BlackBerry Web Browser Shortcuts

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Apr 2009 11:05 am EDT
BlackBerry Browser Tips

The Call for BlackBerry 101 Article Ideas post we ran last week got a great response - over the weeks / months ahead you'll see a new burst of helpful how tos and guides hit the blogs that'll further build out the knowledge base in our existing lecture series.

One of the areas where readers expressed interest in learning more was in regards to the BlackBerry web browser. For a lot of new-to-BlackBerry owners it isn't readily clear as to how to get the most out of it. Back on New Year's Eve we posted a must-read article called BlackBerry Browsers Explained, which walked through the basics of the native browser (the differences between Internet browser, Hotspot browser, etc.). After knowing when and how to use each browser, the next step in becoming speedy is learning the shortcuts!

The BlackBerry is full of useful shortcuts, and the BlackBerry web browser is no exception. Some browser shortcuts overlap with others on the device as they should -- t for top, b for bottom and spacebar to scroll down the page in steps -- while others are more browser specific and sometimes a little less intuitive: h for the homepage, r to refresh, g to go to an address, s for options, k for bookmarks, u to hide the status banner at the top, i and o to zoom in and out. There are even more shortcuts and tricks for the BlackBerry browser and it just so happens our pal Al Sacco posted an in-depth browser tricks guide earlier this week that really drills into it. If getting the most out of your BlackBerry browser is on the agenda, I suggest you check it out. To learn even more BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts, you'll want to check out this post

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BlackBerry Web Browser Shortcuts


added it in just for you! wasn't trying to nail them all (jump over and check out al's write up), but G is definitely a must-know one.

why stop there? press C for connection information. highlight a link and press L for the link address. press DEL for previous page. press N for next page.

GREAT article, as a new user I can say I was confused on how to use the browser. This article helped alot, and also gave some nice inside shortcuts.

I love the 101 Series!!!


....a Crackberry N00B

The web site with the instructions is so infested with pop up ads, you can't read it. Most annoying site I ever used. I never did make it to the third page, because the ad on second page wouldn't go away.

When in Zoomed mode, moving left, right or even up and down is slow, as it requires the cursor to first move to the other side of the screen before moving the "zoomed window" itself.
Is there a way (I would have thought pushing alt, Caps or sym, for example) together with the trackball would do the trick: move the content quickly in the zoomed window.