BlackBerry Wallet v1.2.1.2 released - New UI and features added

BlackBerry Wallet v1.2.1.2 released - New UI and features added
By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2011 05:50 pm EST

It's been quite some time since the initial release of BlackBerry wallet. In that time, a few revisions have been made to the application but nothing substantial. That being the case, the latest version has just been released and places it at v1.2 and brings a whole new UI revamp as well as some extra features not in the originally released version.


  • Save time by automatically filling in forms with credit card information, billing addresses, shipping information and more
  • Use BlackBerry Wallet to store and retrieve reward program numbers and info
  • Enter and retrieve account info for logging into your favorite shopping websites
  • Advanced password security keeps your credit card and billing information protected
  • Add and retrieve gift card or loyalty program information to accumulate points, rewards
With the new functions added, this update should make BlackBerry Wallet a bit more useful in the long run if you have a need for such an app. You can download the latest version from BlackBerry App World now. That version was updated as of yesterday but the web based download still shows an older version.

Download BlackBerry Wallet v1.2.1.2

Reader comments

BlackBerry Wallet v1.2.1.2 released - New UI and features added


I always liked this app but then it disappeared. I will try it again. It's a nice app to keep passwords and credit card numbers and other top secret stuff in.

Hopefully now when you purchase things through your BB, this wallet will automatically give the option to use the details stored within the app (saving time)...I unistalled the last version, as all it did was store the information. Is it just me or is it kinda weird that O2UK is the only carrier here in the UK that this available on. They don't publicise it or anything.

I think you guys are missing the point here. If I have my cards in there and I got out to the store with my phone but not my credit cards, I can still pay the old school way using the credit cards numbers.

Another example is if you left your wallet in the car and need to make an online purchase, you have all your purchasing needs in your phone.

I see this app as something I will use twice a year, but when I do use it it will be VERY important and time saving.

I just tried this app today for the first time, and I just removed all of my loyalty cards from my wallet as I usually only need the number (let's say for a plane ticket and their miles reward). It's also great for buying on the internet, no need to have the card.

I really Really like this app. I wish i could put my Driver's License info on it lol. I'm always forgetting my Wallet at home. But I'll NEVER EVER forget my torch :P

Upgraded from the previous version on Torch, but now I can't seem to get it to work. Get an "Error starting net_rim_wallet_ui: Class 'net.rim.device.apps.internal.wallet.WalletCardAddressElementImpl' multiply defined.

Anyone else get this error? Tried deleting and reinstalling, but always get the same error. Not sure if it has anything to do with a previous version and if it does, how do I fix it?

Same issue here. I deleted the previous version manually it solved the problem but all my personal entries disappeared.