BlackBerry Will Rise again in 2014

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jan 2014 04:53 pm EST

He's BaCK! CrackBerry's J_Caloy, who previously posted the infamous I Hate My BlackBerry Z10 and follow up Why I Still Hate My BlackBerry Z10 videos, today posted a new commercial to his youtube channel.

This one is called BlackBerry Will Rise. You can watch it above. Watch it carefully. This kid has mad card skillz. 

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BlackBerry Will Rise again in 2014



I prefer this version. Got one of the tricks explained while watching. Happy that i couldn't explain every trick you shown. I will watch it a few times and I hope that I will not get all ;)

Nice vid u got there JC. Well done.
That card shuffling thing with ur fingers, I think that's from Dynamo, am I correct? Hehe

Keep up the good work. :)

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Dude, not a fan of the other two videos posted here just cause well a bit silly for me - but that's a good thing keeps you being you and youthful I'm the same in a different way.

But I gotta say that is a SICK video dude... like Gangstarr - Skills!!

Looking to seeing more of this maybe even a video with Chen for BlackBerry.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

it is single shot with multiple copies of the BlackBerry Logo card arranged on top of the deck and one bent card put on the side which he picks up when he come close to the camera.

From 300 to 5000+ over night
Love this video
Someone give this guy a J O B.
BlackBerry needs this guy and some of Geico advertising masters

Vtecberry Z10

Ha! suit, see what you did there without trying to do it :) I agree I hope that Mr. Chen has a "trick or two up his sleeve" Pun intended.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving
Aspiring Entrepreneurs visit Channel C001CAE75

If those jokers down on Wall Street would get their heads out of their butts and bet on a wild card like BB then that would be aces!

Some are already beginning to do so! Stock is up to almost $12 from 10 in.2 days.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Wall Street is just a name :) Feel free to buy up a few shares and bet yourself. Looks like a good bet IMO - Big fan of Chen for now.

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I've had my Z10 since it's launch in Canada. I will never own another company's phone. BlackBerry will be #1 again. I have zero doubts about it. #ichooseblackberry10

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I've never been more convinced myself. This is the most solid BlackBerry I have owned, since the last solid BlackBerry I owned, the Torch 9810.

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I also switched over from a Torch 9810. I love my Z10. It's the best kept secret of the smartphone world, unfortunately. I'd like to see that change.

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This would have done a better job than the super bowl ad ffs lol they could have had a segment where someone was using the z10 to control the card ha

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Yes he is a CB member. He's J_Caloy. It's mentioned on Kevon's post ;)

Very cool video. +10.3!

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Sweet! I just viewed the hate one not too long ago. Marketing brass should be on the look out for talented people like this...period!

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So cool. Fell more in love with my Z10 when I watched his videos.

Awaiting 10.2.1 official while on the leak

Cool video! Did all the cards have the BlackBerry logo? Just kidding! LoL

Liked the video & commented!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

No, some other cards just briefly flash, if you watch carefully. I was thinking the same.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Love the video! I wish we could see something like this on TV...

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BlackBerry will never die it just get stronger & better cause people's that use other smartphone don't really know how BlackBerry work. I love all his video I show it to the iPhone user & keep telling u just buy it from the brand name just like brand name clothes out there cause BlackBerry make there QNX in car today like the snapdragons 602A chip, software & Security safe from hacker out there in the world u can't hack BlackBerry at all

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Think of all the resources that BlackBerry has poured in to marketing, both in terms of personnel and money. This guy comes up with great stuff all on his own. Mr. Chen, or anyone in Waterloo reading this, get this guy on the phone immediately. It’s exactly this type of marketing that can connect with the consumer.

Nice. Have these moves in my magic toolkit myself. Hence my CB handle lol. I like the BlackBerry card. Nice touch

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Kinda wonder if BerryRipe is on to something. We were never shown
anywhere that the whole deck was NOT all BlackBerry logos. I'm just saying.....

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Yes but we don't know if there were more than one BlackBerry card. He probably wasn't a fraud but one could have more than one card in the deck and/or just cut the video very well.

I just want to make sure everyone knows I was kidding when I said that. LoL

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I think it's also up to BlackBerry users to help bring blackberry back on top. Advertise for it. Persuade people to buy it! Tell them about the security and how they have never been successfully hacked with all this nsa crap

Do we know for sure that the NSA has never hacked into our BlackBerry phones?

I for one don't persuade anybody to buy anything because I don't like when people try to persuade me into buying an iphone. People will do what they want to do but if somebody is interested in my BlackBerry then I will show them. Besides once 10.2.1 comes to the U.S. Carriers then I might think about advertising.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Bruce- why do we fall? To get back up! Dark Knight Rises! BlackBerry 10 will Rise maybe not to the top but it will rise... my $0.02

The Most Interesting Device In The World, BBZ10! Keep Moving My Friends!

Much much much better. No need to compare. He is so passionate. She is nothing to be. Love your videos JC

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Seems like I'm the only one, but I don't like it at all. Just talking some "great words" that doesn't have anything to do with reality. Will rise because... ? Because he say so? Well, I wish, but it doesn't work like that.

Nice ambitious card routine bro. Maybe I should add him on bbm and show him some of my bids too! :)
BlackBerry WILL rise!!!!!

Z10 equates awesomeness exemplified.

Very awesome. With professional production, if that were to come on the TV as I was leaving the room for a kitchen run, I'd stop and pay attention!!!

This kid by far has been my favorite "marketer" over the past year, and yes, your GD right BlackBerry will rise again.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

This guy's videos never cease impressing, BlackBerry should just hire him already, lol

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Wicked video
I'm feeling the Love this is my 5th BlackBerry love BlackBerry love the Brand love my Z30......Rise BlackBerry come on guys....


Bold 8900 (yes, with the trackball) was my first BB Phone. It was an unlocked t mobile unit sent by a friend from the states. Had an 8250 after. Had some androids and a wp8 in between. Hated the androids for their poor battery and lack of security. Im now back to bb with a z10. Im still using my bold 8900 till now and the jump from bb OS4 to bb10 only took a short while to master. Will support berry all the way!

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i hope chen is watching,,,, cause j,c has made the best blackberry adds i have seen.....all that i have seen the above and why i hate my blackberry... they should be on tv... they grab your attention... just the title does...why i hate my blackberry, you automatically have the ire of the loyalist, and you have the attention of the hatters wanting ammunition....its perfect..blackberry should be pushing that slogan,,, and show all the things it does well. not the the things it can't do...that super bowl add was a complete waste of time and money... it gave you no insight at all into what bb10 was.....other than a dude with elephant legs... and was forgotten as soon as the next dorito commercial was on..

I liked it. The timing near the end was good, but it felt a bit slow to get there. Wasn't too hokey or cheesy. Great job!

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

I enjoy JC's videos. This guy should have been the Creative Global Director for BlackBerry. Or at least work for them. This is a kid who has real passion for the brand.

Recently I heard Google Android phones have hole in security making them prone to hacking.

Today Microsoft was hacked by The Syrian Electronic Army. This is what the Hackers said

After the attack the SEA addressed a tweet to Microsoft which said: "Changing the [content management system] will not help if your employees are hacked and they don't know about it.
We didn't finish our attack on @Microsoft yet, stay tuned for more."

security analyst Graham Cluley: "What the SEA does is not very sophisticated. But it works and people need to be much more vigilant,"

World have changed alot!


Lead. Do not follow

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It was amazing.. awesome. Yeah blackberry will be on the top. Nice video. Just can wait his video of the 3rd iPhone vs BlackBerry Chalenge. Keep it up man.

Awesome JC.

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Should be a commercial! They can admit their mistakes but are taking action and will rise again! Just like the big three automakers. They all basically said they made mistakes yet look at them now. I work for Ford and we are stronger and in a much better position than ever before! Sometimes it never hurts to say you F'ed up!

Can someone tell me why this kid ain't running the Marketing Department at BlackBerry? I mean really? His first commercial was better than the Superbowl Commercial BlackBerry invested all this money in last year. Smh...

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BlackBerry Pls give this guy a Canon 7D camera or something. Let him keep shooting videos. He'll be our Lil secret weapon.

From Zuri my Z10.

I liked it. I want to see more of these types of fan videos. They have been so much better than anything actually released under Boulboon

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The ambitious card trick for a very ambitious company...Blackberry....

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We have seen these sentiments before.

For your sake Mr Chen I just hope it's not just sleight of hand.

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Great Job for sure. He is right. 2014 looks to be a great year. We could talk all day about what happened in 2013, but that's all behind us now. Mr. Chen seems to be bringing the Attention, Respect and Direction BlackBerry deserves. Perfect!

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Great positive outlook, poor card skills! Half way through the video, I realised every card in the deck was the same!
Posted via z10. Still love it.

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It's not...... LOLLL their all different. I know I should of showed all the cards..n but didn't think about it. But trust me. Their all different.

Watch it again. There are other cards flashing if you look closely. No offense, I thought the same.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

So creative.... si talented, i'm a fan of this guy, definitely!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

It's a good sign that there are people this passionate about Blackberry. Apple was the same in the late 90s. Not saying they are the same but there is some parallel. Both had die hard fans.

I must be cray because I didn't like it.

Too many blackberry cards in the deck.

Good image quality tho. Filmed with a bb10 device? I hope so.

From my big dirty Z30

One BlackBerry card. I don't have time to recreate the same logo over and over again. And if I did make 52 BlackBerry cards... how would they look so equally the same. trust me. One BlackBerry card only.


And even if, how much fake and doctored stuff is out there, that still works and / or impresses. Have you followed the news in the last couple of years?

Don't get me started on Weapons of Mass Distraction, ahem... Destruction.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Not a criticism, but perhaps you should show all the deck or people will think you are doing it the "obvious" way.

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Could have been a whole deck of BlackBerry cards. We never saw the deck throughout the video.

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I love his sarcastic ways to prove, blackberry is the phone to have...I am referring to other videos of his

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Crazy awesome video JC! Really wow!

BlackBerry should make you their spokes person or something. You've probably done more than alicia keys has already.

Z30, Q10, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Good video, I believe that blackberry will rise. The apps are getting better everyday and blackberries are known to have a long lasting life span, so why wouldn't people want to buy one?

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Why is everybody calling him a kid...seriously every other comment says the same darn thing. This isn't imore and we are not isheep now stop acting like such weirdos.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

This guy is good, does a better job than pretty much ANYthing i've seen from the Company..Mr Chen, somehow, this fellow deserves a shot!

Scribed by the Superlative CueX..on X.II

Wow. That was incredible. BlackBerry should buy that video and air it during the Superbowl. :-)

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This guy's very good. He needs to be hired to flood the www with his great catchy videos. He's got excellent skills.

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That is a pretty neat video I'll give him that! Someone from BlackBerry should reach out to this guy.

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Not to disappoint anyone but the card tricks are really basic. I have experience with card magic and it's just a few basic control techniques and misdirection. I can't say I like this video. I like card magic and BlackBerry but card magic is supposed to be happy and fun not super dramatic. He's trying to be like that super bowl ad that didn't air.

Extremely unhappy with T-Mobile not releasing 10.2 yet...

What misdirection did I use? This is like the most straight forward magic trick...
I actually have a huge amount of knowledge about magic. Been doing for 4 years and stopped 3 years ago.
So I honestly wonder what "misdirection " you refer to???

Great video, I know others have said this and I have to say it too. BlackBerry should hire him or pay him at least for being better at doing commercial than them

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Not falling for this one. We didn't see what's on the face of the other cards. Could all have the same BlackBerry logo on them. He didn't even need to shuffle the cards each time he placed the blackberry card somewhere else. It just automatically re-appeared at the top. Not buying

Please check your site in browser on BlackBerry 10. Doesn't load and youtube link just shows black screen.

Hey brother J. Canoy from Pinoy!(?). Glad to hear back from you. Was going that you landed a job with BlackBerry by now!

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BlackBerry will definitely take d lead again... It would be a tough fight though but with good commercials, they will get there with time.

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I'm with the crowd on this one; this guy is awesome. He keeps turning out pretty amazing stuff. I wish I was talented, I'd love to be able to occasionally show my love for the company and platform that way.

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very kool! maybe BlackBerry should hire him so he can use that magic to help them haha

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I love BlackBerry and can't wait to see everything they have for all of us this year waiting on that BBM 2.0 for Android and iOS waiting for 10.2.1 waiting for "jakarta"and their next flagship.

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Good. But remember the deck is stacked. Need the best tricks, and some new ones to beat this game.

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RE: BlackBerry will rise again in 2014

Better to hurry because January is almost over... they will only have 11 months to go...

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I truly enjoyed it. Nice and soul lifting enough for we die hard BlackBerry. Thanks guy.

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Am I the only person that did not really care for this video? Love his passion but not for me. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I think BlackBerry should put out commercials like this before they release a new phone. They need to create some hype.

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Get this guy a job at BlackBerry.
No really he needs to be working with Mr Chen as soon as possible
After watching the card video I went to jc YouTube channel he has some good blackberry videos worth watching

Keep it up jc blackberry should take notice

Vtecberry Z10

Hey its you kevin !!!! We had the similar post when BB OS 6/7 & 10 were on their way.Remember? Pls stop fooling yourself & the blinded CB people.

Wow, that should be a BlackBerry TV short! Be even better if it said 'Film title: Anything is possible. By... . Filmed with the new Z30.'

BlackBerry should run a competition (like the BBM one) to get it's fan base to do its marketing - even if the videos are only shown online advertising. Maybe with prizes of some of those z10 write downs!!

Which reminds me, I know you can screen capture with the volume controls... I would love to video capture the screen rather than use another camera to point at the screen to take video footage. Is there a way?

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