BlackBerry World 2012, BlackBerry Jam, BlackBerry 10, Dev Alpha Phone and more! [Weekend Update]

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By Team CrackBerry on 6 May 2012 10:11 am EDT

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BlackBerry World 2012, BlackBerry Jam, BlackBerry 10, Dev Alpha Phone and more! [Weekend Update]


Ok this has been going on for a while now. The first time I got my blackberry. My download speed was amazing. I was @ 500Kbps now its so slow I could make a full sunday dish and wash the dishes after that. My word I've been complaining about the download speed for 2 weeks now and I am not getting any answers. I wanna switch phones (to an iPhone) now because this 9900 aint poppin no more. Apparently I aint the only one in South Africa complaining bout it. Please fix the download speed and now bbm display pictures aren't changing. *smh this is another level of "REVOLTING" Blackberry fix ur gadgets or u gonna lose ur loyal customers & i happen to be one of them.

Im also from South Africa, and is experiencing the very same problems with my BB 9900 Bold! I bought my phone in April and it was working 100% now about two weeks ago, it just does not want to download any video clips, its so slow, 2kb per second, very frustrating!

I hope someone will be able to give us some advise!!!

Funny that no one has posted a sollution to the above mentioned problem!!!

I have the very same problem, bought my Blackberry Bold 9900 in April and it was working fine, download speed was amazing until about two weeks ago, no it hardly downloads any videos! Music download is also slower but not so bad, internet browsing works fine tho, just as soon as I want to download a video clip then its EXTREMELY SLOW, like 2kb per second and its slow whether i have 3g or not, no difference and no matter what time of the day it is or where i am, video downloads is now merely impossible!

Does anyone have any suggestions or information as to why this is happening?

I've actually been experiencing the same problem with my BB 9780 bold also with my mom's Torch . A lot of my friends have also been complaining about it and I'm really quite fedup now. I mean at download speeds of maximum 3kb/s and a minimum of 400bits/s, I might as well forget I was downloading something. I pay for my BIS every month, this shouldn't be happening. What I hate most is that the problem doesn't seem to be receiving any attention from RIM. I hope the problem is fixed soon and we receive compensation for all these days its been going on for. If this is some how a way to cut down or reduce data congestion, we should be notified but even though I don't like it. This was not in any contract I sighned. BB is really disappointing us. Guys just to be sure that it isn't our Service providers, which do you guys use? I'm on Vodacom


For the past two months i also have the same problem. I'm form sa. I bought my 9900 bold in may. The download speed was amazing at that time. I'm on mtn. At first I thouhgt it could be my service provider untill I read other comments and saw that its the same with vodacom.