BlackBerry Work Drives update makes SharePoint collaboration easier

By DJ Reyes on 11 Feb 2014 09:36 am EST

If you're a business user running BES10 and using BlackBerry Balance, you're probably using or have come across the BlackBerry Work Drives app. It allows you to remotely access and edit content on your enterprise network drives. This latest update to v2.0 adds the addition of being able to access SharePoint documents too - now making it even easier to work on your files with others in real-time. BlackBerry Work Drives also offers offline access to these files.

New features in BlackBerry Word Drives v2.0:

  • Easy authentication with integration in BlackBerry 10 Credential Manager
  • Easier access for users now with remote drive mapping by BES administrator
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint

You will need to be running BlackBerry 10.2.1 and on BES10.2. It will also only be available in the Work Space area of BlackBerry Balance. Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones provided they're running the previously stated OS version.

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BlackBerry Work Drives update makes SharePoint collaboration easier


We're on BES 10.2 and use Work Drives but we're also all either AT&T or VzW, so no BB OS 10.2.1.xxxx here yet. :(

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you can update by using another sim card. you only need to start the update on that sim you can then switch simcards while updating if needed the update will continue.

Thanks for the suggestion but doing that for over 100 or so clients that I support here at work would not be feasible.

If only our US carriers would kick the update out to us.... : /

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I'm on Verizon for business and the 10.2.1 update came through a few weeks ago. I'm also on BES 10.2 and love the work drives app. Updates always appreciated

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Credential manager plus remote drive mapping by admin - sounds very nice...
Does Sharepoint support mean the work drives now talk WebDAV?

Almost certainly yes. BlackBerry Link remote file access and Box integration are already done by natively mounting the file system with WebDAV. It would be quite easy for them to add that to Work Drives.

too bad you need bes10 for work drives:(
Even though prosumers have file manager which is amazing but we need it on steroids:P

I'm a BES Admin running the latest version. Does anyone know where you configure the "Remote Drive Mapping" feature?

Yes, I'd like a more robust description of this new functionality as well: "Easier access for users now with remote drive mapping by BES administrator".

What exactly does this new feature mean?
The weakest aspect of Work Drives is that all drives must be mapped on the individuals' devices on a one by one add rather than me (as a BES Administrator) being able to define drive mappings behind the scenes and without the user’s needing to do anything.

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I opened a case with Blackberry and it took my tech guy some time to find it but he sent me a brand new, hot of the presses, "Blackberry Work Drives v2.0 Admin Guide" that details how to get the remote drive mapping setup. The problem is I don't know how to attach a file to these comments?

Report on how-to!! Like Seeker Berry asks, do we use webdav? I can't do it but will check with the BES admin if we successfully upgraded last weekend. If so, ithen I need to find out how to use this. This is an Enterprise feature and I applaud BlackBerry for sticking to the plot.

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Very interesting! Thanks for the info, I'm gonna try this remote mapping thing as soon as I've upgraded to BES 10.2.1 (yes, .1 is out now!).

Too bad I no longer have only one employer. (That's uolpsually the way most people get to be added to a BES). Think I would have found this useful.

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