BlackBerry World 2012 Day One Roundup!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2012 12:39 am EDT

If you missed any of our Day 1 BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam coverage, we've conveniently rounded up the links below so you can click through to catch up on all the action. There's lots to read and lots of great videos to watch. Be sure to check out the BlackBerry 10 preview videos, which we're clearly excited noted in my CrackBerry Kevin on BlackBerry 10 video above. 

General Session Keynote

BlackBerry World Keynote video previewing BlackBerry 10!
A quick demo of the new BlackBerry 10 keyboard
Thorsten Heins talks about "BlackBerry People" at BlackBerry World 2012
Take a peek at the upgraded camera coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphones
BlackBerry 10 Connected Porsche shown off at BlackBerry World 2012
Thorsten Heins introduces the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha at BlackBerry World
BlackBerry 10 highlights - App switching, multitasking, and notifications
Pacemaker Shows Off Upcoming App for BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry Jam Keynote

BlackBerry 10 homescreen and Cascades elements visualized at BlackBerry 10 Jam!
RIM preparing to take BlackBerry 10 Jam on tour to reach out to even more developers
BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device owners will be able to trade up
Certified quality apps coming to BlackBerry App World along with a $10,000 incentive to build them

BlackBerry World 2012

CrackBerry Kevin on BlackBerry 10
RIM proves you can teach an old dog new tricks
The stock market and the audience at BlackBerry World will ultimately converge
BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device specs and features
BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek Video
BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Hands On!
RIM Launches BlackBerry 10 Platform
Research In Motion's BlackBerry 10 Platform earning the praises of developers
Cascades for BlackBerry 10 now available
Going Head to Shoulder with RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins!

Reader comments

BlackBerry World 2012 Day One Roundup!


Kevin you're killing me! I'm trying to watch this and you're moving stuff around!! J/k I can always count on you to bring us the good stuff! Keep up the good work. Super excited about BB10.

My carrier in Australia is offering a 9860 with a Playbook for $49 a month... but this seems definitely worth waiting for. I might just purchase a PB outright and wait for BB10 phones. I'm currently using Windows Phone, but what's been shown at BB World really has me intrigued.

It seems as though the hottest features demoed today are licensed from Swiftkey (the keyboard) and Scalado (the camera). That's fine, I guess, but I am a little bit less excited to think that these are not RIM innovations. On the other hand, I would love to see RIM acquire those two companies. It would sort of make sense -- it is betting a lot on those companies' products, which is risky given that they are separate companies. Anyone think this may happen?

So glad to see SOO many big names saying theyre coming to BB10 ! Also im a bit frightened to see what is happening to the Playbook's app world ,Alot of good apps like ios and android but where on those two theyd be free - 1,99$ on the Playbook theyre 3,99$ - 5,99.

Also a few minutes ago i noticed Top Gear (the good ,british version) made an app for the PB which i doubt RIM would reach out to them to do, which looks like interest is in the air.

RIM; All you need for an awesome launch is Netflix ,Skpe ,Draw somethimg, Instagram those kind of MAJOR apps that teens (aside from myself, except if PB got Netflix i'd get a membership soley based i can use it on the go) want and desire on PB and BB10

Analyst are saying BB10 failed to wow. I just think they're expecting more and its soon coming and once it launches then they'll see but like michael gartenberg said "but the key is shipping and execution"

Who says RIM is dead?!
They are there and full of life!
I love to see that and also can't wait to see a version with a physical keyboard!

Take that haters! :)

Totally looking forward to BB10 but... who uses two hands to navigate on a touch screen phone? One-handed use is superb on your average iPhone and decent on the Galaxy Nexus.

Kev :
Real happy to see that you've been to the alter, been touched by the Spirit, renewed your Faith, cast aside doubt, and emerged from the long, dark night of the soul cleansed by the fire.
By the power of BlackBerry, by the MIGHTY HAMMER OF THOR, we shall rise again to assume our rightful place atop Asgard.
Death to the infidels
Aslin is on the move.
You shall know us by the trail of dead.
Put another way : IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, SUCK IT!!

G-bone, how could you forget to include that Mordor is defeated because Sauron is thrown down! But more than that, RIM is stepping up like Aragorn of Arathorn to return as the King.

It would be a lot easier to take any of this seriously if RIM were to deliver the stuff they've already announced that was "released" month before last. Until they demonstrate they can keep their word, their word isn't worth much. Who cares what they announce? They can announce that they've perfected cold fusion, if they feel no corresponding obligation to deliver, as promised, on time.


After watching the live cast and what RIM has coming PLUS the sharpened focus of the company, I am excited for the future. I think Kevin has hit the nail on the head with his analysis of the company and loved the conclusion of the video. Great job!

Problem is, with the big noise about BB10, the BB7 market is collapsing, so RIM will have diminished income for the next six months (presuming they break tradition and actually deliver a product on time, which is a considerable leap). Someone should have told them about Adam Osborne.

Other manufacturers announce products when they have products to ship. Then people buy them. Then the company has money. Then it can develop new products -- which it doesn't announce until it has some for sale.

Please compare, say, the behavior of Apple when it has a new product.


Hi @newcollector,

Alex from RIM here. Great to hear that you’re loving the news from BlackBerry World so far. Like you, I wasn’t able to make it this year, but my colleagues tell me that the level of excitement and enthusiasm from attendees is off the charts.

There’s more in store for the remainder of BlackBerry World, so keep an eye on our Inside BlackBerry Blog for all of the latest updates:


Alex, RIM Social Media Team