Follow the World Cup in Brazil with these great apps for BlackBerry

World Cup
By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2014 01:16 pm EDT

The World Cup kicks off today and that means the everyone will get a bit of soccer fever for the next few weeks. If you can't manage to watch the games during the day, there are still plenty of ways to keep up with the action, right from your BlackBerry. There are no "official" BlackBerry 10 apps for following the World Cup, but there are still a few that will do a damn good job of keeping you in the loop throughout the World Cup. Let's take a look at some of our favorites.

Team Stream

World Cup

Team Stream not only covers the World Cup, but pretty much every other sport as well. You can pick your favorite teams or events and get customized scores, news, videos, photos and much more. Team Stream gathers news from all of the best sources, so you know you're getting the good stuff when it comes to the World cup.

the Score Mobile

World Cup

Much like Team Stream, the Score covers all sports, not just soccer. Their World Cup coverage will bring you what you need though — news, scores, standings and more. You can choose to receive alerts for your favorite teams or just check out updates throughout the tournament. Still one of our favorite sports apps.

World Cup is dedicated to soccer, so you can bet the World Cup coverage here won't be lacking. The app provides real-time news, scores, standings, calendar integration and much more. There's plenty to be had during the tournament, and has it all.

June Cup

World Cup

June Cup is dedicated to the World Cup in Brazil and will bring you everything you need to know. Scores, news, standings, play-by-play updates, stats and more. June Cup is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has a great UI. One of our top picks for following the World Cup.

Brazil Football 2014

Hot off the press is Brazil Football 2014. This totally native app will let you follow your favorite teams, give you match times, news and more. You can add upcoming matches to your calendar or even set reminders for your favorite games. This one will set you back $0.99, but if you want to dive deep into the World Cup it's not too much to ask.

What are some of your favorite apps for the World Cup? Who will you be rooting for? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Follow the World Cup in Brazil with these great apps for BlackBerry


Is there an app the puts together clips of all of the false injuries? That would be awesome.

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Hope they beat Brazil and Italy this time. Also to save the Aussie's honour from back in 2006. That would have probably meant AU-DE in the semi-finals....

We will not forget:

No bad sentiments, it's just a game. Hope we see better decisions this time...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Good to see (as a German living in Australia) that there are no hard feelings because of the last world cup :)

Seriously......US have best coach???
So how many cups have he many internationals have he coached???
Don't forget that Donovan the only talent that the US had is no longer there.
The US does not belong in this competition & they will be out soon enough.......... :D

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I haven't said THE best but ONE OF the best - Marc Wilmots from Belgium is the best for me :)

But if the US does not belong in the competition, doesn't this prove that the coach is good when he managed to qualify (quite impressive btw) with a team without talented players ;)

Like I said said the US does not belong in this competition.......they qualified in CONCACAF which has maybe one serious team in the entire division.
Qualifying from a division of loosers like Canada does not mean you are international football quality!!
It means you are the best looser!!
Stick to sports you ripped from other countries & called it your own ( Football AKA Rugby) ( Hockey invented in Canada) ( Basketball also Canadian) (Baseball AKA ripped from stick ball & rounders)
When you stop calling futebol "soccer" maybe you can have some respect........until then don't unpack you will be back in the USA soon

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Earning your anti-USA cool points today huh? Congrats. *pats on back*

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Sorry......I love Canada & Canadians very much but you have possibly one of the worst national futebol teams in the world.
But you have great snow!!

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Hey, numbnuts, when you stop using "looser" instead of the word you mean, "loser", then perhaps your anti - American diatribe (of illiterate sorts) will make more sense.

Posted via CB10

Really......that's it???
Using your Americano lingo to emphasize loser.......I actually thought you would appreciate it.

BTW......I speak read & write 5 languages so unilingualists need not use deliberate spelling exaggerations as sticking is like loosers clutching at straws

And is not possible I am "numbnuts" I am a girl

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Your life must be really really really awesome to be nitpicking a non starter like this........I think you are the kind of person that will pick every grain of sand from your sandwich after dropping it at the beach then eating it.......... . :D

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Cool beans, you are obviously Brazilian and very impressive. But to be historically correct, basketball was invented in MA USA by a Canadian physician.

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so, I had to create an account just to respond to your idiocy. it must feel good to quantify yourself as a "winner" off the hard work and dedication of athletes who you don't even know, you only share a nationality with. and let's see what Brazil is good at:

1. Futbol

now, you "loosers" enjoy your month of fame and then disappear into the obscurity of third-world status while America takes the spotlight once again. if it weren't for soccer, Brazil would be a pimple on the face of the earth. ¡adeus!

The Score won't be doing push updates after June 30th!! they want you to use their disgusting android port of an app as of July 1st! I won't be using it anymore

I've never been the biggest Score fan. I have it on other platforms and I usually end up using something else

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I'm rooting for the UK think it Is going to be way to hot over there for them to handle the weather.

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Perhaps you mean you're rooting for England? The UK doesn't have a team; it's made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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Brazil or Toronto... witch is a long shot but I got to rep my city! Lol

From my Beautiful BlackBerry Z30

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June Cup is nice - but there are some texts still in Spanish (I think it's Spanish).

This was the only app which had the option to create a calendar entry for a chosen game. Unfortunately it didn't calculate the local time correctly - the time was correct but it kept the day. So the game Australia-Chile was shown on Friday 8am (and not Saturday 8am).

and you forgot the mouthpiece of football in Germany: the Kicker app - easy downloadable via Snap

if you are Canadian and into sideloading bell and CBC went in together on the CBC FIFA app. live streaming and the works.

I've downloaded it via Snap, have it's features (live scores, news, schedules, teams, stats etc. running quite smoothly, except for live and on-demand video. The video ads preceding the vid show but it goes black after.

I've been a big fan of theScore (not the Score!) for a long time - and I'm not even a big sports fan. However, I had a BlackBerry version that I installed when I first got my Q10 which looked like a native app, but did not have the World Cup available. I found that my copy was very out of date and was never found to be in need of an update in BlackBerry World. The current version looks like an Android port, but has a lot more features - including the World Cup. If you have the old version, you'll have to delete it and then reinstall it to get the current version. I installed the new version by pushing it from BlackBerry World.

Thanks for this - hadn't realized there was a new version and couldn't understand why it didn't include the World Cup. Have had it on my Q10 for ages and the previous version (which included push) on my Torch before that!

My parents are Russian descent who met each other in Sao Paulo , Brazil and married there. I love Brazil but it had turned into a socialist cesspool. The fuvelas keep growing at an alarming rate. Brazil's current president is a former Marxist guerrilla.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. Go USA!!!

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Brazil football 2014 is its full version only
Now it got squads results , game stats and to scorers too :)

If you want to see what America will become in ten years, look at Brazil and England today.

Motorola V3xx -> Nokia E63 -> Nokia N900 -> Nokia N9 -> BlackBerry Z10

Apologies, this comment belongs under VictoRight's comment about his/her parents and various other non-soccer app related topics.

Even better, install the Android FIFA app to get live updates and iPlayer to watch games live

Football Challenge is my preferred choice ; native and works great. Besides, the betting game on it is keeping me and my friends having a lot of fun with it..

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Brazil football 2014 doesn't even have live scoring... and I paid for it because of this article...

Posted via my Q10, USA

I tried brazil football 2014 awesome native features add to calendar n my local time of kick off
P.s hope live score will be available by tomorrow

All of these apps are absolute garbage.

None of them have push notifications. One of the drawbacks in App World.

Still can't find a good app with push notifications.

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Univision Deportes has free live HD stream of all the matches. Spanish commentary though.

Visit GTR Lifestyle @ [URL="bbmc:C001247FA"]C001247FA[/URL]

Tried the CBC FIFA app and it is good for everything except the video. Video won't show when streaming.

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Forza soccer from 1 mobile market is the best. I wish they would do a native app.

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Using Brazil Football 2014. Great app with all the info u need to sit back and enjoy the game.

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Nice apps to follow the worldcup you can even set event in calenders from the last one .. cool :)
Thanks adam will not install on my Z10. It says "not available for this device". What's up???

Posted via CrackBerry on my Z10 BlackBerry

If you're in Canada you can also grab the CBC Fifa World Cup app with live streaming and on demand games from all camera angles. This is only in APK format and available on Snap.

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I did that, but as others have posted, the videos do not work. Have you had any luck?
I also tried streaming from the CBC website, but it says I need an updated Adobe Flash......

Posted via CB10

Okay, I think I got the browser working to stream the CBC videos. I had turned on desktop mode, but it didn't work. I had to turn on desktop mode, close the browser and then reopen it, and now I can stream live sports video from CBC. I haven't tried a live World Cup event yet as there are no live ones showing, but I was able to stream the Oilers announcement live.

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No, I can't get the streaming for the World Cup section to work: It stops after the advertisements.

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Was about to buy Brazil Football 2014 but the reviews prevent me. I am using June Cup and is the best one at found.

It is so bad that there is no way to see the online streaming, I tried in Univision, BBC, Tigo Copa del Mundo.

I think it is because an outdated version of flash player.

Most people living in South America is following this event. .... this frustration will repeal more users away from BlackBerry.

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None of these apps allow live streaming. I feel like we are back in 2010. Maybe by 2018 there will be a blackberry app that can live stream.

Finally full Update from Brazil football 2014.... when is Troll Feature coming??.
Now i can give 5 stars :]

Is Troll Feature coming when when loll ? :D .. Please Update Faster Brazill football 2014 Its already 4 days started world cup...
Good job..