BlackBerry World 2011 Keynote Live Blog!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2011 08:37 am EDT

Status: Live Blog Now over.  Note: You can still watch the notes from the show below.

We're live on location in Orlando, Florida at BlackBerry World 2011. A TON of news already got announced yesterday -- see all of the announcements here -- so we're thinking today's keynote will involve a lot of demos and hopefully a few surprises. Tune into the live chat above and we'll be following up with a CrackBerry Podcast later in the day. Enjoy the show!

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BlackBerry World 2011 Keynote Live Blog!


Bla1se's live blog and twitter feed from BBWC2011 is amazing! The pics rawk! So.... Anyone want to share their 16GB Playbook love? I mean, if you already have one, surely you don't need another, right?

Great coverage guys, awesome stuff as usual! I'm even more excited about the future of BlackBerry :)
Waiting for the podcast!

You guys have only thrown fuel on my BB FIRE. I can't wait for all the new releases. RIM is heading in the right direction and that is forward.

I read on Engadget and BGR that RIM are going to put Bing as their search engine for future phone.

Say it ain't so, PLEASE say it ain't so.

If this is true, I'm off BlackBery for good. I want Google as my search engine and I will not compromise on that. Most people on Engadhet & BGR seem to agree on this too.

Because todays smartphones are all about apps. At least that is what I read that manufacturers think. Apps mean consumer and individual choice. IF (and it is still an if) RIM force Bing down our throats then they are removing choice.

To answer your question, I want Google as my default search engine. I do not wish to have to make Google my home page ot to have to got to each time I search. I also worry about Bing being used within Universal Search which is bad enough already since it no longer searches the Notes fields of Contacts.

Finally, I will make the "decisions" on my phone not Bing - the decision engine, thank you.

Watch out, RIM! Microsoft plays dirty. They recognize genius and want a piece of it, from the inside :)