BlackBerry will announce Year-End and Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2013 results on Thursday, March 28th, 2013

BlackBerry will announce Year-End and Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2013 results on Thursday, March 28th, 2013
By Bla1ze on 26 Feb 2013 07:15 pm EST

It's getting close to that time again where BlackBerry will speak on matters surrounding their financial status and this time around, it's also expected BlackBerry will share some further details covering the ongoing BlackBerry 10 launch. The date for the Year-End and Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2013 results is set for Thursday, March 28th, 2013 and you can check out below how to tune in if you're interested in following along. We'll put up a reminder post as well as we get closer to the event date.

BlackBerry to Announce Year-End and Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2013 Results on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 WATERLOO, ONTARIO --

Please note pre-market press release and conference call start time to accommodate closed markets on Good Friday, March 29th.

BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) will be reporting results for the fourth quarter and year-end of fiscal 2013 on March 28, 2013. A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 8 am ET, which can be accessed by dialing 1-800-814-4859 or through your BlackBerry(R) 10 smartphone, personal computer or BlackBerry(R) PlayBook(TM) tablet at

A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 10 am by dialing (+1)416-640-1917 and entering pass code 4501383# or by clicking the link above on your BlackBerry(R) 10 smartphone, personal computer or BlackBerry(R) PlayBook(TM) tablet. This replay will be available until midnight ET April 11, 2013.

Scheduled Quarterly Results Conference calls for FY 2013                    

  • Q4: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 8am ET                                   

Scheduled Quarterly Results Conference calls for FY 2014                    

  • Q1: Friday, June 28, 2013, before markets open
  • Q2: Friday, September 27, 2013, before markets open
  • Q3: Friday, December 20, 2013, before markets open
  • Q4: Friday, March 28, 2014, before markets open                   

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BlackBerry will announce Year-End and Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2013 results on Thursday, March 28th, 2013


Hows the market going to react???? does any1 have info how this will affect the stock, will it take another dive? are these numbers include BB10 devices or is that next quarter???

It likely still won't be pretty, not enough BlackBerry 10 numbers included in there and of course, the obvious no U.S. launch AFAIK. It can slide either way.. good or bad, depending on what type of guidence/info they offer up.

Totally pumped. They are announcing in the morning vs after the markets close. Sounds like good news for me. If it was bad news, they would try to bury it over the easter weekend.

That's a remarkable turnaround.

They've always released to the press at 4pm, then had the call at 5pm.

Could be they have good news to report. Or could be they're trying to avoid negative after close news allowing late traders to push the price down - as often happens after their announcements.

Anyone got any other insights on this change?

Or maybe Mr Heins just likes to have dinner with his kids at 5:30pm.

It is important to note when is the FY 2013 Q4 end date. It looks like it will not include US launch numbers and should serve to briefly inflate FY 2014 numbers with pre-orders out of the gates. I think investors are going to be all over the place when the results are released.

The 1st initial numbers wont be good. You wont see significant change in BBRY stock till Q1 June 28, 2013... Maybe even Q2. It all depends on developers coming to BB10 and what else will be released between then

It won't be in the numbers on 03/28 as those are the year end numbers no BB 10 at all.

They might mention BB10 in the guidance but that's it

Their fiscal year end is Feb 28th.

So all the Z10 sales during February in the UK and Canada, plus any orders from carriers will be in the numbers.

If they don't announce sales numbers the market will fear the worst and their stock will plummet so I believe they'll be saying something.

Based on the fact they've twice upped production quotas my guess is it will be good news.

Fiscal Year End is March 2. Blackberry books revenue on shipment not on sell through. This means a unit shipped is a unit sold as far as accounting purposes goes. So every Z10 that has been shipped will count in revenue announced March 28th. This will include stocking the channels for future launches.
The best way to estimate units would be based on production numbers. I've read from multiple sources production began in December with max. production approx. 500,000 units / month, then in January was increased to 1-2 million / month, now as of this week Thor is saying they have further ramped up production but did not give numbers. So if we maxed out production between December and this week we could potentially have up to 4.5 million units produced and shipped to channels. I personally think that is a little high, but given analysts have 300,000 - 500,000 unit calls, I think we will blow their calls out of the water massively. Going to have my popcorn ready for the show. Wonder what spin hedge funds will try to put on this massive beat, probably still try to compare numbers to Apple and Android which are both globally launched not just 25% launched for less than a month like the Z10. Will be fun.

The Q10 is the most beautiful device I've ever seen. I think it will do well in the U.S

The Z10 might do well but I think the Q10 has a better chance.

No I'm not crazy.

Doom, and gloom. Sell sell sell. Stocks take a nose dive. Blackberry burns through X amount of cash. Next day stocks start going back up..

I'm not an expert on stocks but I do own BlackBerry stocks and with all the good things that I have seen and heard I predict the stock going up. If it goes lower before the results I'm buying more because I have this hunch that this is a meal ticket to big money. Again please see your accountant or a professional because I am not an expert.
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I too own BB stocks. In the past months, the stock has gone from the mid 14's to now high 12's. IMO, there will be a spurt in price as the BB10 goes on US sale within the month; then stable until the next quarterly report. That being said, I have a buy order. The BB10 will be good news for the company.

The bad news is the US Dept of Defense will soon allow their employees to select iPhones. I am not sure if that will ring as security issues, for other than BB, will be discovered. DoD is one of the largest US govt agencies to use BB. Recall, last year the Aviation agency abandoned an attempt to go to a buy-as-you-wish policy.

"The bad news is the US Dept of Defense will soon allow their employees to select iPhones"

Only if they meet DoD security requirements. An important criteria that many of the more negative media outlets neglected to discuss.

It won't be a good quarter, might be ugly...

BB z10 only on sale from for a whole month only in 2 countries.
What will be closely checked is how much cash they have burned through....
The BB user base whether it has dropped some more...
Has the revenue stream dropped some more....
Are the BB 7 phones still selling and how many....

The CEO did say they see profitability in a 2-3 quarters

How will the analysts spin it. I am sure the bears will get enough ammunition to continue their negative twist.

Next quarter will be better and this Q4 might be the last of the ugly

On a side note

BB needs to kick it into overdrive and start working overtime to impress the corporate world and gain some more clients..
Nokia/windows and Samsung are now pushing hard for this market
Apple seems to be convincing enough of the US corporate world to consider alternatives to BB. This does not bode well for BB

He said he sees profit in 2 - 3 quarters .... but he also said that the Z10 sales have passed their highest expectation. Ramp up production of the iPhone killer.

Apple say .... slow down production. The iPhones are beginning to pile up in the warehouse. We can't sell them anymore.

So ....... how do you think the stock will react on March 28th ?

You sound like those preachers always predicting the end of days, month after month, year after year, they keep on predicting it. You have as much credibility as they do! LOL!

Fact, the BB stock has gone in the past year from the $6 range to recently in the mid $14 range.
Even with limited release, Blackberry has already proven the BB10 is worthwhile.
Within the month the big bang will come when TM and Verizon roll out the Z10 and Q10, along with a big BB ad campaign.
To expand what you said about the 'preachers': BB was said to be dead and ready to be buried a year ago.

The first numbers should be equal or slightly below in my honest opinion based on estimates. Not having the US market will obviously make things look bad.

The issue here is if for some reason the numbers are lower than expected, you know as well as I know, the iBots and Droids will be all over the place telling people "I Told You So", over and over again. I already have one co-worker trying to convince me that Android has superior security vs. BlackBerry. Like what do you tell a person like this? Especially when they are clearly not tech savvy.

My only reply is to do research before talking nonsense and to physically go & try the Z10, and then you will quickly trash your S3 for it. Watching YouTube of the Z10 does not give you the experience.

The only question I have is the Z10 going to be released in the US before this date? Anyone want to take bets?

I am sure they will be.
Best Buy in the US is now advertising. Verizon BB has cleared the last hurdle I believe. Tmobile wants to be the first out of the gate and they are wanting to push it out just before the second week of March.
So who knows !! lol

True. The past quarter is no reflection upon the coming year. Z10 and Q10 will not even be released in the US until the coming months.

I'm sure it will be pretty bad. And that's no big deal because the numbers are still mostly reflecting the BlackBerry of old and not new. The next quarter results in a few months will tell us a lot more than this report will.

I think it would be smart to have the Z10 released in the US before announcing their numbers to help when the market opens that day.

Oh come on everyone, stop being a bunch of nervous bellies. BB is back in the game and everyone knows it. Their launch has gone well, The platform is cool, App support is building nicely and more countries are coming on line. Then the Q10 comes out over the next 2-3 months and BB is already showing its third device at developer meetings. I bet that puppy is coming out in fall along with a new tablet. Couple this hardware explosion with an array of new services tied to NFC and BBM and one has new revenue streams. And then the biggie, enterprise services, hardware and servers. Mark my words corporate American is buying in already. And then where is QNX going to take us. A total new and exciting world. Yippie

And what is Samsung or Apple going to release. Who cares, it's going to feel as dull and bland as the old one.

Revolutions always start in the mountains . Go BB Go.

"Buy the rumor, sell the news."
Except there are two very strong polarized camps that will be competing -- maybe the stock won't move at all but trade a billion shares that week prior to the numbers?

I'll bet fear drags the stock down before the numbers get released. And then depending on how those numbers come out, it's going to be at least a 20% move towards fear(-) or greed (+). Everyone knows that FY2013 generally sucks -- it's really going to be the Z10 sales and the current momentum of the US launch that will determine the direction of the share price.

Whatever the case, it is not going to be a week for the feint of heart. Totally worth the adrenaline rush to buy in or go short, though!

The very best rule of equities trading for anyone considering trying to trade this: if you aren't willing to lose your investment, stay away.

Disclosure: long on BB. Yah, I believe.
Disclosure 2: history has shown it is wise to do the opposite that I do when it comes to stocks...

How low can the stock go? $5 ?

The worse that it can go is $13.00 lower .... and you know that it could definitely double within the next 6 months.

Heck .... the office chairs in the building must be worth something.

So I will guess and say that it goes up. Not sure when, but up sounds better.

One thing I will be looking for is the sell out of the Z10. Orders from resellers had to be placed and shipped before the release. Sell through might be tougher to figure. But some orders had to be on the books.

Guidance will be critical, the pros know that the past (last several qters) are meaningless, they will be trying to figure out what is happening with the new products. They will also try to noodle the future margins, and what is going on with the service numbers.

Thor, will need to be careful with his works. He is not the most inspiring speaker, that is not a slam, just his personality. On the other hand, they can't get too giddy, it could backfire. Summation: if you are long/short the stock in a meaningful way, a real nail biter. Lace'um up tight.


PS: It would be a great time for a big announcement. Hope they have one.

I'm likely going to be able to listen in live via the webcast if I happen to be awake at that time. If I miss it, I'll watch the replay. :)