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BlackBerry World 2012 Registrations Now Open!

BlackBerry World
By Bla1ze on 15 Feb 2012 05:05 pm EST

RIM has promised they would be holding more events in 2012 than previous years. More Hackathons, more developer meetings and plenty of fan night events but one conference that is the highlight of all RIM events has always been BlackBerry World. This years will be no exception to that and registrations for BlackBerry World have now opened up with some details about what, exactly will be showcased:

  • Be the first to know about the latest innovations and information on the BlackBerry solution, including the BlackBerry® 10 Platform, BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Tablet OS 2.0, BlackBerry® 7 OS, and more
  • Discover innovative ways to boost business productivity, get the most out of your IT investments, and extend IT infrastructure to overcome development challenges
  • Get the answers you need from BlackBerry experts, industry leaders, carriers, and vendors to help you learn everything you need to know about value-driven wireless solutions
  • See live demonstrations of mobile technology at work
  • Take advantage of the unparalleled networking opportunities to enhance and develop your business relationships
  • Leave with expert insight about the benefits of the BlackBerry solution  

This year, BlackBerry World will take place on May 1-3 in Orlando Florida at the Orlando Marriot World Center. If you only attend one BlackBerry event this year, make sure it's BlackBerry World. Head on over to the registration page for the full details.

BlackBerry World 2012 Registration

Reader comments

BlackBerry World 2012 Registrations Now Open!


I wouldnt hold my breath that PB OS 2.0 will be released before then!

BGR and N4BB says PO OS 2.0 is coming on February 21st...fuck the embargo Crackberry is just useless if give us the news after RIM posts its press releases...

Really tired of these devcon and world con where all they do is demo all their great software which never comes to fruition. Enough!!

Well too bad...

Devcon isn't for you its for us developers. And the demo's are to show what is possible with what they are introducing.

LOL, it's definitely him. I didn't pay much attention to the individual people in the crowd, but once I read your comment it was too easy to spot Simon :)

would love to go as i live in south florida, but being as I am a broke college student I will have to sit this one out :( do they offer student discounts?

They need to stop referring to the "BlackBerry solution" -- this was a tagline for the Enterprise days, not RIM's new consumer focus IMHO.

Similarly, the highlights of this meeting includes "discovering ways to utilize infrastructure investments" and "increase productivity." Not a single consumer-oriented item on the list?

Come on RIM, let's get this ship turned in the right direction...

I will be amazed and astounded if any fan night events happen outside North America. RIM needs to spread these events around the world to generate more recognition and show things to developers around the world. The recent event is Europe was so big simply due to RIM hardly ever having an event outside the US.

WOW $1400.00!!!! for the full pass!!

I hope the "free gift upon check in" is a PlayBook (I didn't read the whole info on it to find out).

I'm deaf since birth, and use my Blackberry heavily in my tech support job. I'd like to know from anyone if they have seen American Sign Language interpreters in BlackBerry events. I seriously would consider going if interpreters would be provided.

I went last year and had a great time and met a lot of the RIM execs. I am going again this year as well. I stayed offsite last year at another hotel. Hopefully this year I am at the World Center. Funny thing about last year the day we got the free PlayBooks, I think there was a bomb threat. We were on lock down, lol. The joke was someone from Apple called it in.

I think it will be an exciting event for exhibiting the Enterprise Capabilities that will be coming.

As for the announcement everyone is hoping for:

It's too early to announce any phones if BB10 is slated for Sept. As much as I disagree with some of Apple's policies, they certainly do a good job about keeping things under wraps, announcing it, then releasing it shortly thereafter before people start picking the product apart. RIM needs to do more of the same this time.

RIM is currently NOT in a position to play the game like Apple and be all "tight-lipped" about whats coming down the pipeline.

BB 10 and their next device are like the last line of defense to keeping the BB Kingdom from burning to the ground. They need to beat people over the head with it until they bleed at this upcoming event.

Yeah I'd love to go to this event but $1400?No way....I'll just follow Crackberry for all the latest come May.

Wish the price was lower and it was in toronto.
Me is damn poor, can't afford it, way out of my league. I'll keep the eye on crackberry.

lol @ people complaining about this price, It's significantly cheaper than last year. This is targeted at certain people not just blackberry fans. This is high because IT Administrators get a lot out of these events. You are in sessions all day learning. I can't wait to go again this year