BlackBerry Weather for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.2.2.0

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2013 03:26 pm

Although I'm sure most people have moved onto some sort of third-party weather app for those of you out there who are still using the preloaded BlackBerry Weather app, there's a little bit of an update showing in BlackBerry World. 

The updated release shows as v10.2.2.0 and while it doesn't have any change log associated with it, a quick look at the app shows the animations within it have got a little bit of love and we now have a sliding graph that let's you look ahead into the day to see what's predicted for upcoming weather.

If you're looking to get the update yourself, just fire up BlackBerry World on your device and check for updates. It should be there waiting for and it is available to all BlackBerry 10 smartphones worldwide though 10.2 may be needed.

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Twitter weather looks stormy!

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Nice! :)

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I actually still use it. Even after getting BeWeather Pro in the giveaway!

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Yeah...I seem to get more accurate location details in the built-in one. However, BeWeather certainly looks pretty and I like the details about the moon. :-)


Thanks for the info, just updated together with Twitter, LinkedIn and CB.
Apparently I use much accu weather is very reliable!

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Well, damn.

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I *bought* BlackBerry gift last week so....

Jared DiPane

Looks like it does need 10.2 unfortunately. :(


This is in the leak


No, it's a higher version than what is in the leak. Maybe the same features but still a higher version.


"we now have a sliding graph that let's you look ahead into the day to see what's predicted for upcoming weather." Do you mean the hourly forecast or something else I'm not seeing? I don't see any *graphs* on my Q10.


On my Z10 I only have the graph in portrait mode, so maybe this feature is not available for the Q10/Q5.


I stand corrected.

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This has been my default weather app since 10.2. So much so that I deleted beweather pro roughly a month after the update.

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I like it better than BeWeather too. I thought I was the only crazy one!

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BeWeather Pro always been my first choice to check the weather, but I'm going to give this a try for a little while.



I have always used this app for the weather. Its simple, element, animations are amazing and the widget frame when minimized gives me everything I need.

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I use both BeWeather Pro and the native weather. I like to compare the two which are never the exact same but close.

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I find that this app and Beweather pro sometimes have "RealFeel" temperatures that are WAAAY off. That is why I still check the "The Weather Network" app to get what I find to be the most up to date and accurate weather.

Definitely expected better from BeWeather.

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R Field

Its in the leak but I didn't notice a change had the slider bar before updating.


This version is higher than what is in the leak. Leak is v10.2.1.15 this is v10.2.2.0. Maybe the same features but still a higher version.


haha, stuck record there, bud? :-)

However, you're right. I haven't noticed any different features between this and the one in the leak, but it is certainly a higher version number.


The post should read "Available for all devices except our beleaguered USA customers without 10.2 and the worst carrier support on earth "


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I still use it.

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I have tried all the weather apps and this is by far the best. The animations are second to none for showing the active weather such as snowing or raining.

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+ 98.7
This is the best stock weather app I've seen. I downloaded BeWeather Pro a few days ago as part of the Christmas Giveaway and uninstalled it. I don't know why anyone would use another weather app other than for comparison reasons.

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haha that's pretty much why I have BeWeather Pro still installed...comparisons...and to see what type of moon it currently is (like THAT'S important!)


Agreed! The original app is still the one for me. :)

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The slider was there preloaded with Z30STA100-5/

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Don't see why u would buy another weather app, this has always been fine

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This has turned into quite a beautiful weather app! Better than theweathernetwork app.

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Good stuff! BlackBerry weather has been a great app. It's straight forward and provides the info I need. The slider function is a neat update for sure...


I tried Beweather when it was free last week, couldn't stand it. I prefer the real feel number. It helps get the right clothes on the kids in the morning.

gleb pylypenko

Can't notice anything new


The side menu has more options I believe.

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I still use Blackberry Weather. It's more accurate than our local meteorologists. Much more accurate. And yes the new version needs 10.2+. When I go to BBWorld, I get "Unavailable for this device." Come on AT&T, please release 10.2 before the 10.4 leaks come out. ;)


Still using this app as my go to weather app, love those animations and the Active Frame.


Oh, and since I updated the phone to the leak I thought the app was like that. Lol

You are now in my Bingo Book


Last night *

You are now in my Bingo Book


like the app but won't open up any advisories. :-(


I have beweather bro which can't even preset waterloo(even though it can find it through location), ontario just waterloo, quebec. Not as visually appealing as the stock weather. Which makes that app garbage, happy I got it for free.

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Love this app,it's simple and works great with no ads. pretty cool you can drag the icon on the graph to see temperature through out the date.

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Actually this update will make me delete b weather pro

Why take up memory when this one is now updated to be quite competent.

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Why is AccuWeather now BlackBerry weather?

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Because CONTRACTS! :-D

They most likely have an agreement to use a version of the AccuWeather app as the built-in one...or something similar.

Maybe they just pull data from AccuWeather and not just use an AccuWeather app...I dunno.


I'd it just me or are precipitation amounts not included with its weather information?

Seems that the Weather Network is the only to include this?

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The Accuweather App includes precipitation levels in its forecasts, that's the main reason I use it over BlackBerry Weather. It's odd the BlackBerry Weather app doesn't have it since they source their forecasts from Accuweather.

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10.2 is indeed needed.

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Worst weather app / UI design I have ever seen.

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I use it all the time. I hope they eventually make it headless.

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I like the newer version.

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Has any carrier in the US released 10.2? Are all these app updates an indication that we'll be soon offered this much delayed official OS?

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I switched back from beWeather because of the recent updates to this app, it's good.


I actually like the idea of BlackBerry offering just one phone. I believe it makes sense- most people associate any qwerty phone with BlackBerry and BlackBerry with a qwerty phone. The larger screen in this concept could also satisfy the Z10 users as well. This could theoretically streamline the hardware production and save cost.

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Am I missing something or are you posting in the wrong discussion? This is the Weather update discussion.

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I want to be a giraffe when I grow up.

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i do like the BlackBerry weather app, i use more often then be weather pro

Pilot Prop

Wonder what's up with all the updates. Not that I'm complaining.

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Much better if only for one small thing. In the UK we measure our temperature in metric (Celsius) and wind speed in imperial and now I can only do one or the other whereas before you had the choice?

Wind speed of 11kph means nothing???


BlackBerry Weather loads much quicker than my other two weather apps, BeWeather and The Weather Network. I'm switching for that reason alone.

Cheers. :)

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10.2 is needed, no help here

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So how come weather alerts doesn't work? We have a winter storm alert which shows on accurate weather, but nothing on this app, and the alerts button is faded so you can't turn it on.

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Yay, it snows at night now. That never used to work. :p

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I prefer this weather app over Be weather. Its great and simple. What you want for a weather app.

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10.2 when are you coming to my phone?!!?

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I still use it. There is the fuller version in blackberry world that I used for a while but at the end of the day I don't think that there is that much of a difference between the two. This app is standard and does everything I need it to do so there is no need for a fancier whether app for me.

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Yes, it only works on the 10.2 version, it has been improved. No need for a third party one, this one is amazing!!

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I need accumulation in this so I can plan to take a day off to shovel when we get 25cm of snow

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I wish they would have radar open in situ. Instead this kicks you to the website.

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The stock weather app is dope

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That's really nice!

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UI is gorgeous. I hope they now shift focus to adding more detailed weather data in the app.

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Still waiting for 10.2 on verizon. -_- CB should contact them.

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Sam Terzian

Not bad but weather network is more accurate with more details such as rain mm, snow cm

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I prefer this over the others that seem more us centric


Does this new version have severe weather alerts?

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Folks on 10.1 still have to wait. Woe is me...

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Basically every time I see "RealFeel(TM)" I become incredibly enraged that they didn't just use "feels like", which is the main reason I'm using BeWeather.

I know this is incredibly petty, but it just seems the wrong kind of ridiculous to me.


I know far more people who don't use any apps at all, compared to the few I know who download and use apps.

For this crowd, (+millions like them), the BlackBerry App is fine fine fine. For me too. I think that an app has to show me the most basic information in the most ergonomic way. I got BeWeatherPro and I've opened it too. Ho hum. A minor variation on the same information. When minimized, the active tile has to be useful to me. This BlackBerry weather app does this, fairly well.

User ergonomics. You do realize that I still have computers too, don't you? So, if I wanted detailed information e.g. about various geographic places weather, I could get it from my computer keyboard and screen.

If I can represent the millions of future buyers, newbies neophytes novices and non-knowing ones, I'll declare that the BlackBerry weather app is fine.

Can they make the name of the app more consistent ? In one place it's Weather. Somewhere else it's Accuweather. Somewhere else it's BlackBerry Weather. THIS is confusing.

Hope this helps.

Please let someone speak for the millions or billions who have NOT already downloaded multiple weather apps. The first line if the review above said that the author was positive that most of us in CB forums had already gotten other weather apps. (!!).

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Sam Terzian

Nothing beats the weather network

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Why is this unavailable for Sprint Q10?

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Ah. 10.2. When does USA get 10.2?

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