BlackBerry vs. iPhone, or East Coast vs. West?

BlackBerry Thunder vs. iPhone 3G
By Devin Kent on 15 Jul 2008 11:51 am EDT

California's CNET says the touchscreen BlackBerry isn't even close to touching the iPhone, while New York's InformationWeek takes little notice of the "baby steps" the much-touted 3G iPhone has taken in usurping the King of email. Is the nation split? Will roving bands of turtleneck-wearing, jean-clad hipsters storm out of San Francisco to take the New York business district in force, or will a bunch of suits embark to distant California and force them to shave and maybe get a decent haircut? Either way, emailed trash talk is sure to swamp the airwaves, although some might get them later than others...

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BlackBerry vs. iPhone, or East Coast vs. West?


How can anyone really defend the iPhone? The Blackberry just does so many things better. I just don't get the love. I really don't. Its packaged all nice a pretty but that's about it.

"Will roving bands of turtleneck-wearing, jean-clad hipsters storm out of San Francisco to take the New York business district in force, or will a bunch of suits embark to distant California and force them to shave and maybe get a decent haircut?"

That is an amazing line Devin!! Had me laughing so hard!

Is that supposed to read "iPhone users will find themselves fustrated" ? I think the quote that they reference on their site mixed up where "Blackberry" and "iPhone" are supposed to go.

OPTiK: I think they're suggesting that any BlackBerry users trying an iPhone will be frustrated by lack of Exchange support, etc. on the iPhone.

I haven't seen this elsewhere yet. (
posted an article stating a UK company called ExpanSys was accepting pre-orders for the 9500 with the following related to the site:

"So what do we learn? Not a great deal in truth, but the 9500 is indeed quad-band, there'll be MMS (sorry, cheap dig), HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 (no mention of A2DP), multi-touch input and BlackBerry's famed email support. Strangely both the camera and GPS are left out entirely, but we'll not panic at this stage.

For the record the 9500 will also ship with a stereo headset (3.5mm?), data cable, mains charger, user guide and software CD and the version Expansys will sell is going to be unlocked so expect to shell out a pretty penny."

Don't bother following their Expansys link though, the product is "no longer available".

It's no shocker that all the trend loving sheep on the west coast are apple crazy I mean it's a gimmicky device that is awesome for surfing the web and I can see that Apple will have a great phone some day but it's not there yet. We're talking about people who use Macs and don't know the difference between an excel spreed sheet and MSSQL here. they like simple to use shinny things and the iphone is the ultimate in there opinion. I'll tell anyone if you want more of a media phone for music videos and web browsing get the iphone. But please all this crap about it being a serious business tool and bla bla bla give me a break. Most any blackberry user will give the iphone credit where it is due but crapple and all there little zombies nope they just think they are better than 75% of the population, I mean have you seen the new add on tv the only phone to beat the iphone the new iphone bite me Steve.

Interesting - one of the guys here has an iPhone 3G and I have the Curve and another guy has windows mobile - while we have the BES we are not able to use it (only open to sales) but we do have webmail - unless I have it setup wrong the WM device is the best, then the iPhone then my BB.

Both the WM & iPhone sync calendar and contacts without any trouble - we all get email - but on mine the only way I can get a meeting on my phone is to invite myself - and if things change it does not sync. I cannot create a meeting on my BB for work people.

True if you use the BES the BB kick's serious arse but then if you do have that chances are nothing else will work due to corporate lock down!

Without it, using the BIS it is not as good as the exchange interaction of either WM or iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong, I am waiting for the BOLD, the iPhone is fantastic - but the keyboard is crap - and I am sick of windows so will not go for WM.

Is it my setup? or have you guys not tried to use a BB in a work environment (PC locked down, cannot install desktop manager)?


Umm......WOW! I would give the edge to the iPhone. However, I'm still a huge BlackBerry fan and always will be since I've used one for over 3 years. Though the iPhone just makes so much more sense. I'm not talking trash, I'm just stating MY opinion.

Also, my company will continue to use BES so I will keep my Curve for email and for everything work related. But the iPhone does everything else so much better though, I hate to say.

*tear* I never thought I'd say this but....I think I prefer my iPhone.

Also, one of the longest lines was at the 5th avenue apple store. The first person to wait in line for the iPhone lined up at the 5th avenue I hardly think this has anything to do with east/west coast bias. Let's stop grasping at straws here people.

A buddy and I were discussing why our respective phones were better. I with the Blackberry (I'm straight) he with the iFone (He was wearing a skirt). I finally came up with what I paid a month < $40. He wanted to know how. $14 a month for 2000 minutes (OK so I' kinda cheated by being on a family plan) $20 unlimited BB data/email plan and $5 insurance. He got all pissy and went inside. His girlfriend told me he pays over $100 a month for his iFone and even she was jealous because she had been told her carrier wouldn't even offer insurance for her BB.