BlackBerry website shows BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Torch 9850/60 branding

BlackBerry Website
By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2011 01:20 am EDT

We know RIM has something cooking for later today in the way of device announcements but what devices, exactly still remains somewhat a mystery. The possible slip up you see above could really serve two purposes here.

One being that it confirms that the device which was once known as the BlackBerry Monaco / Monza / Storm 3 will indeed be branded as a Torch when announced, as expected. The second, being that these are the devices that will get announced tomorrow when RIM makes it known what they are up to. Either way, things are starting to heat up now and if all goes as we're thinking it will -- August is going to be a great month for those who have been holding out for some new BlackBerry Smartphones. Thanks, billjansen!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry website shows BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Torch 9850/60 branding


Can't waaaait. Bring on the bold 9900 OFFICIAL release date already so I can get a good nights sleep. (preferably official TELUS release date)

well there was an internal email floating around a few weeks ago that confirmed it being called a torch, hence why i stopped harassing him, lol. :P

I swear if this thing shows up as something other then a Torch, RIM changed it last minute just to make me look silly.

Max, we know the announcements are coming because RIM announced it via their @BlackBerry Twitter account.

And Bla1ze, thank god this naming game is finally getting cleared up.

@ Sparro, I know what you mean. Can't wait. Alas, we will need to for just a tiny bit longer. Hopefully RIM will announce some release dates tomorrow as well.

Will you PLEASE drop the petulant, infantile and just plain annoying "it-doesn't-slide-so-it's-not-a-Torch" argument. Where is it written that the Torch would ONLY ever slide with a keyboard?

That leathery headset would be even more sexy if the 9900/9930 had a leather battery door a la the old Bold 9000.