BlackBerry World 2011 video shows off conference highlights

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jun 2011 12:04 pm EDT

Ever since my first conference way back when, I have always looked forward to BlackBerry World (formerly know as WES) each year. I get a chance to talk to people in the BlackBerry circle I don't see often as well as hear about new things coming down the road. In the past there have been plenty of device announcements at the conference so it's definitely an exciting time of the year for BlackBerry. As we look back on this years conference, we did see some good things and it was certainly a great few days. We had the announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 (which needs to be released already!!!!) along with some great demos and of course free PlayBooks for all attendees. While we wished there was a bit more (we ALWAYS want more though) in the way of devices and new updates for the BlackBerry PlayBook (native email and Android apps please!) it was still a success in my book. If you haven't made it out to BlackBerry World or The BlackBerry Developer conference, it really is a fun and productive time for those in the BlackBerry space. The above video shows off some highlights of this years conference, so if you weren't there in person check it out and you can get a better idea of just what goes down. Now announce the Bold 9900 already RIM!!!! :-)

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I wish I could have gotten a free Playbook just for sitting there :(


Sitting there and getting paid too.


Wtf. They got free playbooks?!?!?! That's betta than Oprah. Or Santa!


Costs a pretty penny to get into these types of confrences... A lot more than "just sitting there".... Just sayin - LoL


They got a FREE 16GB PlayBook? Jealous much :(


Microsoft and RIM...Where is this going?


To the cloud, were'nt you paying attention? Sheesh.. lol.


maybe im nuts, but maybe a Microsoft/Rim partnership is underway?


wow. great and love the video. who is VJ? Kevin?


What good are announcements when it takes a year or longer to hit consummers? I bleed blackberry, but the pace of development and implementation to consumers is terrible.


Oh 9900, where art thou?

Phony bologna

Wow, that made BlackBerry seem exciting! How come that doesn't carry over onto the street?


I realized I was drooling by the end of that video... Aside from giving them away (not sure if that's a good thing) every part of that video makes me excited about the future of RIM and BlackBerry!


Hummmm ..... how much does it cost to get into that conference? I think that I would like to go, so long as it's not too much.


The future looks great for RIM! Please don't take too long to break out the new BlackBerrys (I'm ready to get a new one)!!!!! I wish I was at BlackBerry World...a free16g PlayBook?! NICE!!!