BlackBerry "windermere" to officially be named the BlackBerry Passport; launching in September!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2014 08:12 am EDT

On today's BlackBerry Q1 earnings call, BlackBerry CEO dropped word that the rumored BlackBerry "windermere" will launch as the BlackBerry Passport! It's a fitting name given the size of the Windermere. Visually, it's a WIDE device - it almost has the dimensions of a Passport.

Beyond the name, Chen also said the phone will be officially unveiled this September in a launch event in London. Personally, I'm loving the name. It's one that business users and frequent fliers will definitely appreciate. You never leave home without your Passport!

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BlackBerry "windermere" to officially be named the BlackBerry Passport; launching in September!


I think he may have misspoke... probably means Windows Phone, but could also mean BBM Desktop too.... I would have expected him to make specific note of "desktop" if that was the case though.

Same, now I can start saving up to buy it once it released. Hopefully the phone will be sold on shopblackberry.

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I think it's confusion... so we have Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, Z3 and all the sudden, passport?

Why not P10 to follow the naming convention? If passport is ok, what not bring back Bold Torch Curve, and Storm etc.?

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I hate the x# naming system it hurts the consumer side. Z30 just isn't badass sounding. Passport makes you think "wow that's a professional phone"

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I like both!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

i like this name,also the Classic。
I think this in another way,means BlackBerry is changing ,it will become better。O(∩_∩)O

but u liked the Z10/Z3/etc??

those were all meaningless garbage, imo.

This is a great name. Makes you think business, plus the size fits the dimensions.. I hope they continue going back to the regular names a la BBOS7 and below...

Z10 easily sold over 1 million units this quarter. Though unintended, it is now the flagship phone of BlackBerry (not Z30, nor Q10).

In the same pattern, Z3 line is reporting "sold out" across many markets worldwide. Now, quarterly sales of Z3 has reached 100,000 units. But it is expected to overtake Z10 by the end of this year.

If you're a widelet fan, then the Passport is definitely the best option right now.

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Maybe it will include a BBM sticker set of "The Big Boss Man":)

Screen size, better camera and touch sensitive physical keyboard may be the "Passport" to never using my computer again.

Murray Squire Marr

+1 here. The launch doesn't mean it's available right? They wouldn't have this phone out before the Q20/Classic unless they are playing to two different buyers.

Um, they ARE playing to two different buyers.

The "Classic" market is a conservative BB fan. The "Passport" market? Not completely sure, but it's definitely not the "Classic" guy...

Disagree on one point. Classic, yes it is for traditional users migrating from BB07. The passport is though too, it's a keyboard device which is the ultimate deciding feature with a much bigger screen real estate. I'll be buying it as I need the keyboard for email power use and I want the screen real estate for browsing. Been waiting a while on this - however, I'm to be convinced (will decide when see it physically in a shop) about the screen proportions. I'd have been more inclined for a longer, taller screen with the keyboard bolted on at the bottom? No tool belt as it takes up screen space/makes the phone bigger when doesn't need to/isn't needed. I'm wondering about what having a wider screen does? It doesn't improve the space for media that much, you won't have advantages with landscape viewing, but this isn't a media device and I'm not buying it for it either. I need a telephone/messenger/email/browser with the odd app but primarily this is my business productivity tool. What advantage does this screen size permit???

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Loving the name! I hope the device looks a touch nicer though. I feel that it's simply ugly right now.

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Totally agree . . I love love the name, but there's something about the keyboard that just looks so tacky like it was stapled on as an afterthought. Maybe the keyboard will be different than this when released. And speaking of names, I'm glad they're getting away from the letter/number thing . . "Classic" and "Passport" are winners in my opinion.

I'd it just me? This happens to be one of the ugliest phones ever! Lol, I'll probably go for the classic, unless the passport can do something truly amazing and unique.

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Is it just me or is everyone still linking speculated look pics to actual devices? Haven't we learned by now how Crackberry rolls?

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Yes we have and typically when there is this many leaked pictures they end up being correct and usually the final product.

It's going to have a touch capasitive keyboard which I'd say is pretty amazing and unique. I'm very curious to see it in action!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

not its not just you...... the device is ugly ...then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ...its one ugly damn device

I agree about the appearance. On the other hand, I'm afraid the screen size of the Classic will be too small.

Name is ok. Phone is weird. I hope it turns out better than some other phone experiments from the past.

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I agree with Kevin. I like the name. Looking forward to learn more about this device now. Might be my new BlackBerry investment :D

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I'm in love with it... something different... anyone call this ugly probably has some old fashioned rectangular touch screen.. time for the future. I'll take One BlackBerry

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That's a fitting name, seeing as the device is indeed the size of a passport.

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This phone is cool. I can't wait to get my keyboard back. Though I'm torn between this and the "classic".

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Product (top specs), Price (affordable and competitive), Place (distribution & sales outlets, channel efficiency), promotion (advertisement & marketing, make the customeer aware of this great solution to his or her smartphone / mobile device needs)

Can't wait to get this phone. I have a Q10 and am so used to not having the classic tool belt. I guess the bottom row keys on the regular keyboard will be on the side?

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September is later than many had hoped...Probably due to having had to do another hardware revision this month.

With all these qwerty phones they are releasing, i hope to see a full touch soon after. Qwertys are good but the virtual keyboard on z10 and z30 rocks.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

Beautiful name. I wish it feels like passport with the nice texture behind the phone. I am not really a fan of the current leaked image fingerprint magnet finish.

It's not even that it's ugly. I could give up some "looks" for use ability however, this phone just looks like it would be uncomfortable to use.

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THANK YOU for finally using a real name! Say what you will, but I attribute part of the Z and Q commercial failures to the naming itself. When you look at this list-


-only one of those names really doesn't stir any emotion at all.

"Bold" "Curve" "Storm" "Torch" etc., were good names, but unfortunately are not associated with desirable products. But there's absolutely nothing memorable about "Q10" or "Z10". BB could have named them the "Libra" or "Balance" or something, to reflect their intended uses. At least it would have been a memorable name.

Bash away and say that it doesn't matter, but you're wrong. All the high-volume phones have an image, and a name that correlates to that image. You have to sell an image, not a phone... I hope Chen continues to attempt creating a brand image for the phones.

I believe the thinking behind there names is so that you say BlackBerry Z10 instead of just Z10. Car companies do it all the time

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Actually, the reason high-end car companies (Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes) use letters/numbers instead of names (Ford, Chevy etc.) is to try to lock people into the brand for life, even if they don't have much money getting started.

So you can buy a used Infiniti and you're driving an Infiniti; doesn't matter which one. If you buy a used Tempo, you're driving a Tempo. Maybe some day you can afford a Mustang, but for now you're driving a Tempo.

Yes, it is different. But ugly? This may the 'X-men' of phones.....hopefully it's purpose will soon be realized. Keep up the good work, BlackBerry.

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If this is made by Apple or Samsung, we will bash it as ridiculous design... but since it is BlackBerry, we praise it as excellent design...

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What makes you think the design is not excellent? Is it because you think so?. Remember your preferences are uniquely yours.......thank God.

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I'm more worried it may be uncomfortable to use. However I'd have to have it in my hands to really know for sure.

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That is a fair assessment. When not sure about something, wait until the actual device is out and then formalize opinion.

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I've gotten out the ruler and extended my Q10 screen...I think it is going to be just about perfect.

It is going to be so cool to have a physical keyboard with such a big screen.

Murray Squire Marr

Went and got my is going to be very close to its size...and it is not too much bigger than my Q10 that I put on top of it.

I also looked in a mirror with the passport up to my doesn't look awkward, it is definitely not worse than talking on a phablet.

A drawback to some is that it is going to need two hands for most people to use...which is the trade-off for the larger screen.

It is going to be a hard decision between this and the "Classic" for me...oh no, I might just keep using my Q.

Murray Squire Marr

You stood in front of a mirror with a passport to your ear pretending to make a phonecall and it didn look awkward? Wow.

I know lol... Errrr ... I did the same thing. But after playing with my passport, I think it will be fine. Make sure open usb for making this my real Mobile and maybe even my desktop computer. And remember....
Don't leave home without it.

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Only me there...I do own my private residence & my own mirror, and I'm usually not embarrassed looking at myself...even with a passport up to my ear.

Now, I would NEVER do that in current passport doesn't have a good enough antenna but my BlackBerry "Passport" will.

Murray Squire Marr

Definitely USB & HDMI...I only want to use my "laptop on my hip"...wait change that...only use my "Hip Laptop"

Murray Squire Marr

What's interesting is that I was able to try out a working demo Q10/BB10 at a corporate Verizon before I made my purchase.

I kind of think I won't be able to touch a Passport until my order getting the dimensional feel for a truly unique device is going to need to be improvised...I think.

What say you, is it going to be in stock at Verizon?

Murray Squire Marr

I never leave home without my shift key. I can't imagine typing on that keyboard...

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My guess? Touching and holding the key for a second will make the secondary character appear and either swipe up or press the key to enter the character.

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horrible name! what is the direction they are trying to go in with naming their new devices? I know he hated the way the previous phones were called but passport? really.

Not a big fan of the passport, but that hasn't stopped me before, can't miss this one especially the new tech on keyboard.

I will buy this one immediately! This is what I need (and want :-)). Getting things done! Until this moment I will use my favorite Q10's...

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Got my hands on it at the BlackBerry Experience in Wales and let me assure you that pictures do not do it justice. This is not a classical smartphone, it is clearly a slightly different form factor for people who mean business. The capacitive keyboard is clever and useful, and the device flies.

I'm excited for sure.

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I like the name and the phone self, with bunch of apps selection from amazon, i hope it can replace my mini ipad.

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Thumbs up for the name. Hope they dight the design with metallic body or something to that effect to make it a little more appealing or premium looking. That said, I am already sold on this one. Release the Passport already.

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So the same can be said about your display picture. I think it looks unique and I like it.

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Sweet! Thanks Kevin for the update!
Not yet ready to give up my Q10, but may consider it.
Hopefully that keyboard is comfy.

I wonder if they will be doing any pre-release sales on shop BlackBerry! This is awesome can't wait to get my paws on one!


Well someone did mention that it was said that the Passport does look a lot like the leaked photo. After looking at it a few times...i'm making a u-turn on how I feel about it. If it's thin and has a glass weave back like the Q10..i might rock it.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

I'm definitely interested in this device... I'm just hoping the final version ends up being a bit more aesthetically pleasing. The specs sound killer though and the screen looks pretty sweet. I'm curious if/when the US will get it... or if I'll end up having to pay through the nose to get an unlocked version direct.

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I'm a full-screen-all-the-way kinda guy. In fact, I don't understand why people sacrifice screen real estate for a physical keyboard, especially when the BB10 virtual keyboard is so great. However, if this keyboard is half as cool as it sounds, I may be converted!

Will be interesting to see how this phone turns out to be.. Exciting days ahead for BlackBerry.

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"Don't leave home without your Passport" would be a great slogan for Advertizing. Great name. Catchy phrase. Keep it moving BlackBerry. Still waiting for the Z50 though, but not a problem just "Rocking the Z30" in the meantime.

Some people are going to think like you, but hopefully most won't, and beyond the name itself, hopefully it will sell well. Go BlackBerry!

The design may be simple but ugly? No. Also try to remember that we have no way of knowing if this is the final design.

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I'm buying soon as it comes out, time to retire z10 and the screen typing by September, October,

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Will the designers of today ever learn what the concept "ergonomic" is and what it means? Not only I find the phone in the picture simply "ugly" but also very difficult to hold and type at the same time.

Totally agree, why do they pay porsche to design things nobody can effort, and then market such an ugly thing, it is so easy to be different like this phone is but so difficult to be better. How many of the 240000 Amazon apps will work with a squared screen ?????

Exactly how many of these does Chen/BB intend on selling???

That space bar.....just no. The keyboard was perfect before, now it's ruined IMO.

Not as attractive in the photo as I'd like - don't think the corners add to the appearance. Let's wait for the real thing.

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I really like the name! It seems that under Chen, they're shifting from the confusing array of 'single letter and number' named devices (not that I find them confusing, but many people do) to those that make a statement and are identifiable!

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Hey that actually is a very fitting name considering the device! Great job BlackBerry!

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As long as this is the Z10 replacement phone I was expecting , and does not have yet another frigging physical keyboard, then this should be fine...

Otherwise I don't really care. Hopefully though this translates to good news for BlackBerry.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I love the name Passport! Very unique and sounds professional. BlackBerry Passport for this year 2014, BlackBerry Passport 2 for next year 2015, BlackBerry Passport 3 2016 and so on.. And guys I think the picture of the phone above is not final so don't worry I believe in BlackBerry that they will still release a badass looking phone which BlackBerry users wants. And don't forget Sir Chen is listening to us. Bring it on! :)

I kinda like the name, its definitely fitting. This looks like an awesome work and business phone, not a fashion accessory. Maybe my next!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

The keyboard is the only reason I continue to use a BlackBerry phone....and the one in the picture is not a blackberry keyboard...not gonna upgrade from my Q10 to that...

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I want to know the dimensions of the phone, because in pictures it looks like a phablet at the least! Or is it one?

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As I mentioned on the "Love It" thread ... love the name but not the size unless it comes with little wheels and a retractable handle .. or at least a shoulder strap ... :)

Please!! Why you don't say anything about, I'm blackberry lover, one of the biggest lover and I admit that we need to built at less one BlackBerry model with Android OS, and about the passport model, please DONT, I'm using Q10 and I love it but if I found an Android Qwerty Phone I will say goodbye to my Q10.

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One ugly bas*ard.
They need to answer themselves important question(BlackBerry) how to compromise big touchscreen with keyboard and DESIGN!
Because BlackBerry Passport is so UGLY!

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No fuck this phone is daownright ugly, why is BlackBerry relwasing this thing, we need beautiful phones, didn't BlackBerry see the designed BlackBerry by crackberry members mxm dissapointed

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I think BlackBerry designers need to go out and ask what people need, I still in love with BlackBerry and it's qwerty but if I buy a full screen touch phone will not a Blackberry for sure

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Personally I prefer a phone name than a number... galaxy s.... iPhone.... lumia.... nexus.... etc. name is professional and not linked with an OS version, or a hardware like galaxy note 8.... etc. Good to see a professional approach.

No a fan of the sharp edges, but I'm a all touch guy so I won't be buying. But I'll sure push it to my friends. Go BlackBerry


So this will run OS 10.3 right? With Amazon Apps... My company has chosen Good for Enterprise, so I'm on iPhone right now. I want to go back to BB, so does anyone know if the Android version of Good for Enterprise is running fine on BB10?

Hi. Yes, absolutely! Our company went with Good as well (though we're having some issues with it)

I've been running the Android version of Good for Enterprise on my Z10 since February, and on my (new) Z30 since April. It works better than it did on my iPhone (runs faster, and looks nicer on the Z30). Have not had any issues whatsoever.

I installed it from 1MobileMarket which is an Android appstore that was available in 10.2.1 (I believe it was also available from the Amazon app store). Good luck!

It looks unique and much more unique if it is as thin as the passport or like as thin as the HTC One. That will be very interesting.

via Q10

Indeed, you never leave home with out your passport. I'm loving the name personally!

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So they announced tthe classic back when they announced tthe z3 and yet we are still waiting for the classic. The passport is gonna be out before it. Why has it taken so long with the classic? Its painful waiting

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The Passport might be the ugliest device I've seen since the Nokia N-Gage.

Hideous. Imagine how apps from the Amazon App Store will display on that thing.

Very observant! I'm sure they knew what they were doing when including that in the promotional shots for this device. I hope this their way of confirming Blend for the 10.3 release.

comparing to Q10, Passport does not bring anything to me. why do I need its width wider. I only need it taller.
How to put it into jean pocket,...etc.
I really do not understand, Blackberry does not have design division, and they do not listen user's ideas.

Am I the only one that thinks this is gonna be a fail if sold with that design?
I don't care if it has a terabyte of RAM or 4k Display this is ugly.
This thing would have to freeze time and give me invisibility features for me to buy it

Other than that it's good to see BlackBerry moving forward

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Only a handful of people want a physical keyboard now-a-days anyway as past statistics have indicated with BBRY's abysmal past device sales, let alone an ugly device with a physical keyboard. Most blind fanboys on this forum will jump for joy at the design because its a BBRY, but instead of you all spamming my comment with an oppositional hate try showing the above picture to someone that doens't follow BBRY with a religious fervor.

Anything positive or worthwhile to add whatsoever, or do you just have a compulsion to blame 'fan-boys' for all of your negativity? I'm sure that's how the Savior wants us all to be. Really gives that following a good name....

This without a doubt is the ugliest price of tech ever made. Only a face a mother can love comes to mind when looking at this and of course fanboys are drooling over this.

I am so excited for the BlackBerry Passport! I hope when they release it they'll put the unlocked version on their US website. I'll be travelling internationally with this phone and would love to have an unlocked one. Oh, and BlackBerry Passport, in my opinion, is a welcome change from Windermere. The name "Passport" gives you that classic BlackBerry feel of international professionalism.

I love my z10 which works beautifully however I can't say I don't miss a physical keyboard and team that with unique looks and a large screen it's certainly my upgrade

i think it's a pretty phone but they just ruined it with the sharp edges & small keys...still gonna stick with my Q10 for a while. BlackBerry should go back to the drawing board!!!

....i don't think I want something THAT wide. :P
But I will be happy to mess with and fool around in a carrier store. It'll take time to get to know her (the passport), but I still WANTZ the classic. I really do. If it's gonna be 1080x1080, for sure 16:9 applications will work on it (at least I hope they will, or not, which I don't really have a problem with. :P (I don't use android applications that much and really more prefer native over them any day).

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I can't wait to see this one in person.
I'm bored of all the rectangular slabs and if this keyboard works as a combination of physical and gestures? Killer. Love it!

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Where's the LOVE button??? I LOVE it! Guess I have to call Rogers and see the pricing come September ;)

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BlackBerry Passport .... yup it's the RETURN of the MACK!
Looks like this one is going to be a winnner and boy is it ever THIN! Judging by Mr. Chen's hands ... he has BIG hands ... looks like this is going to be manageable Phablet!

Bell BETTER be picking this one up!

Really like the name and the look. The phone looks premium, classy and elegance all at once. Its look is unmistakably BlackBerry and yet a clean break from the traditional round-cornered qwerty phones that befits a next generation flagship device.

I originally thought that this phone was pretty odd looking and could see myself holding one. Moved from 9900 to z10 but can't get used to touch typing. Going to give my z to my mom and use my 9900 until this comes out. 3 things i want 1. Hard keys as majority of time I only use to type, 2. Larger screen so I can surf and random videos on the fly, ####3!!!! Holy shit I will be using blackberry that will make a bold statement as being something not everyone will have. I really hate it when people see my z10 and ask"woooo" is that an iPhone? As if it is different from the over 100 million that is sold every year. Sheesh

Side note: a classic has just sold. Wife will be replacing her 9900 when it comes out

I totally love the look of this phone. I have big hands and this phone looks to be PERFECT. Also I dont believe it looks ugly at all.

Long live blackberry nation.

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No square screens please! There are many, and I mean many, beautiful fan-made concepts out there. Please use those as a template.

P.S. when is the new slider coming out?

Posted via CrackBerry App

I would be interested in trying one out, but I don't know how I feel yet about having it for my next BlackBerry. I love my all touch phone and the virtual keyboard, but I also agree with the comment on a slider phone. As much as I love my phone, I miss my slider phone and if BlackBerry were to make another one I would buy that right up.

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

It is good to see BB can still bring out new technology that appeals. I would get a passport for sure.

This is a really cleverly piece of marketing. The name and concept will appeal to the business and corporate communities. It's also different enough to stand out from other phones as something intriguing and unique. My contract for my z10 is up for renewal in September. I'm definitely going for this one.

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This is the game changer. Better ugly and functional as a wannebe iphone.

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I feel like I'm the only one feeling this way but Im going to be honest here, I actually like the icons on version 10.2.1 or whatever, but the new ones that I'm seeing now (10.3) look very downgraded. I mean maybe some are better but for the most part I think the older ones are much much nice, like the browser, BBM, text, hub... and almost all of them. and the boxes arond them aren't too bad either, I think its pretty fancy and different than other OSs. S dear blackberry please don't make the icons look ugly and downgraded. I am just stating my opinion, so please don't hit on me.

Like it. I too am *slightly* worried about how the dimensions will feel in the palm of my right hand. I have bigger than average hands, but even so, the dimensions might not fit--that, by the way, also makes me wonder about folks with average or even smaller than average 'ladylike' hands for want of a better term. Is this phone purposely designed if not with the intent to dissuade a certain section of potential buyers, then at least to be comfortable that there will be a tranche of the potential phone-buying population that will not be interested? Possibly because of physical imperatives? Interesting strategy, if so. At the very least, this phone does not seem to be going down the route of conventionally trying to appeal to as wide a cross-section of the public as possible. (Sometimes that way of going about things makes sense. But does it in this case?) And note, it's not really a 'phablet' is it? It's actually a big phone.
In short, I want one, but I'm curious about a number of points.

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.

Oh and I like the name a lot. Nice visual pun and it does have an 'international' and hence 'jet-setting' air. Not that I am much of a jet-setter myself, but that brings me to another idea it embodies--some are, some aspire to be. It's 'aspirational'. Here's a phone named for that type. Obviously, also, the concept name tends to suit those who make their living (or aspire to, again) from the more professional side of the business world.

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I can't wait till the blackberry passport comes out then renew contract and purchase the passport . Blackberry is the only one for me.