first, and then do trial with the PlayBook before they launch other mid-range BlackBerry 10 devices on Q3 or Q4.

It's a shame that you have to endure commercial breaks in Canada, in the UK Sky have a dedicated F1 Channel that shows EVERY race live and uninterrupted

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As a fellow Winnipeger, GO JETS GO! Unfortunately I am still waiting for MTS to launch the Z10 and can't switch to another carrier (yet) due to our enterprise network. Sure hoping to get a release date soon from these clowns! Pretty sure Sasktel launched February 5th, so there goes the "were only a small carrier" excuse!

Was so glad Vettel didn't win in Australia! I was also rooting for Hamilton.

I have the F1 Live App and it's a great app too. Best thing, it's free!!

To answer another post, I believe I read somewhere already that BBW has already surpassed the 100k apps just recently. I may be wrong.

CB Can some shed some light on the subject?


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Go Jets Go! Happy that I finally got a z10! The sports apps for it are good but we need more options for alerts when goals happen!

If you're on MTS they told me yesterday it was coming next week. They've also been saying for the last month. I couldn't wait any longer and got mine from Koodo yesterday, unlocked by crackberryunlocking and been loving it!

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NASCAR and Sprint suck bad eggs. BB app not available, and they do not care. I listen to races on Tunein app, with the search for sport stations carrying the races.

went to see a friend yesterday afternoon,he,s a big f1 fan from way back,he just got a Z10 and i showed him the free app F1 live 24 thks crackberry for the tip about this app.anyway,when i returned home , i had the app running all nite but did,t know it.i went to bed ,the notification setting was set to silent so when i woke up i noticed there where 4 notifications.i opened the first one and heard the zoom,scared the shit out of me.i still love my bbZ10 though

I'm on the latest OS version of BB10 and according to Appworld it says unavailable for my device. Is the app US specific market only?

First of all, Nuck didn't show up to fight George, it was completely one-sided ..... the good news, I think Nick retired last night. As for F1, I like Kimi too, he is so boring to listen to but man can he drive! A great night for sports and those apps didn't hurt either!

I support Mercedes now too since BB is a sponsor. Cheered for Hamilton all the way. Sad that Rosberg had to retire early. Well, they're here in Malaysia next week so I get to see them in action!!

Paid USD25 for the F1 Timing app and it's money well spent. Now if I can only find some live streaming that actually works...

Been chuckling about the F1 app and the notifications.. First time a push hit home it was a real surprise for me as well. Won't say I jumped out of my skin but I stared at my Z10 for a while wondering if it had gone crazy.

Nice to see that BlackBerry logo prominently displayed on those 2 Mercedes cars at the right places for maximun tv pick-up/exposure. Same goes for that BB display on the team headsets an the racers' uniforms . However I couldn't understand why there were no BlackBerry Z10 ads during all the F1 showings ( i.e practice and qualifying ) Kind of disappointed after all the money they spent to maximise their exposure
Well Hamilton tried but the Mercedes wasn't willing lol and Raikkonen did a very good race . Just happy its not same old Vettel .

I was glad to see these apps coming out. If you get a NHL subscription you can leverage the power of your PlayBook and Z10 bridge remote to watch more than a game at the same time.

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Too bad Mercedes AMG isn't with the program: if you check products for sale on their website, they only have iPhone cases--not Z10 cases! Come on guys! Can the iPhone junk and get us a Z10 case!

Similar experience to Kevin's last night but cheaper. I had already downloaded NHL Game Center. Watched the 10 round shootout, (lotta posts were hit). Then later I wanted to find out how GSP was doing and so I went looking for a UFC app. Found it, loaded it, and kept checking back in for updates.
Later still I saw the Melbourne GP near beginning but I didn't want to stay up all night, so I got the app and let it keep me up to date. Sweet!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

The F1 app is great, money well spent. I purchased mine right after last season ended, it was on sale for only $19.99. Even at full price its worth it since you can install it on your BB and PB without paying for it again.

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Still waiting for my Z10 from MTS. Someday I'll be watching Jets games on my Z10...someday. Go Jets! Glad to see Blackberry getting some great app support.

This issue with black berry world on a z10 is a drown right pain... everytime it comes with this message saying "There was an issue with BlackBerry world it will now shut Down" when will that be resolved?

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Not sure about you guys but I watched College basketball and NHL hockey on Saturday night...moving to the US now Kevin you need to get into March Madness...

You know, this post nearly spoiled the race for me. I have recorded it and just watched it this evening. Luckily I caught on in time and avoided crackberry like the plague all day si it wouldn't be ruined.

Side note: the 2013 F1 timing app is absolutely brilliant.

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"And having all the apps I wanted
made me really, really happy. I want to have that same feeling every day."

You know what to do!

It is annoying that Blackberry sponsors a lot of programs on Bskyb but there is no plan to build a native skygo app for Z10.

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I never watch sports. Maybe when I get the Q10 I might, or won't. lol

Regardless, glad you had a fantastic time, :D