BlackBerry Wireless Media Server coming soon to a BlackBerry near you

BlackBerry Wireless Media Server
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2012 10:56 am EST

Something we haven't heard about before that you may be seeing on a BlackBerry in the near future? Wireless Media Server. While details are still pretty minimal, BGR has posted up some leaked slides, one of which shows off BlackBerry Wireless Media Sync. The feature looks to allow you to share your media (music, photos, videos, podcasts and voice notes) with computers, game systems and more. The process will work over Wifi and you'll have a few options to set on your device, but this is something that looks to be very cool. Just think about having all your videos and photos on your device and being able to play them on other devices whenever, wherever.

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Wireless Media Server coming soon to a BlackBerry near you


Great! Looking forward to it!

The BGR slides also show the new PlayBook as being a 7" device with 1.5 GHz dual core processor, NFC, HSPA+.

Completely agree.

Apple is like'lockedown'.

I find RIM has too many "conferences". The fewer offered, the greater the importance will be.

Like "field of dreams" ;P

Can't wait for this... It's something I've always thought a smartphone needed, especially when stats show that most pics / movies taken on a smartphone never make it to a pc for viewing. This would've been huge in my house this christmas with allthe family visiting from out of town...

Do you think that this will allow playbook users to access a network drive on the same wifi network and stream compatible videos to the playbook over wifi? If so this would be awesome

To be honest, that sounds exactly like what this will allow us to do! Looking forward to it. Will certainly help those who bought the 16GB Playbook and have access to their media files. I have a 32GB and I use Orb currently, but that interface can be very slow and laggy.

I certainly hope so. Using my phone/playbook as a media server would be handy, but having my playbook seamlessly connect to the GB’s of music, pics and video already shared on my Windows Media Center would be amazing. If it’s a full DLNA implementation it should be possible, hopefully we see it in 2.0 *crosses fingers*

Pretty interesting. This is pretty much like cloud from Apple. This feature might be awesome to sync all my songs to my blackberry and playbook !!!

This is nothing like iCloud but more like AirPlay. Although AirPlay is much more comprehensive.

I'm assuming the handset becomes the server/content provider here and it is unable of playing a video from let's say your PlayBook or PC.

A little disappointed that the PlayBook 3G and all the OS 7 devices still haven't adopted Bluetooth 3 + HS. It would have done wonders for the Bridge connection.

hmmm, this sounds pretty great, but, I think there is a reason we have not heard about this before. I dont think BGR can even be taken seriously theses days and is NOT a reliable source of BlackBerry news. With that being said I'd like to take another look at that 4th slide in their series. Hmmm, why would anyone, including someone trying to spread rumors, use a leaked device picture from like a year ago? There are actual published photos now and real devices. That slide makes this seem a bit odd to me. I'm not even gonna take this as a grain of salt, because its rumors that set us up for disappointment. Personally, I'm happy with my 64GB PlayBook. I look forward to all the greatness that is BlackBerry, and wouldnt mind a little surprise

yea & if you go to slide 18, you see them talking about the yet to be launched Bold 9790 & Curve 9380 (both of which have already been released)

IF this is real, it's a really old internal slide. BGR's "exclusive" inside contacts at RIM seem to be lower level non-loyal RIM employees.

Hahaha - thats what I found - I Posted this on Nov 21, 2011 you can see the link to the forum item below my quote. The media server is there and you can enable it with shortcut me and you can turn it off be simply toggling your wifi network off and on

You can see the forum post if you search crackberr with the title in qotes below

"ShortCutMe surprise bonus app on Bold 9900 with OS".

When browsing the shortcutme list of apps I found one I did not recognize "MediaServer". Being a curious fellow, I choose it and lauched it using the SCM shortcut. Nothing opened but an little icon that looks like a monitor symbol appeared up by the Battery meter on the home screen.

Could not find anythin about by searching the web, but my running apps program showed me it was a rim app.

On a hunch, I went to my media program on my computer (Logitech media server(Squeezebox) with UPnP turned on) that would find available music servers and there it was my little BB had become a music server that I could stream from. Works perfectly

Must a be a "to be released" app, when I connected to it from my computer my blackberry asked if i wanted to allow the connection and that I could change my settings from the media options. The options are not there and the only way I can turn off the media server is by rebooting, but it may still be handy

For a company that is supposedly 'dead in the water' by many analysts, they seem to be further developing their ecosystem as they move to a more mobile software oriented company.
Anyhow, Go RIM - lets just hope this implementation is sooner rather than later

These posts today are from BGR? No thanks! If it happens I will be glad, but I'm not going to get excited or worked up over them.