BlackBerry Windermere/Q30 concept looking real hot

Windermere Concept
By James Richardson on 21 Feb 2014 05:19 am EST

We're all for concept designs here at CrackBerry and over in our dedicated concept forum the above image appeared thanks to quiestbml. We recently saw some possible leaked pictures of what may or not be the BlackBerry Windermere/Q30 in it's early form - whether it be a prototype or just a device for developers. 

We then heard that if it comes to market the BlackBerry 10 device with just three rows of hardware keys may well include gestures - something we've only seen on virtual keyboards before. 

The concept certainly looks a lot more attractive than the leaked images we saw - taking the best of the BlackBerry Q10 and Z30 and rolling in them into one. 

I'm loving the idea. Are you? Hit up the comments with your thoughts? 

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BlackBerry Windermere/Q30 concept looking real hot



They need to just make this. The Q10 should have never been a square screen, it upset developers and customers delivering an awkward experience. They need to scrap the 1:1 ratio and roll out a proper 16:9 (or even a 4:3 would have been better than 1:1) phone with a physical keyboard, even if the screen was 3.5-4.0" who cares just get it out there and people will buy it!

Why not bring back the trackpad, it was like a mouse. Look at how Windows 8/2012 doing after completely changing the UI forcing users to use a touch screen instead of classic keyboard and mouse. They are bringing out an update for 8.1 soon that will make things more familiar for keyboard and mouse users because everyone complained!

Absolutely agree, I've gone back to using the older devices with more buttons, and a trackpad, but even the option for a virtual trackpad when editing text would be really useful! It would be amazing if the keyboard was touch sensitive so you could move your finger around on the keyboard just as you would have on the trackpad

Posted via CB10

I hate physical keyboards but that is a great idea to make it touch sensitive for using it as a mouse

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I agree with ya!!!! I miss the old track pad which makes text editing a total breeze!!! I

Posted via CB10

I think the one on the left is just a close up of the screen from a Q10.
On the CB image; If this is going to be the Q30 or what the name will be and has to replace muy Q10 I think Ill pass.
It just doenst look right. Dispite the gesture keyboard etc.

I don't think the one on the left is a Q10, the screen isn't square but rather taller than wide. Not too sure about the gestures instead of a dedicated "shift" button, etc., but I'd definitely buy one for the bigger screen!

very true...the key to a QWERTY is comfort since your physically typing, and we can safely say but not always true the QWERTY will be older users who may have some medical hand issues. Medical hand issues aside the keyboard needs to be at a higher position and the phone needs to have a lower base to have a comfort grip. Buddy of mine said a wider phone will achieve this QWERTY comfort. Also, either way it must be a super spec QWERTY. I would settle for a 4.5 to 4.75 inch screen plus a comfortable QWERTY keyboard design as a medical professional . Oh another thing the complete Google Play store and services !!!! Go BlackBerry Go !!!

I hope that image is more what it will be than this concept or that prototype. I would HATE if they removed the numbers and symbols from the keyboard and forced you to gesture each and every time you want to insert one. So much quicker just to hold alt and type on the keyboard than to gesture just to see which key you need to press. That's something to help out people with a virtual keyboard, but it defeats the purposed of a physical keyboard...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Looks square almost like a Lumia device but definitely taller than the Q10. Forgot great find!

well spotted my friend, this is definitely not a z10 not a Q10 zoom in!!

thanks for showing us! you should open a thread showing the picture!!

And even more interesting: If this is somehow based on an actual idea/concept, BlackBerry would've dropped their 1:1 Screen ratio for QWERTY phones.

Double-typed and posted with a BlackBerry Q10.

I wish BlackBerry would drop this 1:1 ratio. It's putting off developers and makes devices look huge with the wideness to get a bigger screen.
I hope they surprise us and ditch the stupid ratio

Posted via CB10

I hope they don't switch to this three row thing though. Using gestures to switch between the letters and numbers/symbols is NOT faster than having an alt key. It's faster for virtual keyboards since you can't do both at the same time, but for physical keyboards, holding alt then pressing the corresponding key to get that symbol is so much faster. Especially if you can see the symbol before you even go to type it. Requiring you to gesture first just to see the symbol is stupid and slow. I would understand replacing the "sym" button with the gesture, but they need to keep the "alt" key and the numbers and symbols printed on the physical keys... I would like it if they replaced the "sym" button with a dedicated period button and made it so gesturing on the keyboard would bring up the symbol lists the sym key used to bring up. That would actually make sense. But don't compress the keyboard even more, I love the size and layout.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It's a brilliant idea I love it I think it's gonna be spectacular once it becomes official... I'll be waiting...

Posted via CB10

I think it sound be a good idea to drop the 1:1 ratio so that the qwerty guys can get the same apps as the rest. Also makes it easier on dev's. I honestly think they should make another slider. I have seen quite a few torches around here in Japan and Guam by business men. Or the traditional bold 9900.

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It looks good. But I'm not feeling the 3 row keyboard with gestures. I'll hang out to my Q10 a tad longer. Besides, I feel it'll last well past it's contract term. So I'll see what the next Z model offers as far as guts.

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I'm using swift keyboard from android, I believe it's more better than just swiping upwards with Z10. What could be the breaking deal here is the feel of qwerty keyboard, besides this is still a prototype.

What makes me happy for blackberry is that they keep thinking outside the box. Who knows, we might love this 3 row keys with its new feature than the 4 ones.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I'm not sold ont he three row kb either. I want to see it in action!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I think the keyboard would play it's role also. Semi PSP with the real buttons on right and virtual joystick on left? But with the games like angry birds, who need those things? What matters is you get it on landscape for more space viewing.

Posted via CB10

Have you ever tried the gesture based apple mouse??

That's what it means it's the same thing. The keys will have gesture capabilities

Posted via CB10

If it's anything like the annoying Apple mouse, count me out. The QWERTY devices are for those who prioritize messaging more than anything so adding gestures to the keyboard feels at least like a way of making the typing process more complicated than it needs to be.

Of course all of this is speculation for now...

Posted via CB10

Nah man think about it this way

Swipe up from the bottom of the keyboard to make the numbers appear then swipe down to make them go away.

That would be much faster and effective than having to press alt then the letter you want

Posted via CB10

Wont be faster if you have to type a lot numbers and letters for example:
21 February 2014 Code:34D32s32s45d
You have to swipe to often to change the keyboard, in the old model you can press alt, type and move on- its efficient as hell!

They could just have an option for a virtual number row to appear above the physical keyboard. Problem solved.

Agree with your comment. I still long for a keyboard as efficient as the one in the Bold 9900 but combined with the advantages of the Q10

Sliding up from the bottom of the keyboard minimizes the app you are in so I'm guessing that wouldn't be the correct gesture. I do think BlackBerry should patent this design for future use so that the company Typo doesn't duplicate this.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It could be like the Swift keys from android, which basically like your playing fruit ninja, but forming words, sometimes 3 strokes can form 6 letter words so it is very efficient. Downside is that you have to keep your eyes on the screen, maybe with this new qwerty board, we'll be doing gestures knowing we are typing the right words with our eyes on something else- talk about superb multitasking, I say.

What I love about BB10 virtual keyboard is you get to delete words just by swiping on left. This could be a good plus with that one too. I'm looking forward for this keyboard could actually do.

Posted via CB10

There's a keyboard attachment for PS3 controllers that allowed for scrolling by running your fingers across numerous keys at a time.
I thought about a mobile qwerty implementation a while back, and it may have come to be.
I'm look forward to using it.

Posted via CB10

i use that very keyboard daily on my z10. having a mouse onscreen is nice. Gonna buy a nice bluetooth mouse in a week then I wlll have a truly mobile workstation.

I don't understand why BlackBerry would change the keyboard design (which is the best on any mobile device) to three rows. It just baffles me. The point of the physical keyboard is to have quick tactile access to all characters. Can you imagine typing space between words on that, it will feel so out of place. Even software keyboards have four rows.

Anyway I hope this was just a prototype that has been buried a while back. I can't see it catching on.

Posted via CB10

Not fully convinced with this model. I think I will have to "suffer" the Q10 for a long time coming, unless "some miracle" happens! The only nice thing this model has is a bigger screen, which is definitely a plus!

They took away the trackpad (please, I don't wanna flare up that discussion again), and a lot of people are not really missing it anymore, or are slowly getting used to the new way.

I can imagine a similar reaction for current Q customers, first disgruntled and estranged, but then ultimately liking it (yes I know, NOT everybody).

If they have a witty, new idea of being even more efficient with only three rows of keys, then I am all for it, bring it on. Even if there is some initial estrangement or learning curve involved.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

People, even Kevin, really liked the SureType keyboard of the Pearl. And a great number even like Sure Press from Storm series. More said that BlackBerry couldn't make an effective virtual keyboard but the bb10 vkb is the best on the market. I'd say, if they release a 3 row kb they probably know what they are doing.

Posted via CB10

As for those who want a slider.

Please allow BlackBerry to build back it's customers base to a more reasonable level (10-15%) then we can talk sliders.

There is still a lot of work to do behind the scenes.

How is BlackBerry going to bring more people across to BB10?

Posted via CB10

There is really no such thing out there at the moment, a real usable, up-to-date slider, if I am not mistaken. I can image it would "sell like h*ll" (to a certain segment of users), but I don't have any survey data to back it up with.

Of course, BlackBerry can't have any warranty dramas or high return rate at this stage, if there's anything wrong with the slider mechanism, yeah, you are right, they should play it safe for now.

(Nonetheless, if I can have a slider that fully works like a Z10 when closed, there shouldn't be too much of a drama.)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

My thoughts exactly. Sliders ... although i'd LOVE to see a high end quality materials built horizontal BB10 Slider wiht 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with 1080P display ... it's a niche market.

Looks nice but I'd want the traditional BlackBerry keyboard and not some silly gesture based keyboard. Definatly up for a bigger screen and maybe slightly bigger keyboard.

Posted via CB10

The phone looks very long, so there might be too much weight at the top if you are using the keys at the bottom, Although i love the idea of a bigger screen while keeping the qwerty keyboard. they must be be cautious of the size of the phone. Particularly in South Africa potability is essential.

Also, I remember when the thought of losing the trackpad, menu/back, and the talk/end keys with BB10 deeply annoyed me.
Then I got a Q10 and, especially after the update that let's you simulate an onscreen trackpad (shift+screen), realized that the losses didn't kill me.
Maybe it's pessimistic of me to think of merely surviving as a barometer for satisfaction, but given the across the board superiority of the Q10 over BB7 phones, I'm willing to make a few sacrifices for some advancement.
And if I dislike it (like I expected I would with BB10 phones) I'll simply avoid it and stick to whatever phone I'm using now.
You can do the same :)

...typed with my BlackBerry Q10 which, minus the smallish screen, I LOVE.

Posted via CB10

Ill just wait till the rumored "octa core" device is coming. This looks to much like a toy. Sorry, first BlackBerry (qwerty) device I dont like / wont consider buying :(

Ditto. This render puts a space between V and B why? There is no Symbol, no shift, no Alt, no $/speaker button on this render. If there's going to be a Q30, it should have the same 4 row qwerty and just a taller screen, somewhere in between Z10 and Z30 size screen.

Posted with my Q10 running

I premise I'd gladly own every new os10 device.. and this looks awesome, but I don't really see the point in getting back to a physical keyboard once I got (easily) used to my z10 's fantastic virtual keyboard!

Me?! I keep movin'!

Looks more like in line possibly with a Z30 with QWERTY due to the silver across the bottom versus being like a Z10 with QWERTY. Just my opinion. I love my Z30 and combine that with a keyboard and it would be a sick phone...

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10 or Z30 on VZW from Philly

Don't know if anybody has noticed the keypad in the Vimeo video has numbers on top. Just like the top row on the Q10.

Seems like it would be hard to type on. With the keypad so low, I feel like it would fall forward in my hands. I'd have to hold one first

Posted via CB10

Looks like nobody is looking at the Keyboard. one thing BB has qwerty keyboard and they won't change it. i'll never buy BB which has spacebar between V and B. crap!

Release this...I will purchase it immediately. Bigger screen with a QWERTY? I can only wish.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

Oh come on, I told myself I won't buy another phone for a long time after I got Q10, but bigger screen is something I would like in my phone...

Look good, but prefer it with the current Q10 Keyboard. So with the Q10 Keyboard Im in, without Im out and will stick with my two Q10 :)

Looks great. I think I am a virtual keyboard guy now thanks to the Z10. However if the camera is better than current BB10 phones, then I know this will prevent some friends from moving to iPhone. Would love to know how much screen real estate you actually get with this bad boy.

Posted via CB10

After using the keyboard on the Z30 I'm seriously debating whether to change or not just to allow for real estate. I've owned a Z10 but the Z30 really is truely on par with Q10. For hardened blackberry fans there should always be a qwerty....... and I've always owned one...... BUT.... the touch keyboard on the Z30 iis just so good now I think for me personally it maybe time to change over. This concept is very nice looking but in all reality it's just decreasing the physical keys to a level I'm not totally sure it's worth not just going over to touch. That's just me but I can see fully why others would like it.

Posted via CB10

Needs to lose the silver z30 stripe. It kills the looks on both phones. Looks cheap.

Posted via CB10

I like hate but I don't like the camera design from the back and unsure whether I'd like the three rows

Posted via CB10

It's amazing!!!! This is blackberry in its best..A bigger q10...Would bye definitely!!!

Posted via CB10

The concept is really nice, but this physical design will be very hard to handle. The phone would will want to slip forward as you hold the bottom piece to type.

Meaning the phone will become top heavy and tilt. Making awkward and difficult to type.

Now, you make this a little bigger with a full Q10 keyboard, there we might y have something....or not.

Like I said I like the concept a lot but not functional.

A 10 inch PlayBook, that would be awesome. Without the physical keyboard of course !! Lol!


Posted via CB10

Change of keyboard is a strategic move. BlackBerry keyboard patent finishes in few years. They need to bring something diff.

Posted via CB10

Right, they will keep moving and innovating, and Typo can s#ck it!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I'm forever doing back swipes on keyboards a day then remembering sheepishly it only works on genuine BlackBerries like my zippy z10.

Sounds like a terrific idea

If only they could get replacement text.
What about if the frets were just large enough for v small text. You wouldn't touch the frets but they'd be a guide for the results of flicks. That would rock.

Posted via CB10

I just realized something, Isn't it going to be a big adjustment going from a 4 row to a 3 row, thee space bar is going to mess everything up, think about it.
I hope that this was done way back last year and has been scrapped and is only coming to light now, this could have been one of the six devices they were planning last year but scrapped it because of how hard it is going to be to type on.
Even the iPhone doesn't have 3 rows, And if at worst this is the road that BlackBerry is going down with their physical keyboards then I will stick with my Q10 and get a new white one when my contract is up in 2015, I'm sure it will be dirt cheap by then too.
I don't think I'm the only one who's thinking this, physical keyboards should not be tampered with like this, they are fine as 4 rows, if anything they should make a slider with 5 rows reminiscent of the Tmobile Sidekick, not this 3 rows thing.

Posted via CB10

I'll hold out on the q30 and see how the keyboard does... many q10 users have had faulty keyboards... combine that with a gesture and it would be a nightmere.

Here's to hoping they got that issue fixed!

Posted via CB10

This is not gonna function well with a odd keyboard like that. Same keyboard on the z10 with a longer screen and the balancing issue can be solved by having duel batteries inside the device. Slightly heavier on the bottom. There needs to be a better system for charging the phone to other than the old school USB. I think a new patented one needs to be created that connects into a dock.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10

The way I see it, ditch the 1:1 and make a vertical slider already. I have no use for physical keyboard, the virtual keyboard on the Zs is phenomenal, but some people like that antique hardware and vertical slider just seems to make sense.

Posted via CB10

I love the concept, but just to make things clear, BlackBerry logo on the top, like ones in Q10 won't do anything good for the BB10 gestures, I would prefer having the logo above the keyboard like the R5 has.

Posted via CB10

Looks really cool. Still waiting to see a torch style phone though and not a concept phone. I know it's out there somewhere!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I thought Z30 have a metal frame before I bought it. But actually it is plastic. I just hope BlackBerry use more metal frame and skeleton to build their new devices.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

I'd buy this phone, looks a heck of a lot more appealing than the original leaks! And nice work with the investigating and editing.

Posted via CB10

looks a lot like a certain LG phone with a physical kb that once came out some years back..only difference will be the awesomeness in the BB keyboard and the rumored gestures...

Any BB10 device is an iPhone Killer. Haven't you seen the 7 day challenge or the challenges before that?

Posted via CB10

I might be the minority, but it looks a bit too tall for me. Shorten it a bit and it will look a lot nicer.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I like the idea of a big screen with physical keyboard, but I've always wondered, would I ever hold it in landscape format for games? With a fixed keyboard there, probably not. So I hope they design a slider!

Nah, you got to be kidding me to come up with the same old similar design, right? Competitors are coming up with better designs each quarter and we are doing catch up or follow others on the hardware appeal. I love QWERTY but before you launch another duh, please get market response on this. I'm long on blackberry and I'm hoping that you are hearing us loud and clear. BB has an excellent OS but the hardware got to attract new customers that this is the phone to have it in my palm. An eye popper QWERTY design please!

I kinda would have liked a slide-out keyboard... it looks like the device will be too long to use one-handed... but that is just me

Posted via CB10

Nice render, and I like the Z30 chin, but it looks nothing like the leak a couple days ago, other than removing a row of keys.

Posted via CB10

This phone looks great!!! Will buy it but straight from blackberry so I don't have 2 deal with att releasing updates a year after the whole world

Posted via CB10

Regardless of what's out there and what people continue to about BlackBerry. This company still has the ability to make a comeback. When I concepts like this it only strengthens my confidence, but fuels my excitement. This is a nice phone. I can't wait to see how this year turns out.

Posted via CB10

People still want the HUB icon, Virtual keypad and back key, do not screw up give them a Toggle On/OFF choice for the Virtual Track Pad

Well they have to be innovative some way or another. Most people see the keypad as outdated. This is something new they're bringing to the market. I'll buy it if T-Mobile releases it.

Posted via CB10

Please use the quality materials if possible. If not then be careful for accuracy of details. Please use polished stainless steel bezel...

No matter what they come up with, there is no way to tell if it will be comfortable to use if there are NONE to try in the stores!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

it's a lot nicer than that ugly prototype but I'm really not liking this keyboard in the middle and only 3 rows of keys

Posted via CB10

Sorry to disappoint but I don't see this happening. I think it's more likely that we will see the 1x1 ratio screen.

Beautiful. TK Justice was the most compelling prototype that unfortunately did not make it to production. This is the closest derivative of it, and I hope we will finally get a keyboard phone with a 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

I would have loved if they could have kept z10 design language. Z30 design looks very androidish, same as this q30

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

I will stay with the Q10 until BlackBerry & the US carriers (Verizon especially) get their **** together on the os updates.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Dropped phone waiting to happen.
The Q10 sometimes comes perilously close to droppage with one handed use, especially when pulling your thumb across to the return, delete or P keys, the phone sometimes looses traction on the inside of the forefinger knuckle causing a fumble... with this concept being so unbalanced, one-handed typing would make just me anxious.
Also you'd have to crab-crawl your grip up to the middle of the phone to get your thumb up to the notification bar.

Posted via CB10

Slap the Q10 keyboard back on there and we're golden. I can definitively say I will never buy a phone with the keyboard pictured. At least half of the benefit from the physical keyboard is in number/symbol entry.

I am not sure if I'm going to like the space key between the "b" and "v" keys. I do like the idea of a bigger Q10 but I'm not sure about losing that last row. I'm sure I would get used to the new keyboard just not sure yet.

Posted via Q10

Damn, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the headline photos before I saw the word "concept". Still, I'm overwhelmed by joy just seeing something like this. I'd love to see a future BlackBerry Q30 looks something like the concept photo.

Looks like a Z30 with keyboard, I'm happy with my Z30 keyboard, when I don't need it, more screen real estate.

Posted via CB10

I've wanted the Q10 for a while now for the keyboard but have stuck with the Z10, but this looks a perfect mix of both. Roll on Launch!

Posted via CB10

Da fone is much taller with keyboard it is very hard to type although I like da concept but q 10 is da best forever n ever trust me

Posted via CB10

I hope the next QWERTY phone with a bigger screen is as balanced as a katana.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Seems like the balance would be off when typing no? I like the bigger screen but gotta make it bottom heavy for it to work

....seems to be on the right track, however, the keyboard needs to go above the screen, not below it. As I stated in my "Form vs. Function" post, putting the keyboard above the longer screen would provide greater stability and support when holding the phone. Supported by all fingers behind the screen with the thumbs above the screen for functional use. With the design shown in the pictures above, gravity will push down on the phone with lack of support for holding the device with secure form. Basically, invert the phone and give the keyboard a downward curvature. This will add increased dynamics, form & function to the phone.

Large media ready screen for the new school, qwerty keyboard for the old school.

SQN100-2 /

It's starting to grow on me - if the actual keyboard is identical to the Q10 I'm good with the virtual part.

How many times to I have to make this comment: the top front design for the q5 sends the message that I value functionality over style.

It looks good on paper, but when you hold the device in your hand you'll think: that's not as good as the z10 or q10 design.

Posted via CB10

I love my q10 so I can only imagine this would be the next great thing from BlackBerry. I just want this company to be in a position to continue to create high end, quality phones and I will be BlackBerry for life.

Posted via CB10

IMAGINE these keys can swipe up like the Z10/30 keyboard so typing with a physical keyboard + swipe up for predictive text. The prodictive word would pop up on screen tho *(not over the keys like in the full touch)

I would be sadden as 'Wintermere' should be a SLIDER device which serves both worlds.
Don't get me wrong - it doesn't look bad ...except I would stick with my Q10. - form factor wise.
Advantage of a slider - larger display - hidden keyboard - overall compact phone dimensions.
***who cares if a phone is 7 or 13 mm thick - as long as ergonomics work.

Not feeling good about a gesture-based keyboard. I bought a Q10 specifically for the physical keyboard, and if anything, I'd want more keys, not fewer, in the physical layout (like the ampersand).

I also tend to pick up my Q10 by the keyboard end, so as not to accidentally start a search or activate the camera, etc. In order to do this with a gesture-based keyboard, the gestures would have to be optionally disabled, an extra unnecessary step.

In fact, the only way I'd even consider a gesture-based keyboard would be having the option to disable the gestures - but then I'd still have to pull up an onscreen keyboard for numbers and punctuation. Definitely a step down from the current Q10 keyboard, IMHO.

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,

Just what I saying yesterday, BlackBerry need to keep up these great designs because that is what. Is going to differentiate us from the rest. Now just imagine if our app store had all the necessary apps, combined with this design it would be a huge seller.

These things go in cycles, blackberry was the king of cool when all the teenagers jumped on board, then it was apple, now Samsung, but it will swing back to blackberry again in a year or two though.

Remember I told you.

Posted via CB10

Awesome - minus not having an alt key/sym key...but it's still a prototype. Who knows what the final may turn out to be

Posted via CB10

I really feel I can type on this since I only use 3 rows 90% of the time just gotta get used to a center space bar. This sux cuz it will take a month to get used to and BlackBerry needs a insta hit. Not a grow on you hit. But I'm sold.

 BlackBerry Q10 

This concept is what the Q10 should have been all along. Tall screen, full keyboard.

The Q10 is already shorter than the Z10. They could have been the same height and given the Q10 a larger screen.

Posted via CB10

No. We need the q10 traditional type bold 9900 type phone for the old faithful. It didn't work but it was a good choice.

 BlackBerry Q10 

Nope! It doesn't look hot at all! It looks like a Z10 that didn't mature properly, i.e. it looks like a Z10 with special needs!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

IMO, does not look good. I think the Z30 and Q10 look great on their own (I have both). But this Frankenstein Z30 w/ a keyboard bolted on looked hideous to me at first glance. I think the current Q10 with its black stainless steel frame and silver accent metal frets (incl. the one on the rear) and metal volume rocker looks far more clean, professional, and classy. If the Z30 frame isn’t actually aluminum (some reviewers say metal, some say plastic, and I can’t quite tell), then in terms of build quality (not internal specs), the Q10 is the BB10 flagship phone. Use the rectangular shape for touch-only phones. Keep the Q10 (9900) “oval” shape for the keyboard phones (not sure how I feel about the missing keys/row and this gesture-based keyboard). Looks perfect. IMO, just make a more powerful Q10 that’s wider (slightly), thinner, and longer. Keep upgrading not only the internal specs but the material used on the phone. Less plastic and more stainless steel & aluminum. IMO.

Now THAT'S a BlackBerry I can get down with. This is what we all want in a BlackBerry. A Qwerty keyboard with a huge screen!

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