BlackBerry Windermere shows off 8 Active Frames on the homescreen

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2014 09:09 am EDT

The biggest device in the rumor mill at this point has to be the BlackBerry Windermere (AKA Q30). It's all but official at this point — having shown up in various places now more than a few times. The Windermere will be sporting a big 4.5" 1440x1440 display, and that means tons of room on the homescreen for not only apps, but also Active Frames.

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BlackBerry Windermere shows off 8 Active Frames on the homescreen


But BlackBerry 10 needs huge amount of ram and it will get slow. It is necessary it upgraded to 3-4 gb ram.

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Yes,....but It is better BlackBerry team try to BlackBerry 10 os more optimise to work with less. Hrdware requerment( similar ios).

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iPhone's don't multitask like BB10. BB10 keeps your active apps in memory, that's why BB10 phones typically have double the RAM of the iPhone.

It isn't a flaw. It was a conscious design decision made by BlackBerry so they could provide a particular user experience.

I like the way BB10 works now. I don't want it to be more like the iPhone.

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I wish they ll make that option that you can customize your views and how things run.

For example;

Default setting of running apps is Active Frames.

Change the default active frames setting to how the PlayBook displayed it's running apps.

Also the option to change other views and etc would be awesome! Like like how you can customize your task bar, themes and etc on Windows running on your laptop and desktop.

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It is a flaw that can't be blamed on how BB10 multitasks.

Did you ever use a PlayBook? That thing keeps apps opened in the background. You could have dozens of apps running in the background on a PlayBook at once, far more apps than BB10 can run even though the PlayBook only had 1GB of RAM. So obviously there must be more to it than just how BB10 multitasks. Unless we're all just going to pretend that the PlayBook never existed now.

The PlayBook would automatically close apps without warning if it was running low on memory.

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How many apps did it take before that would start happening on a PlayBook? Far more than 8. What does BlackBerry 10 do after you've opened the 9th app? See what I mean?

There are other examples besides the PlayBook anyway. Look at Sailfish OS. Every Sailfish device made so far has had only 1GB of RAM, yet the OS has no problems running 21 active frames at once. Just like BB10, those are all apps that are actually running in the background, complete with multiple audio streams playing at once when applicable. Look it up on YouTube if you don't believe me.

If the PlayBook and Sailfish can multitask like that with only 1GB of RAM, than why in the world can't BB10?

Playbook doesn't have a phone running nor does it have mail, bbm, etc running constantly in the background. you are not comparing blackberries to blackberries

One. HUB.

PlayBook does not have HUB. HUB is a powerful heavy weight app only exists in BlackBerry 10 at the moment.

Posted via CB10 with Z30 on

Except the Hub doesn't really use all that much RAM. Have you checked in your device manager on BB10?

Right now, the Hub on my Q10 is using 38mb of RAM. If that is accurate, then you must admit that isn't much RAM at all really.

Look at value that is reported for "Used" RAM memory (in Device Monitor > Memory).

Then add up the memory of all the items in the list. You'll notice that "Used" is probably double this sum.

The difference is likely due to BB10 caching commonly used data and code in RAM memory to make (currently) closed-apps launch faster (reading from RAM is faster than reading from SSD). It's not currently in use.

This is standard practice in operating systems.

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Sailfish has a host of serious problems, my friend. First, there are few native apps and there is a big problem with Android app stability. This relates in part to the size of Android Apps and the lack of RAM. Their gesture based system is glitchy and it simply lacks the grace of BB10. Of course, no hub of any sort (big turn off) and the UI design is weak and uninspired. The people floating Sailfish know this which is why this OS is usually tied to cheap end phones.

Are you sure you're thinking about Sailfish? It almost sounds like you're talking about a different OS. Like I think you're thinking of Mozilla Firefox OS.

First, Sailfish is fully compatible with Android. You can run the OS on Android hardware and Sailfish OS get's Android apps directly from Google Play, that is how compatible it is with Android. Android apps run very very well on Sailfish OS.

Also, the comments about the UI --- Are you sure you've seen Sailfish? The UI on Sailfish is the continuation of MeeGo's UI. BB10 looks very similar to MeeGo, which looks very similar to Saiflish. Sailfish is also a gesture based UI. I'd think that if one UI design is weak and uninspired, than they'd both be considering that based on how similar they are.

Not to mention, "this OS is usually tied to cheap end phones" -- You've gotta be thinking of Firefox OS. Jolla has only made one Sailfish Os device, and it wasn't cheap. In fact, it cost 389 € or $528. Do you really think that is cheap? Firefox however is on several cheap devices.

Also, saying the PlayBook could run way more apps would have to be tested.

Which apps? Different apps use different amounts of RAM. Load up a video game (like Real Racing 3D, Asphalt, or Modern Combat), an HD movie, browser with many tabs open, a big Docs To Go document, a big PDF, etc... and see how long it takes before the playbook automatically starts closing apps.

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Well hey, let's do that test on BB10. Go ahead and pick out 9 of the lowest resource requiring apps you can find and run all of them at once on a BB10 device.

How long till BlackBerry 10 starts automatically closing apps? The second you open the 9th app. That's when. So yeah, I think the PlayBook still has BB10 beat when it comes to multitasking.

But whatever, did you by any chance look into Sailfish OS yet? It's multitasking is pretty darn amazing considering how little RAM the OS has to work with. Watch a few videos of how it performs and you might agree that there is more to BB10's hardware requirement problem than just how it multitasks.

I've never needed more (or even) 8 apps running at once, however I like the fact I'm always guaranteed that I know my last 8 apps will stay open.

On the PlayBook it was more random. Sometimes when I started stressing the browser (with far fewer than 8 total apps running), I would try to go back to a PDF or other document only to find it had been closed. I prefer the BB10 8 app guarantee.

HOWEVER, if I was someone who actually needed to have more than 8 low-RAM-using apps (so as not to run out of my 1 GB of PlayBook RAM) running at the same, time, then I would definitely declare the PB to have a better system.

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That's fine and dandy. I'm just saying that after seeing how well the PlayBook and Sailfish OS multitasks with only 1GB of RAM, I find it hard to believe that BB10's multitasking is the reason it uses so much RAM.

What he said. BB10 is way more powerful than Playbook. No comparison... The fact is BB10 is running the Hub!! With all the emails and invocation to different apps. BBM is always running, phone and secure networking is also always running and don't forget about the mother of all keyboards even tho it shows as apart of system. After all that BB10 is still able to run any 8 apps you throw at it. I've never had an active frame shut down before the 9th app starts. That to me is great memory allocation and not a flaw. I'd be running 20 tabs in the browser and still can game and have 6 other frames open. Never closing before the 9th app initiates. Playbook on the other hand can run only 4 memory intensive apps at one time before it closes them. BlackBerry 10 also runs apps live in the background much like Playbook, it's always in showcase mode. I believe only a few apps pause and this is because of the screen real estate. Much like you can run YouTube in minimized active frame, they could have allowed you to do the same with video...but because it wouldn't make much sense with the small Window. YouTube however has more than video content, you could be listening to a song instead if watching a video.

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It should have been an option. I see no point running all the applications in the background when it is not required to push all cylinders.

I thought QNX was a light weight os. I thought it eats up so much RAM because you have 4 runtimes running; Native Cascades, Air, Android, and WebWorks. Opposed to IOS that is just running IOS.

If you want to monotask like some 30 year old computer, then by all means lower the RAM. We have been multitasking for a decade on desktops and we need the same capabilities on a smartphone. There is no point making excuses for the iPhone. This is 2014 and it is long past due for all smart phones to embrace the vision of mobile computing.

Well the z3 seems to be running just fine and I'm hearing that in some cases even better than the z30

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All current BB10 devices have the ability to run 8 active applications right now as active frames. You just don't see them because you need to scroll down. No added RAM will be necessary.

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I had heard it would have 3-4 gigs of ram.
Also, BB10 doesn't need huge amounts of RAM, it just needs 2 or more. :)


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On pure functionality... this thing is looking awesome!

But man!!! Is it UUUGLY! lol

But seriously, if you ignore the aesthetics, this thing is something you could serious work on!!

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Yup, I agree. It may not be the prettiest thing but it finally looks like you can do something big and serious on a mobile device.

"UUUGLY" is in the eye of the beholder. It certainly looks "different", but...

You realize that some people go out of their way to buy "different", right? A Mercedes G-wagon costs roughly about the same as a Porsche 911. There's a market for both.

One of the criticisms around the full-touch models was that they didn't look like "BlackBerry" phones, in part because of the lack of a keyboard, in part because there's only so much you can do with a glass rectangle. People--for better or worse--will associate the Windemere with BlackBerry immediately.

Where is ugly? I see no shots of the official phone yet. So I'm not sure about all this ugly talk. Unless that square concept from before is actually the final design.

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Em. Kev today I saw an update for BB10 to OS 10. 2.1.2941. Didn't download yet. I'm in asia. Amy word on what this might be?

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I want a bigger qwerty, with the 4th line in there. What is it with all this minimization, anyway? Look at the Androids: Why can't Blackberry build a phone the size of a Galaxy S-4, with the bottom dedicated to a 4-line qwerty. It would have a big screen and be useful.
Many of us are aging "Boomers," who need a large phone that can be easily manipulated and has a qwerty. Blackberry is missing out on a huge opportunity to sell to us a big, Android phone with a keyboard because it is impossible for us to use a touch-screen. And our numbers are only increasing! We already like Blackberrys and trust them. I just wish I could get that message to the CEO!!!

I really hope that this device will not be ugly as the leaks we saw.
8 active frames could be a great feature, but not the most important in my wishing list.

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do not care about that... Im ugly as fuck and I cant change that... this device wont make me sexier... but quicker!

Now a Z31 or whatever confusing name they want to call it and we're good. I'll be upgrading to that.

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I find that array of large and small active frames confusing/irritating. Just like my Windows 8 desktop. I've ended up arranging them into all large groups or all small. I hope we have the option. Or will it be just open 6 active frames to keep them all the same size. How exactly will they resize? When you go over 6?

Pretty cool, but they still need to flesh out those icons a little, especially the Camera and Browser ones.

I'm starting to look at my beloved white Q10 as a bit tiny now.
I just hope this new device is available in white at launch.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

I am happy to see something unique coming down the pike. The last couple years has only seen modest changes in smartphones as a whole. Lets see if BlackBerry can create a new category.

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Just made some tweaks to the post - the CB10 app doesn't view galleries properly, so we switched it up to more of a slideshow. In app will show all images inline. And on desktop side you can quickly tap through.

The slideshow layout is slow and cumbersome. Don't abandon your desktop users to please your mobile users! That's a bad design decision. What are your stats mobile vs desktop?

Ditto. I tend to not go past the first page these days.

Kevin, as for my original comment, I was seeing Z30 icon photos while on, desktop version loads without issue.

I was also looking for the right place to comment about that. I'm glad the gallery problem in the CB10 app is being addressed but dislike having to load 5 pages just to see 5 images on my PC.

"Next, Next, Next, Next" just to see 5 pictures, it's really boring and useless.
Why this bad change ? (Maybe because of that, we load 5 mores page, so 5x more $$ ?)

Hopefully the eddges are rounded off. This device is gonna be a a beast!! Can't wait to have my palms all over it.

This Q10 is ready for war.

I think that is amazing, but why didn't they do something like this for the z30 as well

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It would be hard to fit 3 active frames across unless they made them really small.

Remember, the Z30 pixels across is 720.
The Q30 is wider with 1440.

The phone coming to break bounds and change the way people look at phones..."windermere" * waiting *

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This is the kind of device that needs to be out TODAY for BlackBerry. They cannot continue to be 6-8-12 months late to the spec wars party.

Love the 8 on one screen. I usually only want 4 open at a time; don't like to have to swipe to see more.

It's a nice feature, and I'm sure some people will utilize 8 Active Frames. For me though I only use at most 3 Active Frames. I personally don't see a reason to have that many apps open at any given time, but I understand some do =)

Contacts, Phone, Browser -> almost always open

Then ahem ... CB10, File Manager, ClipMan,...

and whatever other app you need, like Street Invoice, MockIt, Docs to Go

Not much room left....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Listen BlackBerry put this fuckin device on the shelves so I can give you my money.

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Agree, but having them in the background able to launch instantly (i.e. facebook) is useful. Other than that, the actual active frame itself has not been of any use to me.

I just hope the hardware looks better than what we've seen so far. That thing sure was ugly.

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I've been trying to get used to the keyboard on the Z30 but still make so many mistakes when I need to type fast. I still have my Q10 and use periodically if I have to do large emails. This device will be the solution to my problems.

I usually have 3-6 frames running at once so the option to see them all would be great. My only complaint is that calling "Active Frames" is a bit misleading. Many apps simply minimize to a picture that represents that application. The ones that do cycle through information have so little space to do so that it's almost a waste. The most similar comparison is that of Windows Phone and I think their system is slightly more convenient because everything is an "active frame" so when you are just looking at your screen lots of information is cycling.

I switch apps so quickly that the "active" part of the frames is lost. Also, why is this person on the rumored Windermere using movie maker? Unless 10.3 brings a massive usability update to that app it will stay safely tucked away in my "never used" folder.

I agree, and I hope those smaller active friends are put to good use and aren't simply useless tiles. Active frames should show some information so making them small kind of defeats the purpose.

Had the same question. Sometimes I wish is could hold my Q10 sideways for a while when playing a game though. Wouldn't hurt to give the option.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

What would be cool is if BlackBerry brings back the leather back battery door with all its upcoming devices!

 Z30

Maybe not on the keyboard models, but I think the Z10/Z30 should have smaller active frames to fit more on the screen. It's pointless how big they are; especially seeing as they don't often display valuable content when minimized to an active frame anyway. Oh and I do not like the new, modern, iOS look of the icons.

BlackBerry Nation understand people want choices. Full screen / physical keyboard. Trackpad with Full screen /physical keyboard. Thats why i support Windermere design

For me and vast amount of former BlackBerry users,we are still looking for replacement for legendary BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry 9860. For us BlackBerry Classic line is BlackBerry. It should have from BlackBerry 10 beginning.

BlackBerry Nation support all things BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Warning: We have some android/ios A/$+: lickers that loved to be F/!*? By them trolling to influence and break BlackBerry Nation unity. They say the dumbest things. Ex: screen too big/ trackpad makes screen too small/rectangle phone is ugly etc.

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Still waiting for the choice of "large TALL screen and physical keyboard".
The 1:1 ratio isn't going to be a huge seller but this is a specific device for a specific demographic.

Frugly as hell and way, way to big for normal daily use as a phone. Sorry, just don't see anything here to wow any body but BlackBerry fans only and the medical profession perhaps also.

Careful! Z10 in action!

The maps icon seems to look like a Nokia here inspired icon I wonder if they have changed vendors on the god awful maps service.

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I might have to get this, looks promising. I love my z10 and I love the virtual keyboard, but I think there needs to be a bit more spacing between the keys.

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Well I think live tiles are a good idea, and I think BlackBerry's take on it is really useful, I find myself looking for apps with live tiles that are looking right at me just because I don't recognise the image, but having notifications on apps that you have opened I think is a good idea, although I still end up trying to open up apps that are already in active frame...

Posted via CB10

Currently, I prefer how MSFT implement Live Tiles.
Never been a fan of Active Frames, when I'm done with an app, I close it (except the browser and battery guru).

This wouldn't be such a big deal if all the other full screen devices could display the home page in landscape mode. Come on BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Seriously... if you can do this with a 4.5 inch phone... why not do it with a 7 inch tablet?... come on... where is the love for playbook users :(

Posted via CB10

Just wondering if you will be able to adjust the size of the active frame or not and if you pin it will the active frame always remain in that location?

I've had a thought and I'm wondering what you think. Would it be better if on your home screen you could attach active frames that would always remain open and In the location you want them as well as adjust the size of the active frame too. Then when you open other apps they would open up either on another Window (which would be the open apps) or they open up below your pinned apps on your home page.

I would like to pin my weather app and stretch the active frame across the top of my home page but leave half or three quarters of the screen for other pinned apps.

Posted via CB10

I'm getting increasingly concerned over this quirky square format for a 4.5" screen.
Will this still be convenient to handle? Will it slip into my pants' pockets as comfortably as any 'regular' format phone? Will it give users the warm & cosy feeling of beauty and sexyness, like e.g. the Z10 or the 9900 (or older BBs) did it (for me at least)? Or will it 'just' be very 'productive', but ugly and strange looking & feeling?
But I hope my concerns are not justified and it's going to be awesome.

Looking forward to seeing this phone in the flesh. I usually close my active frames but cool. With the bigger screen the frames might be easier to read then the frames on the default web browser screen.

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Well the only thing I would be concerned about is the active frame icons or notifications or whatever you call them!

Posted via CB10

Bring. It. On.

I will definitely be buying this but it needs to have insane specs, and that includes a proper screen. If BlackBerry are going to use shitty screens ala Q10 and not so bright Z30, I'm not getting it simple as that.

Posted via CB10

1440p is as good as it gets in 2014. BlackBerry is going pass 1080p display... not catching up but jumping over. Very few super phones have a 1440p resolution. Qhd Ftw!!

Posted via CB10

I wish they make a model to replace the z10. And no.... the z30 wasn't the model to replace the z10. something with a 1080 screen and a quad-core cpu and 12 mp camera.

Posted via CB10

Why not 13+ MP camera and a laser pointer built right in (I'm not joking) the phone.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Now I'm depressed that this phone is going to have the same vertical pixels as my brand new really expensive dell monitor.....

Windmere is apparently becoming far too broad for me. I have the Z10, which is absolutely perfect for my daily use. I can handle it with one single hand, if necessary, and it has all I need, so that's all I need. Nothing more to say. ;-))

What's up with the change in icon designs?

This seems like more an os upgrade and not exactly a hardware design, surely the Z30 would be able to have 12+ apps open at once or maybe there is need for more RAM from here on out.

It's actually very exciting where BlackBerry is heading!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

My main concern with this is whether it will slide into a pocket. The other phablets are long, but they do manage to slide into a pocket that makes them "mobile"

With the 1440x1440 resolution, I'm suspecting that BBRY will have a cool split screen feature that splits the display into two 1440x720 frames that allow you to watch video while using the other half of the screen. Maybe , you could also split the frames into two vertical pieces and have an email and bbm video chat open simultaneously etc.

My biggest concern for this device is the form factor, though I give credit to BBRY for differentiating themselves.

I was wondering the same thing. Great features, just like my PlayBook, but that doesn't fit in my pocket, either. I'll withhold judgment on that until I see it released, however.

Some people still can fit 5 inch devices into their pockets. And the galaxy s5 is 5.1

This one is only 4.5 it can't be any bigger than a 5 inch device. The z30 is 5 inches.

The split screen idea is interesting though.

With the move toward flatter icon design, color choice becomes of supreme importance. I look at that screen and see a lot of blue and purple and I feel like I would have a hard time quickly landing on the right app without having to look to see which is which

Posted via CB10

G*ddamit blackberry! Why are they making this device? It's a joke. Everyone wants a qwerty phone with a non-square shaped display. Not a big boxy thing like this. Sigh.

Posted via CB10

I am not a fan of this device either but the Windemere, I believe, is going be that market-specific device for the healthcare sector. I too am waiting for BlackBerry to make a device with a tall screen with a physical keyboard. I don't get why this is so hard for them. One can only hope such a device is being worked on behind closed doors, hopefully to be unveiled next year. There's definitely nothing like that coming this year.

You're not alone. I recently updated foursquare. I've not been enjoying these new flat look.

It's too flat, boring, bland, and down right ugly in my honest opinion. At least if they are gonna force us to accept the new icons if we want to update at least make them look fresh and gorgeous...ugh!

I don't use active frames so much. Mainly to save battery. Perhaps this beast will increase my usage. ???

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I'm very pleased with my Q10, but may she'll out the cash for the Q30 once I test it out. The OS seems to be moving in the right direction and I love the fact that my Android and iOS friends can't just pick my phone up and start using it :)

Posted via CB10

Hate the icons layout, why don't they make the icons bigger and leave smaller spacing between icons?

Posted via CB10

I like windermere but hate the icons, they much less informative which means more searching and losing seconds from your life.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry, pls made an improved version of a Z10, same size, better hardware specs: bigger battery, faster processor, better cameras, better gpu, n hd screen.....its going to be the bomb....

Posted via CB10

Yup..thats it...updated blackberry z10 with better processor cpu and gpu...better camera better batteryyyyyyy

Posted via CB10

It looks too big to be a phone, too small to be a tablet. And ugly with it. It sure won't fit in my pockets.

The bigger the screen, the more apps you can run at once? That's weird.
In general I love the active frames. Since we can run apps headless resp. without the need of a active frame I'm happy with those eight.

Posted via CB10

I don't really care but personally I would prefer less active frames in one screen in order to identify them easy.
I don't mind to scroll down to see the others.

Sent from my Z 30

Its all cool and so but I really really hope that this device wont sport a 3 row keyboard without alt and shift keys!!

Posted via CB10

I really hope that blackberry is able to get back ex blackberry users but I dont want them to acquire android or worst ios users!! I dont want ios users to hype blackberry and talk as if they were on the train since years. I want it to remain something special for 'the few'.. :-) like us!!

Posted via CB10

Hum... i'm not a fan of big phones.. and this one seems pretty big... I'm not too sure I would buy it, I would need to see it first; I might be convinced by the looks of it :)

Posted via CB10

This is not too much,,, 8 active frames like that are brilliant! Omg BlackBerry is tickling me all over :)

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

OMFG YES PERFECT EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I constantly talked about how the icons were too large on my Q10 for the small screen. This is brilliant. Screen looks huge to for a QWERTY. Knock it out of the park BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10 for Z30

Dear Powers That Be at BlackBerry,
Let me beta-test a Windermere and I will write a novel on it.
That would be a GREAT demonstration of the new phone's productivity.
Win-win situation, BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Every phone from now on should be 16:9, IMO, even if it's QWERTY. IMO, BlackBerry should give us the option to customize the size of the Active Frames, have more than 8 at a time, have them interactive, pinnable and placeable anywhere. We really should get widgets.

Posted via CB10

I know for a fact Sprint will carry this. I bet we'll see a lot of marketing for this product.

Imho I think once this product hits the market everyone is going to want it. This thing will be in all types of placements.. Just mark my words....The Windermere will change the tide for BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

I do not like the square screen, something about it looks unappealing. Not cool, not sexy. Reminds me of old square rca projection tvs.

Windermere is growing on me-thats a hefty looking device though!
I absolutely love my stormtrooper" Zed 10-its the Sexy,powerful, perfect size, bulletproof security and it always works.
But,with this windermere device I think we're seeing the birth of a blackberry device that could easily handle "the Internet of everything". I like where you're taking us Mr.Chen!

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life!

Posted via CB10

All these nay-sayers, pfffft. If you didn't like a Q10 you're not gonna like a Q30, but I adore my Q10 & am very sexually aroused by the Q30 leaks. 1:1 screen with a qwerty & 1440x1440 4.5" monster- this phone has all of the makings of "phone of the century". And to those that claim "it won't fit in my pockets"- take off them skinny jeans you look ridiculous!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I'm generally against mixed sized frames and non standard screen ratios. The mixed size frames make it harder to look at and the screen sizes make app development much more complicated as android battles with a ton.

Honestly I don't see why blackberry or any other manufacturers need to make 15 devices. One thing apple figured out is the fewer you can make and keep impressing your market, the more you can iterate without having to worry about a broad compatibility tree.

Posted via CB10

i would rather stay using bb q10 then buying these LG optimus vu looking bb and hope bb wont bring something weird like this to bb classic

Why blackberry does not upgrade old phones and make the design of such a design would be wonderful :(

Posted via CrackBerry App

If you can have different size active frames AND an active frames page that's always there no matter what, then I would like to see the ability to pin active frames to that home screen. Pin the calendar, weather, etc. into a static position that doesn't move when you close other frames. Makes that home screen more useful. Your world at a glance. Would be great if the lock screen had weather info too.

So nobody is wondering why this leaker did not just take a pic of the actual phone, just the screen...

Posted via CB10

The windermere is intriguing, but looks like it would be really tough to type on, with keyboard so low and so much phone/screen above, doesn't look like it will fit in the hand well...looking forward to actually trying one out!

I just don't get this: These days we have the Samsung Galaxy phones that are way bigger than the Blackberrys, yet Blackberry still worries about being too large, even though they are all much smaller than android phones.
I am a "Boomer," getting older. I NEED a qwerty phone, like a Blackberry, because my fingers are starting to bounce. I DO NOT want it small and svelte because it cannot be easily held and manipulated. It needs to be easily cradled in the hands for typing, and have a large screen for viewing. Best would be to take a Samsung S-4 with some of the screen dedicated to a physical keyboard. Make it the same size as that!

Blackberry is losing a huge free opportunity to sell to aging Boomers and others with dexterity difficulties. We need a good, large, hand-held, qwerty phone. There are millions of us waiting for that S-4-sized phone with the bottom dedicated to a four-line qwerty phone.
How hard could that be for Blackberry to pull off???

And anyway, all this work to get a slim phone, and the first thing we do is throw it in a case! So, what's the point?

I think this is what you are getting with the windermere; bigger screen with a qwerty keyboard.

Perhaps you are hoping for more of a slider?

I've got to say that I've actually come around on the windermere.

At first I was worried that it would be too big (overall, not just screen size) and cumbersome. But, I don't think that it is as big as I pictured and I really like the idea of having a touch sensitive keyboard.

Imagine how fluid it will be to navigate your device without having to cover up the screen with your fingers. That essentially "gives back" quite a bit in turns of screen size.