BlackBerry World 2012 General Session keynote webcast now available

By Zach Gilbert on 2 May 2012 10:25 pm EDT

If you missed out yesterdays BlackBerry World 2012 General Session keynote then you’ll want to check out the video above. RIM has made the full version available for your viewing pleasure. The keynote includes RIM CEO Thorsten Heins and other members of RIM’s executive team demonstrating the new features of the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The session also includes guests from, Gameloft, FishLabs, and a few others who are working with RIM to build the application ecosystem, as well as ensure that the new OS is ready for users around the globe. So grab a drink and kick up your feet as you're about to watch over 30 minutes of BlackBerry awesomeness.



Not excited, sluggish


I'm really impressed and very excited for BlackBerry 10. I can honestly say BlackBerry keeps me better connected and communicably more efficient than any other smartphone platform.

I'm an independent filmmaker and just today I had to juggle three big project meetings, a location search and talent prep. I was able to relay information through various sources to and from various contacts instantly all with last minute schedule and meeting location changes.

I'm very proud to be a BlackBerry owner and supporter.


When I had my android phone I had like 13 apps to make it act like a BlackBerry. Then I broke its giant glass screen, I really like that phone... HTC dream. Lol. A relic now. I missed push email and my keyboard though.

Anime, because it's truely awesome. 150+ series, movies and oves watched... And growing.

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I'm so excited, I want the new phone yesterday. I'm really looking forward to BB10.

(no haters please, I've used your OS, I've enjoyed what it's offered, I've chosen a BlackBerry for its productivity, memopad the trackpad and my keyboard is the best thing since I first discovered anime.)

I'm really looking forward to trying *turns playbook to portrait* the new keyboard, I also hope they have every customization options the current BB7 offers.

I don't care about games and processors just gimme my darn memopad and a good keyboard. BlackBerry for the win

BriniaSona, the General.

On a side note my playbook just autocorrected my misspelling of my username and fixed it. Is it learning?

Anime, because it's truely awesome. 150+ series, movies and oves watched... And growing.

Like Anime? Like Forum Anime Roleplaying?


Yes, it's learning...

... and could you put something to separate your post from your signature?


i love the energy and passion of the new blackberry ceo. keep it coming!! i love my playbook and i want a blackberry 10 smart phone!!


It was exciting to take sneak peek at BB10. Mr.Thorsten was even more exited to present BB10 to the world. But in my sense, 40 minutes was wasted to deliver only 6 minutes of information. Rest of the information is useless or not appropriate for the context (Keynote) for people from 150 countries and waiting patiently to know more about BB10 platform and Hardware.
(I know, they are going to have hands on during their 3 days). But what about us??

I was expecting demo from salesforce & Cisco. It was huge disappointing after they walked out. Did they jumped on to the stage just to say "we have partnered with RIM?" and still continuing their relation?

Hoping to get some more information on BB10 and demos soon................


ahhhh my Blackberry's!!!!!!!!

Very exciting RIM is on the move. Glad to see it.


Dear Crackberry Kevin,

Could you please also sure the Q&A section with Thorsten Heins? I've been trying to find the link to a video or a transcript of the section but I found nothing....