BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android – it’s Klout Klobberin’ time!

By Ryan Blundell on 8 Aug 2011 09:28 pm EDT

Klout BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android

Klout is the standard of influence, as it itself suggests. If you don’t know about Klout, then Klout doesn’t know you.In a nutshell is a well-known one stop shop for measuring your online social influence. It “uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Score”.

Klout recently pitted iPhone and Android against each other in a no holds barred Klout showdown. They compared the average Klout scores of both iPhone and Android influencers. After the smoke cleared, iPhone came out on top with a 42.0 to 40.6 win. So where does BlackBerry come into play? Klout was later asked to throw BlackBerry into the mix. From the onslaught rose a new champion…BlackBerry (in typical RIMPIRE Strikes Back fashion) emerged with a Klout score of 43.6!! I guess the real movers and shakers are BlackBerry users- don’t doubt the Klout.

I guess you can thank influencers like Kevin with his Klout score of 64; the Force is strong with this one. Mine is only 34.5, hmm I guess I have some work to do…

Source: The Official Klout blog

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BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android – it’s Klout Klobberin’ time!


Damn thats NICE! haha The wildcard came in and won the championship! Always a good ending... to bad for the ones who thought otherwise and thought they were the easy picks to be champs!

Aaaah yessss - just when Android and IPhone were a foot away from the finish line the RIMPIRE certainly struck back from behind!

Is this my first....first?

*Edit* It appears it is not my first...."first".

lol sorry u were right at the finish line to post the FIRST and i just though i was posting not even noticing no comments were up yet and won...RIM style just like this story... lol jk

Sitting on a 45 here, but I fight in the project management battlefield. I'm probably a 12 when it comes to BlackBerry. :p

CBK has a 64? Holy smokes...

Woohoo! Berry good RIMpire! I've had an android device before and I currently have an iPad, a playbook, an iPhone and my ever reliable torch. Apple has a great ecosystem for entertainment and games for the iphone and ipad but for serious stuff like work and even streaming my fave tv shows online, nothing beats the playbook. For communication, my torch works harder than me. No delays no lags. All have their benefits and flaws. I don't think there's a device out there that covers all bases and I think that's part of the fun. I like gadgets and I try to keep up to date but I WILL NEVER LET GO OF MY BERRY! BBs will never turn into iPhones, at least for now, iPhones will never be BBs and android will always keep transforming to some form or another.


My Klout score is 47.3. Hope I added to this... All I tweet about is annoying personal things and BlackBerry. Klout is weird though. It says I'm influential about "drugs" but I've never ever tweeted about drugs?! :p

If you engage in conversation with/retweet stuff from people who tweet about drugs, or if they do the same about you, klout will tag you as influential on that subject.

It's not that weird. I asked a wordpress question, got 10 retweeks and plenty mentios. Klout deemed me influential on that (for about a week).

Jim Ballsile is a brilliant man,
One who proudly holds,
A blackberry bold,
He is far better,
Then the man in a black sweater,
Oh when all currently say,
RIM will surely fade away,
He proves them wrong,
And keeps the company strong,

Will-was there ever any doubt? i mean seriously, droids and iphones are trendy and fun but so are gaming systems...i like to think of the xbox playstation battle...x box might have more titles and what not, but lets face doesnt have to be replaced every six months due to some random red circle of death lol ...blackberry is a solid, integrated, and unique smart phone that will out last the trends of today and will one day be the next was a trend starter, lets not forget that...i tried a droid just out of curiousity...wasnt my cup of tea...i want a smart phone not a psp with a phone built in.