BlackBerry Wallet a FREE OTA Download for BlackBerry Users

By James Falconer on 15 May 2008 12:50 pm EDT

BlackBerry WalletIt looks like there's a new FREE app available OTA from BlackBerry called 'BlackBerry Wallet'. It lets you store owner info, credit cards, gift cards, shipping addresses and more for easy access when you need them. Looks like it works much better than the password manager to me.

Official verbiage from RIM:

"BlackBerry® Wallet has been designed to make shopping on your BlackBerry® smartphone faster and easier. It lets you use information securely stored on your BlackBerry smartphone to help fill in forms with credit card, reward program and shipping information...

Simply switch to the BlackBerry Wallet when you’re ready to make a purchase. Enter your password, and populate your credit card information, delivery details and more...

Your credit card and shipping information are your business. For your protection, not even you can use your BlackBerry Wallet without entering a password. It’s also AES encrypted, so you can be sure your data is secure..."

You can download this handy app OTA at 

I'll be covering this in Friday's Software Roundup as well, so stay tuned for more info on this one.

Note: I've been reading on the web that some are having issues trying to run this app on the 8830. Please report any issues you have with this one, and what device you are using so that I can report on it within the roundup. Now I'm off to install on my 8800 :)

Thanks to Ronen for the heads up.

Update for Verizon Users: Go to the verizon homepage on your BB and choose BB help, from the BB help screen where they have the BB wallet listed. Choose that in order to download OTA. Thanks ronepley!

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BlackBerry Wallet a FREE OTA Download for BlackBerry Users


I have an 8830 and it says the device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Wallet. I want it but I can't get it.

It says my 8130 does not meet the requirements for the program. Bummer, I really wanted to try it out, I could use a program like this.

I'd be curious to know what the actual requirements are, is there any way to find this out?

Bummer you guys. I'm glad to report it's working fine on my 8800. Will see if I can dig up some more info on compatibility issues here.

it worked fine for me on a sprint 8830...i just typed the link straight into the bb browser and did the ota download...


Unsupported Device

Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Wallet.

Won't load on my VZW 8830WE, either!

Why does VZW have to suck this bad?? Just let us do what we want on our phones already!!

Seems like Verizon users are having problems. Is this the case?

I'm gonna check it out later, but I have Sprint.

I currently use Dataviz Datavault for some of what this app appears to do. Are they similar database type programs for those of you who've used it?

Not just Verizon customers. I have an 8310 on Centennial Wireless and am getting the same incompatibility message.

at&t 8300 works like a champ! This is something I've been wanting for sooooo long. Thanks for the link!


After entering some Login Credentials in Blackberry Wallet, it crashed on me with an unhandled java exception. Happened twice so far out of 10 entries I've made.

Oops, spoke too soon. Now a 3rd time when trying to re-enter the login info from my last crash.
Uncaught exception:

Looks like I'll be keeping my good old Password Keeper

Pearl 2 8130 on Sprint CDMA Network - OS: v4.3.0.71

Downloaded BB Wallet OTA (over the air) and installed without any problems on my pearl.

Set-up: The application asks for a login password twice.
Password entry on set-up and subsequent logins are masked making it impossible to visually confirm the entry's, and to make matters even more challenging it does not allow pasting the passwords.

If the password entered is wrong when trying to access the program it will give the user 9 more chances before it self destructs and blows up in a billion atomized particulates approximately ten microns in (are we paying attention yet?) or more likely and almost certainly it will delete all stored data for the obvious security reasons.

After entering login, credit card info and other data I have found no option when logged into or setting up an account at various store front web sites around the web to auto fill passwords, shipping info or other pertinent information in relation to placing an on line order either in the options menu for the browser or in the program itself whether logged into a site or not.

To sum it up (on first appearances mind you) this is just a fancy info saver that still makes you "go get it and copy and paste it" to be of any use, and does not create auto generated passwords to boot. Unless this program can auto fill my info for purchases, bank account logins, and web site purchases, the passwordkeeper still takes the prize with its configurable password creation and security options.

Best Regards,
Craig C

One of the more common remedy's for fresh program installs that crash is to pull the battery out, wait 15 seconds and replace it and let the unit boot up before trying the app.

In many cases this works, however no guarantees on this new kid on the block.

Best, Craig C

Install is a no go on the 8330 also. "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support wallet.

Installed easily on my AT&T 8300. Seemed easy to work until I hit the back button and got closed out of program instead of going one step back. Played with it for a while and deleted the app. Password Manager works well enough for me.

Well it certainly looks like Verizon doesn't look too kindly upon this new little app. I'm on Rogers and it seems to be working fine. So far the Rogers and Sprint folks are having no issues... Verizon... c'mon Verizon get with it :)

aw-I've been looking for a such an application..I can't download it OTA there a link to download to your computer?

This is the message received when I clicked on the download button: "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Wallet."

Oh well. :(

Bad guessing on my part that the Verizon homepage mentioned above was No wonder I did not find the link. Thanks.


For all those abusers that could not get the OTA to work on there 8130 ... are you useing Winblows XP?

I have a vertual boot on my iMac for both Vista and XP spacifically because doesn't support Safari (YET!!!!)

While I was using XP to try the OTA it wouldn't work ... switching to Vista ... WORKED LIKE A CHARM.

Just thought I would give the heads up.

Downloaded and ben using it for a few days works great on the 8830! Only draw back to it is you can not edit or delete items...pretty serious though if you ask me.

I've successfully downloaded and installed the Blackberry Wallet on my Pearl 8120 from O2 in the UK and have been disappointed to find that it won't accept my phone number. Apparently, numbers of the format 01xxxxxxxxx are invalid. What sort of shoddy programmer prevents users entering their own phone number?

IT installed, and works well on my 8330. My only question is, "Why wouldn't this come pre-installed on all BB devices?"

My computer wont let me in stall the ota thing to change my blackberry pearl 8100 trackball can someone help me please

I haven't used the app yet (apart from adding some numbers) but didn't have any problem with installing on a verizon 8830 WE -- but used the BB appworld.