BlackBerry WebKit Browser caught on video doing Android, iPhone comparison!

Blackberry WebKit Browser caught on video doing Android, iPhone comparison!
By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2010 10:11 pm EDT

*UPDATE* - Did anyone else happen to notice the "death grip" coming into play on this video? I hadn't fully watched it the first time around so I went back and it looks like the 9800 does show some signs. Granted it is pre-release but, these things are now going to be looked at more carefully*

Salomondrin has some new videos up. If you want to get a quick look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser going head to head against the browsers of Android and iPhone then you'll want to check out the video after the break. Salomondrin also posted some details regarding the Acid3 tests and how the devices compare there. One thing to note about the Acid3 test however, is that they often seem to vary so take from it what you will. Hit the video after the break, leave some comments on the post and let us know your thoughts. 

Source: Salomondrin


hope this phone pop's up soon... my 8900 is about to die!!


Me too, mine has randomly rebooted twice in the past five days after never having done it. I did drop it, completely submerged, in a milk shake over a year ago.


That's awesome. Seemed a bit slow at times but definitely an improvement. One question, what do those tests determine?


The fuck is Salomondrin?


He is a blackberry addict. He somehow gets a hold of pre released. Blackberry hand sets. Yoi can check him out here --->


You should see who wrote the comment :P


Lol that was great. Salomondrin's a classic


He just needed the (website) plug. Lol


how the battery life for this device.
specially when browsing, music and ideal.

can you find it out.


looks good! can't wait to try it out!


But still very stoked for full HTML e-mail.

Slow rendering compared to android. Scrolling not very smooth. Hoping its just still a bit early in OS development and the hardware is still limited. Maybe on a 1ghz processor things will be better.


Crackberry loads slow as hell, but the other pages load and scroll very fast. Not sure why Crackberry is soooo slow, but I would like to know!


if you look at his signal bar, there was barely any service. That is why he said the phone loads slower when its running off at&t


Still want to see the browser on a non-touch device.


Exactly. Us 9650 owners wanna see what it'll be like


Dam can't wait for Webkit to come out, or at least would be cool, if RIM would give it for test @BetaZone, if that's even possible :D, and yeah who's this guy Salomondrin, been seeing him 4 a ehile, how come he has a 9800 / Torch and that he's allowed to upload videos.


Soo excited for this browser and the capabilities it will bring to Blackberry.

The 9800 is growing on me as well. I think it will also appeal to a large group of consumers


About webkit? it would be a fucking FAIL if RIM doesn't get it right since Apple and Google are using it for some time now.


Looks great, I am ready for an upgrade for my 9530, and not too crazy about the flip Verizon is supposed to get, any idea when you think Verizon can get this slider??


NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICEEEE. I see only one problem. ATT. Now put it on VZW..............and the problem shall be fixed. Meaning I can get one! This looks like the ATT phone that will actually make me jealous.


Well they have to show you on att since they are the fastest 3G network. Lol. Not that this won't rock on any network Tho.


Browser looks very promising , dying to see some flash on it though.ins it me or does the 9800 look like it's gonna be THE phone from RIM? I mean the OS looks like it was built specifically for it. Maybe it's not a bad idea to call it a BOLD slider .


i would totally be ok with any bugs that are currently in OS6 to have this browser, just give it to us already!!

on another note, why does the article say " If you want to get a quick look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser going head to head against the browsers of Android and iPhone then you'll want to check out the video after the break." when there is absolutely no comparison shots of the 3 devices??


was thinking the same thing. I want a comparison!!!


the comparison is on the salomondrin link below the video

Pilot Prop

Everytime I see a video sneak peek of the webkit browser or the 9800 my mouth almost waters...I can't wait for it to release so I can put this upgrade to work


im impressed how this is looking so they need to give us some dates!


Hey guys, just for some comparative sample data;
both on Wifi
iPhone 2G running 3.1.2 - scores 125 and 7 bonus
iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 - scores 185 and 7 bonus


except it only took them HOW LONG to beat another flagship phone that's HOW OLD?


I am starting to like this 9800


get that thing to market!


holy checkerboard batman, seriously tho, quite a bit better than previous blackberry browsers, still very very very far off what android and ios is doing...


So I ran the test on my Bold 9700 from T-Mob three times using a stong 3G signal.
All three times it stopped at 93/100.
Please and thank you.


Yep that means the browser doesn't render correctly. The new webkit one does.


Simple as that, huh?
So ALL b'berries with the current browser would "fail" the Acid3 test?
In that case, RIM needs to get their Webkit browser released way soon.
As a download to the CURRENT hardware.
Contracts are expiring.
Androids are beckoning.


This new os revision looks sickkkk!! That's all I gotta say. Damnn, we have yet to see it for non-touch screens though.


I love the look of the browser and that phone. I am certainly loving my Bold 9650 over my old Tour running stock 4.7. I will be due for NE2 in about a year. Hopefully by then the 9800 will be on VZW and with any kinks worked out.


I would hope that in a year... VZW has several LTE Blackberry's, possibly a version of the 9800 but we should at least have the STORM3 by then.


Looks like OS6 puts a Sex & The City Background on your phone. I'm done with BB, on to Android!


Web Browser is looking good!

Just sad that there is no word if any existing Blackberry's are going to get any kind of browser update. Probably only OS6 will have the new browser, which leaves a lot of us having to wait for our renewal dates.....


iPhone Antenna problem is a Good Thing! The developers and ETs for smart phones will pay more attention to how the antenna is positioned in the phone, in relation to how most people hold the phone. this is Good News and I'm glad Apple made this mistake First and not RIM. I love my Blackberry 9700 its my coping device. I'm stuck here in bed and God bless Rim Blackberry for IM, Social media apps and the best email system in the world. Ty for helping me with my sanity. My story


I like blackberry just the way it is, any improvement is a bonus :)


Exactly, I love my Berry and for me is the best phone out there and like the comment says above, any improvement is just a bonus


Exactly, I love my Berry and for me is the best phone out there and like the comment says above, any improvement is just a bonus


I tested Bolt on the acid3 test webpage, and it got 100/100.
On the html5 test it got a 93.


Yes, I don't know what the big deal is with the browser, Bolt does a brilliant job, how much better then Bolt can the new browser be?


I'm loving the new webkit browser and everything else about os6. I guess some people will never be happy with anything. This is better then what we have now, and as far as being slow we have to remember its loading full web pages not mobile sites. I can only imagine how fast it will load a mobile site I just can't wait. Thanks sal .......


my ipad got 107/300 on the html5 test page.

Not even gonna try my storm.. ugh, that browser is painful.


It would be great to have a good browser


Hey Blackberry bootlickers and sycophants, ten times zero is still Suck. Does the screen still suck? Yes. Is it still like browsing on a watch? Yes. Does it have pinch zoom? No. Can you read a pdf, an excel spreadsheet, or really anything but a tweet? No. Blackberries have become the Cadillac Twitter device and that's it. Webkit can't save a hopefully dying platform. But rejoice, abused but content defenders of the faith, it does e-mail really, really, I mean really, well.


New touchscreen devices will support pinch to zoom.


Do you mean that in 2010, this is not the calling card of a great browser on the greatest handheld device ever? I am very shocked.


On my MacBook Pro...

Chrome:197 points, with seven bonus points
Safari: 208 points, with seven bonus points
Firefox: 126 points, with four bonus points

This is really promising news.


So far I like what I see of OS6.0.Can't wait to upgrade my 8130 to the 9800 if it comes to Verizon.