BlackBerry World 2011 Podcast - Talking App Development with Chris Smith and Mike Kirkup of Research In Motion

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By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2011 12:55 am EDT

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It was an action packed Monday and Tuesday in Orlando at BlackBerry World 2011, and things proved just as busy on Wednesday (lots of BB World posts in the hopper for us to get up). Following up our video look at how RIM plans to make TAT tools available to 3rd party developers, we sat down with Chris Smith and Mike Kirkup from RIM to do a deeper dive into the BlackBerry app development story.

The podcast clocks in at 38 minutes, and we cover a lot of topics here. We clear up some of the questions surrounding the myriad of development options available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, talk NDK for the PlayBook and also talk about Android app support for the PlayBook and what it means. There are a lot of great bits of info in this show, so definitely tune in whether you're a developer or just want to be on top of the BlackBerry game.

And stay tuned... we'll be recording our BlackBerry World 2011 recap podcast THIS FRIDAY with the whole CrackBerry crew, and we'll sound off on all of the news of week. In the meantime, enjoy this show. It's a good one! 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry World 2011 Podcast - Talking App Development with Chris Smith and Mike Kirkup of Research In Motion


i listened to the podcast hoping for some news on where the bridge is going...

i neeeeeeeed the bridge to sms on the

anyone mention sms/mms coming to playbook at conference?

I think SMS/MMS will come to Bridge. There's no reason they can't do it. I asked this question when I got my PlayBook review unit weeks back, and the answer was that while it wasn't there at launch there was no reason they couldn't do it. Probably not hard for RIM to build... so I'd say sit tight and I'm guessing it'll end up rolling out with an update in the not so distant future.

Thanks for the hard work you guys are doing. But did you get any info why the bridge browser is so slow and if they are working on improving this wonderful feature? also any news on the spell check?

Thanks and take care