BlackBerry Web Shortcuts Hands On

BlackBerry Web Shortcuts
By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2008 02:11 pm EST

How many times have you opened your browser, gone through your bookmarks, waited for your page to load and thought "Hey, I wish there was an easier way."  Well there is.  A great app that has been around for quite some time - Blackberry Web Shortcuts.

The recently updated app lets you create up to ten shortcuts in icon form to place on your device's home page as you please - much in the fashion of our own Shortcut.  The previous version was somewhat bulky and not very user friendly.  It allowed up to four shortcuts but PNG icons had to be drawn from the web before loading each time.  Now the icons are stored on your media card in PNG form and installation and updating of shortcuts is much easier.  A simple tweak of the included XML file lets you place your own shortcuts, titles and icons on your BlackBerry's homescreen for your favorite sites.

The usage is as easy as it comes:

1. Create a directory in the root of your media card called 'shortcut':

/Media Card/shortcut/

2. Extract the zip and put the config.xml file in the directory once you've set it up, for each shortcut you use put the url to link to and the title for the shortcut app:

<title1>BBC News</title1>

3. Place a png in the directory for each shortcut titled in the format:

/Media Card/shortcut/shortcut1.png

Thats all there is to it.  Whats best is that it is 100% free.  The app is unsupported (due to the free nature) and there is no OTA install. 

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BlackBerry Web Shortcuts Hands On


I love this, I create a folder using the TIM Zen theme and place all the shortcuts in there, makes life soo much easier when axxs'n sites..great review Adam :)

Copy the config.xml file from the ZIP and paste it into a folder named "shortcut" on your media card. Use a text editor to edit the file.

The config.xml file is located in the ZIP file you download. You need to copy it and paste it into your shortcut folder on your media card. Use notepad, Word etc to edit the file and add your shortcuts as per the instructions.

Instructions are not clear, cannot find the config.xml file. Like the previous comment all I get are 10 alx. files for 10 shortcuts.

The config.xml file is located in the ZIP file you download. You need to copy it and paste it into your shortcut folder on your media card. Use notepad, Word etc to edit the file and add your shortcuts as per the instructions.

I did a search elsewhere and found an updated version of web shortcuts which puts a hub on your bb desktop and you enter the addresses in there. Could anyone tell me where to find icons? I want one for BBC News and one for E Bay. Thanks.

The updated version is much easier.

The one you found is actually the old version - do a search for PNG icons and you will find tons of sites with them. You can always use Photoshop to make your own as well.

the instruction were very unclear, and hardly simple. i found the config.xml file and placed it on to my blackberry curve 8300. the next step is where I'm lost how do i put my shortcuts in, if i double click the config.xml shortcuts listed 1 through 10 appear however i can not edit them. if someone may re-clarify the steps rather than giving 3 unclear steps and saying, "The usage is as easy as it comes." that would be quite helpful. thank you

edit the config.xml with a text editor (Notepad, Word etc.) Put the shortcut URL and title in for each shortcut. Place a PNG icon file in the same folder and name it to match the shortcut (shortcut1.png, shortcut2.png etc.)

Easy to setup and cool as well. One question: Can I have more than 10 shortcuts? Is it simply by copying the "com_northcubed_northshortcut1_app.alx" and renamed it to, say, com_northcubed_northshortcut11_app.alx?

I think I got everything up to step #3. How do I place a png in the directory for each shortcut?

Ok I'm thoroughly confused.

I followed the directions exact. Created a folder(shortcuts) in my media card.

Moved the config.xml file into the newly created directory then proceeded to edit it using a simple text editor.

I am certain I put the correct url, titled it and saved it.

I created a png and inserted into the same folder and named it shortcut1.png.

What the hell am I missing here? Why is the shortcut not viewing and what about the original alx, jad files? Where the hell do they go?

I'm using a 8820 and with the latest firmware and I followed all the steps listed above. But it still didn't work for me so i used the Application Loader in Desktop Manager to install the corresponding shortcut's ALX file and it worked.

So if you're using the first 3 shortcuts in the config.XML file then install the ALX files for 1 to 3 using application loader.

Hope this helps you guys =)

I followed the instructions specifically and the program will not work. I can see the files/icons (converted to png). I am using 8320 with OS 4.2.2.

Any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated.