BlackBerry Wallet is now OS 7 compatible!

BlackBerry Wallet
By Kerri Neill on 20 Mar 2012 10:59 am EDT

All good things come to those who wait. It's been a long time coming folks, but I am happy to announce that BlackBerry Wallet is now OS 7 compatible! I used this app all the time on my other BlackBerry devices and was really missing it on my 9930. This handy app stores all sorts of sensitive data just like BlackBerry's Password Keeper application.


  • Save time by automatically filling in forms with credit card information, billing addresses, shipping information and more
  • Use BlackBerry Wallet to store and retrieve reward program numbers and info
  • Enter and retrieve account info for logging into your favorite shopping websites
  • Advanced password security keeps your credit card and billing information protected
  • Add and retrieve gift card or loyalty program information to accumulate points, rewards
*If running Version 1.2.0.x, you will need to read the additional instructions in App World*

The only issue I've noticed is that the full card number does not display on the image like it did before. I'm curious if that's just a 9900/30 issue or are the other OS 7 devices seeing the same thing. You can download the latest version from BlackBerry App World now!

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BlackBerry Wallet is now OS 7 compatible!


I'm sure they're working on it. No reason to have this feature and not sync it to the NFC payment system. Looking forward to this coming to the PlayBook as well, can you imagine the look on people's faces when you're using NFC-enabled PlayBook to pay?

YES! I've missed BB Wallet since I got my 9930. I hate having to run and get my wallet from downstairs just to buy something online. I just need to put all my CCs back into it now....

I need something since Splashing has not made the full jump on new BlackBerry support. It was not autofill butwas a good secure password keeper.
Anyone leave splashid and can recommend this BB Wallet?

I have been using BlackBerry Wallet since I got my 9930 at launch. What wasn't compatible? I have not noticed any issues for the past 6 months.

I've been using eWallet from Illium Software and am curious as to how it compares with BlackBerry Wallet. It works great on my 9900 (as it did on my 9700). Can anyone comment on this?

Perhaps the issue with displaying the full number is a result of compliance with the Federal law requiring that credit card numbers be truncated in display and printed materials, and encrypted in storage.

Downloading now, though I am wary about storing cc numbers anywhere. But heck, Amazon has it....

I downloaded and appreciate the wallet. Is this meant to replace password keeper or is there something I'm missing? I really like how secure it feels and I cant wait to pay with my 99.

You could use it in place of Password Keeper (I do) since it will essentially store the same info. I deleted PK and left Wallet and have never regreted it :)

This has been out since 2009 and always sucked. Password Keeper gets backed up with BlackBerry Protect. Nuff Said.

Like many, didn't suck for me, didn't even lick. Works great, and nice not needing my wallet for my cards. Don't always have my wallet, but I always have my phone. But the officer didn't think it was funny when I tried to hand him my 9930 instead of my license. Nor the comment, "Hey, there's a free app in there for you"