BlackBerry Windermere images and specs turn up online

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2014 11:37 am EDT

One of the most anticipated (yet still unofficial) devices is the BlackBerry Windermere AKA BlackBerry Q30. We've heard plenty about the rumored device lately, there has still been plenty left to the story. Today some images and specs have turned up online, offering plenty of insight into just what BlackBerry has in store for the Windermere later this year.

We already know the Windermere will be a full-keyboard device, boasting a big 4.5" 1440x1440 display. Now we find that the device will also be sporting a 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and a huge 3450mAH battery (non-removable). Inside there will be 3GB of RAM with a quad-core Snapdragon MSM8974 processor. The device will have the volume buttons down the right side with a microUSB port on the bottom.

There's also some truth to the rumor that the Windermere will be sporting a capacitive keyboard. You'll be able to swipe on the physical keyboard to use predictive text or delete words, and also scroll in the browser by scrolling on the keyboard. Awesome stuff.

We should see more on the Windermere in the coming months, and still expect to see an official arrival later this year.

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BlackBerry Windermere images and specs turn up online



Haha, that's not what it looks like at all. Size and idea is the same but a lot sexier than that old image you guys are rocking.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Removable batteries please!
When you are out of power, just pop 2nd battery in, and you're good to go!
No rechargeable dongle to get in your way.

Also, user replaceable battery means device can be used for many years down the road!

Dear God I hope so.

I don't care what ANYONE says, or what their reasoning is -- the model displayed in these pics (regardless of whether it ever sees the light of day) is a really ugly phone that I'd be embarrassed to use in public.

I pay for form and function, not just function (and not just form either).

If you can't balance the two, then find another customer.

Anyone can make an amazingly functional phone if they sacrifice form for function. It's a cop-out. It's taking the lazy route.

I want more thought put into the design of the devices I purchase.

Posted via CB10

when have you seen BB put any style into it's BB10 phones? The 9900/9930 was the only really stylish phone BB ever made.

Buddy do u see the black markings?? They say not for resale. Demo Device, and has a number to identify who's own it is. That's why those black markings are on it... Leading me to believe it's the REAL thing

Posted via CB10

From working at BlackBerry I can confirm this, all BlackBerry employee handhelds have those stickers this is a legit and probably official look to the device.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

I dont like how they are going with pointy corners, and im interested how no shift button or period commas on keyboard would work lol

Hopefully, the OS will insert commas where necessary, but what I can tell you is that for any BB user out there, they know you just hold down on a key to Capitalize the word....

I'm sure that if BB has taken steps to remove buttons, they've taken steps to ensure you don't actually lose the functions.

Take a look at Fleksy keyboard for Android. The mini (two-finger swipe down) will teach you (with practice and time) how great it is to NOT have a spacebar, punctuation, and other keys in a 4th row.

Stated that you are telling the truth, do you know it is correct saying that this handheld is a testdevice, and the form-factor is not yet 100% final? Or is it more like the form-factor is final, but the used materials are not?

Or we have a very knowledgeable faker, who knows all these things that you do and just put in black markings to make the pics look legit.

If this is the finalized form factor, as Fred Sanford would say, "ugly, ugly, ugly." But this is just one person's opinion.

I applaud on the Fred Sanford reference. Whenever his quotes make an appearance, it's a good day. Bravo!

Love the Sanford and Son reference.

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

"Ugly ugly ugly"... "But this is just one person's opinion".

Have you been reading the same forums I've been reading lol :)

If you had said "beautiful phone... but that's just one person's opinion", then that would have been accurate.

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Yikes! That thing is hideous then :(.

Why can't BlackBerry just come out with a Z10 v2?

The Z10 is the perfect fusion of size and comfort. All that’s missing is some updated specs.

Posted via CB10

Hi. Maybe, except that could have been intentional to help make you believe its the REAL thing. Who really knows

Or we can just assume that like all test devices esthetics may change before mass production... the verge Z10 pic?

Posted via CB10

From the main n4bb site: "The BlackBerry Windermere features a stainless steel bezel around the device, much like the Q10 and previous Bold series....The plastic is apparently not final. BlackBerry might add the glass weave we have become accustom to on the Q10 and Z30."

The Dev Alpha devices had those "Not for Resale" stickers, too, and those were NEVER meant to be sold. This could be a developer-only device.

Thank goodness that thing is ugly. Sorry.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Does anyone know if this device is for the consumer market? Perhaps it's designed for function over form for a reason.

Posted via CB10

Bbry has already demonstrated that their is no 'prosumer' market. They chased it and are in 4th place behind Windows.

This is the age of BYOD driving market choices not the CTO. Sigh.

Posted via CB10

"Hideous" is in the eye of the beholder. Okay, you don't like it. And to be honest, I'm not nuts about it either, but that doesn't automatically mean EVERYONE will feel the same.

This is a keyboard device with a high-def screen, a MASSIVE battery, and a decent spec. For many, at least at a functional level, this represents THE ultimate BlackBerry. I've seen tons of posts from people here who claim they couldn't care less what their BB looks like as long as it performs.

I agree it's function is more important than how it looks. But still they could have made the edges more rounder or something to make it more appealing. Having a nice looking device definitely helps in selling itself.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Never said that. But BlackBerry has actually been on the leading edge of design and quality. Look at the Bold 9900, the Z30, etc. Guess that comes to an end in 2014.

The community has high expectations. This falls well short of those expectations.

Let's not get carried away. For every 9900, they also put out a 9800. And for every Z30, they also put out a 9500. Plus, "design" hasn't varied a whole lot, with the 9900/Q10 modeled after the Bold 9000, the 9630, 9650, 9700, 9780, and arguably the 9720, 9790 all looking alike.

I realize that. At least 1 in 4 BlackBerry handsets were lacking in design. But they weren't total abominations like this.

This makes the Q5 look like a Cadillac.

Beauty is relative. I read a Z3 review recently where the reviewer claims the Z3 to be the first attractive BlackBerry. For me the Z3 is an artistic abomination. It is beyond me how someone could prefer the design of the Z3 over the Z30. But it just goes to show that beauty is relative.

Functionality .... LOL

who can hold this Square in their hands ??

and what kind of "productivity" are they aiming for with that crippled keyboard ?

The ergonomics and usability of this device would be sub par, this is a terrible device subjectively and objectively.

and no i dont like the looks either.

looks like another armchair general know it all has something to say...try waiting for the device to get released, then try using it before you rape it.

Fuking people man...

I disagree, once you get used to it, it's pretty easy to type with two hands

BB10 news - join my channel C000F331C

+1000! I can't imagine how one uses that keyboard. SOOOOO low on the body of the phone.....and of course..... No toolbelt :)

Read my post above.

Any idiot can make an insanely functional phone if they sacrifice all concern for form.

It's lazy design.

It's takes a lot more thought and work to make a device that strikes a fair balance between the two.

Posted via CB10

What "standards" are being lowered? Looks are subjective...which is exactly TB's point. To me and a lot of people, an iPhone looks like a toy, with it's small screen and home button. So is it a lower standard phone? Next time, think before you troll.

Bringing iPhone into the convo and calling other members names. Nice.

And seriously, you can't talk about this phone without bashing a competitors phone?

You know what he means, cut it out :(

This is not about iPhone and not being nice to others is... well, not nice.

Powered by BB

I didn't like the look of the Z10 until I got it in my hand. I'm looking at this phone and I'm not completely grossed out. I'm thinking that I might like the looks of it in a red case.

The 3 Gb of RAM also makes it more attractive.

Posted via CB10

I never had such a guy reaction to the Z10 though.

I remember being *disappointed* in it (given my 10,000 mile high expectations for BB10.)

But I *never* thought the Z10 was ugly -- just not nice "enough" for BlackBerry's "last stand". (I expected a BlackBerry Blade, or all-metal chassis, or some kind of ultra-premium materials).

On the other hand, this Windermere I just really dislike -- even with my, now, more informed knowledge of the reality of what BB10 is.

Posted via CB10

FYI: I ended buying the Z10. All my comments in this thread were written on one :)

Posted via CB10

**** Oh, and that was supposed to be "GUT reaction", not "guy" reaction lol

Posted via CB10

This monstrosity will not sell. Quote me on that. It has a lot of qwerty lovers crying for a release date, but the truth is that this is not the fully qwerty many want, no space or punctuation keys and the keyboard itself is capacitive. This smells of a PlayBook-esque beta release, and looks like someones phone that got flattened by an anvil in a cartoon.

If you honestly expect a weary for BlackBerry consumer to adopt bb10 (which didn't go over well the first time), and this new keyboard type, and the odd layout, and the non standard form factor all packaged in a smaller library of applications, then...well tell me what you're on so I can get some!

Think about this logically from the perspective of a consumer comparing this to the latest iOS device or android (which they've invested in over the years) ...would they buy it?

Now think of the BlackBerry faithful. Most refused to budge to the Q or Z because it wasn't close enough to BBOS. Can you honestly say that this will be better?

Posted via CB10


If BlackBerry Honestly thinks this is the perfect device to launch in 2014, then I am really sorry for bb. and every bb employee and every bb enthusiast. Because this kind of nonsense will bring the company down faster than you can say


Firstly, this isn't aimed at the consumer market. Chen says he'll attack that later if all goes well. this is aimed at the BlackBerry faithful.

Secondly, people that refuse to adopt BlackBerry 10 and hold on to BB7 don't seem to realize they are destroying the very company they are trying to cling to. BlackBerry 7 cannot save BlackBerry. It is the reason RIM ended up in this sorry state. BlackBerry 7 cannot compete against iOS and Android. If you hold on to it, you are holding on to BlackBerry's destruction and well deprive yourself and others of the very BlackBerry you cherish. The handset business depends on the success of BB10. Would you rather hold onto a BB7 device and have no support or upgrades for it because the handset business is closed, or adopt BB10 and help the company to improve it with your feedback?

If the choice is this abomination or the competition, then I'll be switching.

You can't cater to enterprise OR consumer. You have to appease both or any progress made on one path will whither away. What do you think happened with enterprise while they were on consumer? NOTHING. Now they are doing the exact opposite without fixing the real problem. Solution? Take the z30 platform and slap a keyboard on it. Internals the same.

Posted via CB10

Umm....I thought they were going to be releasing a BlackBerry Classic type device for those wishing to hold on to BBOS-esque phones. If this keyboard can what is being claimed, if these specs pan out, and they dress this up some, this could be a very intriguing device. A keyboard with physical buttons with all the advantages of the highly regarded BB10 virtual keyboard? But this is info on an unofficial, rumored, unreleased device. If I've learned anything from stories like these in the past, it's that the real thing will be different...;-)

The bottom doesn't look level at all, I wouldn't worry about it... yet. And there's two people saying their inside BlackBerry and they're contradicting one another. So I'm just going to assume they're both fake

Posted via CB10

Did anyone realize that if the screen is 480 dpi then the size is.. 4.25 in (not 4.5!). This actually sounds acceptable to me. Of course the design has to be improved.

Even at 4.25" the screen alone is about 76 mm wide. That's 11 mm wider than a Z10 with its entire housing and massive bezels. This thing is nothing but hilarious.

I really hope so, to me that looks TERRIBLE, i mean its too wide. They keyboard looks squashed at the bottom. i hope they come up with a better design. Hopefully its something like the Torch :) miss my old slide phone

I think they just have better inside ppl to help provide them with inside info.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Because they don't have connections to inside informations. Wondering myself where other sites get those from.

RedBerry Z10 #00167  OS10.2.1.3175

Edges so sharp that they may cut you whilst in your pocket. How do you follow up the beautiful design of the Q10 with such an ugly design?

Posted via CB10

Ya, 3GB or RAM but still using only Snapdragon 800 with an Adreno 330. This year's phones will start to feature newer Snapdragon chips.

Yes, there are 801's and 805's, but that doesn't mean the 800 isn't still an awesome SoC. Sometimes, we get too caught up in specs. I have a Snapdragon 800 device, and I can tell you from experience, this thing is screaming fast. Plus, BB has never been on the bleeding edge of specs, so the full HD and 3GB of RAM, running on SD800 will satisfy most spec whores.

Who really cares? The 8974 is a LOT more chip than the 8960pro (in the Z30). BlackBerry is doing like Apple, who refuse to take part in the specs wars. Absolute specs aren't that important to almost all buyers. The only thing that really matters is how much faster this year's model is compared to last year. BlackBerry is going to be able to boast "almost four times faster than the Q10, with 50% more memory, and 4x higher resolution." when this thing launches. Put that way, it sure sounds like a device that I would drop $650 on.

Posted via CB10

Except it won't be marketed at all, like they never will be a silent launch and the sales will be mediocre. That is after all a much more likely scenario based on the events of last few years.

Interesting specs, however I do hope this isn't the final product .

Afterall looks sell.

Posted via CB10

This could be my device, ideal for typing and correcting texts.

About the looks, if it's a demo device then the inside is probably the real deal, but the outside is too Simple. This keyboard doesn't look touch sensitive.

Yes... so ugly.. I don't know how the designer thought and design such a horrible mobile phone.!
I think my son could design better!

Posted via CB10

Some more chrome, more rounded corners and a Q10 fibre back, sold! Still time to spice it up.

This weekend when shrinking video with the awesome Video Shrinker app (get Story Maker clips under 16MB!), I was sorely missing a quadcore. This will help!

And a swipe down gesture instead of a shift key is very welcome (love it on the Z10), I sometimes worry about its health, has to survive so many more keypresses than the other keys.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

No kidding. This phone is looking as good as blackberry's future if they continue to churn out phones like this. Stick with modern designed such as most of the Z and Q series...

This looks terrible indeed, and that keyboard looks like it would take a lot if getting used to. Just make another Torch already, this thing is hideous.


Who is "we"?. Speak for yourself. :) The design is different from all other phones out there and I LOVE IT!! Nobody will confuse this phone for an Android or iPhone.

I'm with you, people jeep saying to differentiate, well, this looks different. And, as i've been lookin g at all these renders an deals, the design us actually growing on me. Would be nice to hold the real thing. And 3450 mAHr battery? That's redonkulous.

Posted via CB10

Both cars are not your everyday box, look awesome, tough, and probably be(a)st in class in what they were designed for!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Though I'm not appealed by the look of the device but sincerely hope for BlackBerry to sell this phone well.

+1 for the capacitive keyboard. A very welcome and innovative feature.

good luck BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

+ a bazillion! Those that say they love the design probably wouldn't buy the thing! Don't get me wrong, I'm a BlackBerry fan, but this thing is just downright ugly.

Posted via CB10 and my z10

I'll buy one. Looks like you can actually get sh!t done on that thing. Who cares what it looks like.

Holy couldn't agree more. That thing is hideous. The other models looked nice and they had a rough time selling.. Goodluck to when this is the joke of the market due to design.

Posted via CB10

You ever stop for a second and wonder that just maybe this isn't the final design.

I'd be willing to put money on that.

Or that if this isn't real. The majority of these people that are commenting are so stupid and don't deserve a blackberry.

You guys don't even know if it's real or not. Even if it is, you don't know if it's a the final form. Stupid, always jumping to conclusions.

Would be nice if they moved the blackberry logo up higher on the phone, so that it's visible while being held. Thus phone is sounding pretty sweet, i'd love to try that capacitive keyboard dealy.

Posted via CB10

WHO is going to buy this ? I get FUNCTION OVER FORM aspect of it but man that thing is f-ug-ly. What am I missing here ?

This phone can last you a good 2 days depending on how you use it. You don't wanna be a "wall hugger"

Posted via CB10

Exactly... No one seems to mention that. it's gonnaa Succckkkkkkk

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

I have to agree with the other comments, it is not pleasing to the eye, BlackBerry needs to appeal to the masses and the masses are big on looks.

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry wants to survive, they need to start appealing to the masses.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

They will, with the all-touch flagship.

They make this the talk of the town right now, and leak a few bits here and there as a distraction. But the real surprise will come as a surprise in November!

Just my take.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Clearly it may not be for the masses but BlackBerry needs more than just industry picking up their devices. That is where BB's greatest successes came from.

Chuckle. Then the strategy is playing out beautifully. Latest stats is that BlackBerry has a lock on 1% of the NA market so definitely not appealing to the masses.

They won't last at that rate bit still...the diehard enthusiasts get their wish.

Posted via CB10

Who are your imaginary "tech world"? Please tell me what this "tech world" has done for BlackBerry lately that would be different. Lmao!!!
Always remember opinions are very subjective. Time will tell.

Lol!!! I'm really beginning to wonder about you. You simply have immense difficulty thinking outside the box, don't you?

Looks like I have a stalker. And since you don't have a valid response, the personal attacks begin. Typical BlackBerry fanboy.

Lmao! Stalker???? Why would I even want to stalk you? Please don't flatter yourself.

Oh and yes, I'm unabashedly "BlackBerry For Live" and very proud of it too. Cheers.

Until the "tech world" finds out there's no alternatives anymore and they've been pwned.

Let me quote a fellow CB member:

rickster2611 Mar 15, 2014 at 9:53 am
The battle for a nonconformist independent communication company will die with BlackBerry.
With the NSA having their hooks in all US based tech companies .
We need to Stop being information whores. BlackBerry is the only company where security is their top priority.
No one else cares, apps above anything else. It saddens me to people being fooled so easily.
No one asks what happens to my information?
Tim Berners Lee has warned of the Internet losing its freedom. We are helping those who wish to control.
Mr Chen needs to play his hand very carefully.
The World needs BlackBerry .
BlackBerry...Get it done!!!
Posted via CB10

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Apples and Oranges. Two different management and different circumstances. Let's wait and see who is right.

In this case, the apples and oranges are coming from the same company clinging to life support.

Blackberry always.....

Birdman is not a design expert, he's a bird. A bird with a bird brain, and probably a small bird. Way to go birdman, I don't ever talk about people, but I will talk about birds, and you are an idiot.

Posted via CB10

On a side note: It made my morning having the parrots / rainbow lorikeets chirp and flutter outside in the palm tops. :-))

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Good point. What happened to their design prowess?

It's like Audi designing a new model that resembles a Ford Tempo.

Are you now a design expert? Can you please design a phone that you think will be successful and post it on this forum for us to see. Otherwise your guess is as good as anybody.

The shape looks uncomfortable. I can't imagine typing in this. And the specs are so so. What happened to our Octacore processor?

why do u need octacore? to suck the juice out of the battery and do nothing else?

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

Actually the Octacore cpu saves in using less power than a quad core cpu. Read about it.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

i dont understand your theory, from where did u read it? inorder for more cores to operate, more power is needed, plus no advantage since most of the apps and even the OS is not even designed to run on Quad core!

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

Just search in Google for this title instead

Samsung announces new hexa- and octa-core Exynos 5 processors

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Qualcomm technology is different. It can turn off each cores to save power (if you don't have a lot of active threads in your apps they can share a core). Samsung swaps execution from 4 high to 4 low power consumer cores (if unstable this can actually cost power). So they are comparing to themselves and maybe pretending that most of the time the 4 low power core are enough... (so no need to be buy high cpu then...). NVidia has a 4+1 scheme, instead of swaping to 4 cores it goes to a single one. Well all this is for the cpu, But I guess it becomes more important to know what schemes are used for the gpu cores... I haven't followed much.
The thing is you hardly find something else than qualcomm in the phones beside the cheap chinese phones...

That is not a true octacore chipset. it has a dual cpu with 2 speed ratings so when less power is needed, the downclocked cpu will do the task thus increasing the battery life.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

With those specs it'll likely be in the $800-$900 range. Not everyone wants to pay big money like that for an oddly unattractive device.

Do you really think $800 - $900 is big money? Those who love this phone will gladly pay for it, just like they pay for iPhone.
I will pay $900 for this phone; it is cheaper than an airline ticket to a lot places. :)

:) I bet you nearly everyone you know has an Apple and has spent more than $900 on Apple phone and accessories. Moreover, I'm sure those who can't afford this phone at that price tag will be able to buy a Z3 LTE when it's launched in Europe and North America.
People should cut their coats according to their sizes.

If you or Blackberry thinks that this phone at US$800-900, will be the key to the company's turnaround, you are big-time mistaken. The concept design already is, questionable. Add that kind of price tag, we are finished.

Blackberry always.....

Concept design is questionable by who? Everybody's opinions are very subjective until proven otherwise.
Also, I don't think this phone is initially targeted to everybody and I'm almost certain that BlackBerry has researched the intended market. Remember that John Chen has stated several times that they are going back to their roots, the Enterprise market. Plus just by coincidence, consumers with more disposable income that want a BB phone that's different, kinda like a status symbol, will certainly buy it.
Finally, DEVICE is NOT the key to the company's turnaround; Enterprise is BlackBerry's present focus.

Thank god a bad ass BlackBerry article finally!

Even though it hit first.

Cannot wait for the BlackBerry Windermere I will be first in line. Hope they round it off more in the final design like the Q10 is.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I also don't care for the look of the device but the specs sound wonderful. The look of the phone is going to hurt sales without some solid marketing to Push the device. Perhaps there are more hardware benefits that they have to go with keyboard, which sounds cool by the way. At any case, hopefully, whatever marketing plans they have (if any) will launch with the new device (or, preferably, before).

Posted via CB10

"There's also some truth to the rumor that the Windermere will be sporting a capacitive keyboard. You'll be able to swipe on the physical keyboard to use predictive text or delete words, and also scroll in the browser by scrolling on the keyboard. Awesome stuff."

Now THAT is what I'm talking about. If BBRY is going to go full steam ahead on the keyboard experience, go and go hard.

This device must be for the workaholic that doesn't care what the tool looks like as long as it is the best st what it does.

I'll wait for similar specs on an all touch large screen device (Q300?)

Posted via CB10

Awesome! I love it. The only thing I have my fingers-crossed about is keyboard-based copy and paste. Gotta have that. But, I'll buy this!

Posted via CB10

Some people always resist anything that's different. :) This "Ultimate Beast" is truly a BlackBerry!

That workaholic is gonna drive home in his Porsche, whereas you might have whatever... a rusty Ford or a cheap KIA (like me...)

I'm not into cars, btw


"And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God."
- Ecclesiastes 3:13 (KJV)

(Shared from e-Mmanuel Bible Reader for BlackBerry 10)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hope this is the Developers edition.

Slightly more rounded corners wouldn't go amiss.

I say that this is the final version.
If it is it won't gain much traction.

My 'Built by BlackBerry 'competition idea is much needed.

Posted via CB10

I'm okay with the look since the keyboard is clearly the best yet. But, in the tradition of Crackberry, I have to note a couple of negatives. First, the keyboard may be too big for one handed use. Second, the non removable battery... that may be a no go. The rest sounds AWESOME!!!!

Posted via CB10

Doesn't look good but 13mp 3gb ram sound great

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

EWWW! What an ugly and deformed device! I can't wait for the Galaxy Note 4. It's going to eat BlackBerry for breakfast, lunch and dinner! :)

You simply don't like change. :) This phone will set it self apart from all the look alike Androids and iPhones.
Honestly BlackBerry is not your kinda taste.

Not my favorite design, but I like the concept with the keyboard. Since the battery is not removable it must be for an emerging market like the Z3. Or a concept demo unit. Since I think BlackBerry understands the Americas want/need for a removable battery.

Posted via CB10

Looking at this device, I'm seeing a phablet with a physical keyboard. If done right, this will be a sweet device to use and a must have for bb10 power users. The first set of BlackBerry devices weren't that pretty but were well built and functional.

What's the need when the battery is that big? Plus, the Z30 is not an emerging markets device, and it has a Non-removable battery.

At almost 3 and a half thousand mAh, I see absolutely no need to either buy a spare battery, or remove it to begin with.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 goes all day without a hiccup
That thing with that gigantic battery should go on forever.
I don't see what the issue is with the removable battery
It does seem to lack a bit in the looks department though

Posted via CB10

A removable battery is always better, while the z30 may last as long as needed for some, it doesn't for everyone.

For BlackBerry to move away from removable batteries is not acceptable

Posted via CB10

Actually I used to be in that camp as well but now I'm starting to realize that non-removable is a better way to go especially once I got my Z30.
a) If it lasts all day, who needs removable?
b) phones with removable batteries are easier to steal. i.e. If you steal a Z10 and pop out the battery for a few weeks, no one will be looking for it. with a Z30, you can make it impossible to hide from BB protect
c) it says that BBRY has the confidence in its new OS that battery pulls are a thing of the past
d) well I just like making lists ;)
e) by the time you battery croaks, you'll hopefully be ready for a new phone (instead of just a new battery) BBRY quality has had a bit of the "Maytag syndrome" where sales are slow because the phones last a really, really long time. BBRY want people to upgrade because they have new great stuff and after 3 years the awesome battery starting to wane just might be the nudge they need...

Then explain the sales of iPhone and several popular Android phones without a removable battery. It's not as big a deal as some make it out to be, imo...

That's why "the Americas" buy iPhones with non-removable batteries.

Z30 for example (the one with the extra zero) has non-removable and is the current flagship. Definitely not for emerging....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I really hope this isn't the final design because that thing is ugly looking!! And a 2MP front camera is kind of a disappointment, make it at least 5

Posted via CB10

Based on this image, I'd say that if this is the real deal, it's probably just a demo unit. Like, is it really practical to have such a large device. Almost all 'recent' BlackBerry phones have a detailed and polished back. This back side is so basic... don't think they will go with that.

That is one ugly mother fucker.

I was really hoping it would be more like an elongated Q10 with the physical buttons and the touch pad.
If the battery isn't removalable, I wouldn't bother either. I like to keep my phone with me all the time and charge the battery externally.

Posted via CB10

You're talking about the Classic, and with the big battery, the phone will last you a good 2 days without charge. You won't be complaining with that

Posted via CB10

I think it looks great. Really sharp and different, I don't want another BlackBerry Bold looking phone. It's time they changed it up. With those specs it's awesome.

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Chill everyone. This is just a prototype I'm sure. Just like new cars that are all masked up and covered when test driven. They don't want to tip their hat to the fine contours and design before it's released.

Squeeze too much out of the tube of toothpaste you just can't put it back in. Just saying...

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