BlackBerry voted coolest brand of 2012 in South Africa

BlackBerry voted coolest brand of 2012 in South Africa
By DJ Reyes on 1 Jun 2012 03:07 pm EDT

On May 31, 2012 the Sunday Times Generation Next Awards was held. It's a survey held every year to gain an insight into what the youth of today perceive brands. They survey was conducted during the months February to March and polled over 5000 youths in the urban and peri-urban areas in South Africa aged between 8 to 22.

The survey covers 73 categories and includes a lot of the top consumer brands from phones to toothpastes to luxury cars. BlackBerry topped three categories including the biggest award of Coolest Brand Overall. Other categories included Coolest Cell Phone and Coolest Hi-Tech Gadget. BlackBerry Messenger came in second behind Facebook as the Coolest Cell Phone Application.

The youth of South Africa certainly know their stuff when it comes to smartphones. South Africa is already a huge contributor to RIM's revenue and we recently posted news that Nigeria is very much a growing market for BlackBerry. At times like thi, when most of the media are reporting negative news, it is refreshing to know the even the youth are proud to call BlackBerry a cool brand. Continue reading for the full Press Release.

Press Release

South Africa - South Africa's youth has once again named BlackBerry® as the 'Coolest Brand Overall' in the Sunday Times Generation Next 2012 Brand Survey Awards.

The BlackBerry brand also topped the 'Coolest Cellphone' and 'Coolest High-Tech Gadget' categories for the second year running.

The results of the eighth annual Generation Next Brand Survey Awards were announced at an event at Montecasino, Johannesburg last night. The popularity of the BlackBerry brand in South Africa's youth market is a reflection of how BlackBerry products and services address the needs of tech-savvy young people who lead increasingly connected lives.

Says Lanie Visser, Marketing Director for South Africa at Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry® solution: "We are delighted that South Africa's youth has chosen BlackBerry as their smartphone of choice and as South Africa's coolest youth brand for the second time. These awards reflect how the BlackBerry smartphone has become an indispensable social tool and lifestyle device for active, connected young South Africans and we would like to thank our young BlackBerry customers for their continued loyalty."

"BlackBerry smartphones are designed to look cool and stylish, yet are packed with excellent features such as social networking and instant messaging", she adds. "The brand also offers a choice of smartphone models, ranging from full-featured entry level devices right through to premium smartphones, giving users a wide range of choices suitable to their lifestyles and budgets."

BlackBerry devices have become part of the lives of South African young people, largely because they are available on one of the country's most affordable connectivity packages on the BlackBerry® Internet Service. Popular apps such as BBMTM (BlackBerry® Messenger), which is included in the BlackBerry Internet Service fee, have also helped to cement BlackBerry's popularity with young people. BBM allows users to easily share updates, images, information and opinions with friends and family in real-time. It's affordable, real-time and fun to use.

BBM is one of the largest social mobile networks in the world. There are approximately 56 million active BBM users worldwide and 70% of them use it daily to communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

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BlackBerry voted coolest brand of 2012 in South Africa


Having lived in Africa. Quality phones which take the abuse. Survive the harsh conditions. Get the rave reviews. I assure you BB meets these conditions and are well respected. Keep up the good work RIM.

Coming from people who live in camel crap huts this is no surprise that a shiny object would get their rocks off.

Apologies. I only lived there for two years but long enough to confirm I did not see many camels. Conversely I did meet many a good folk who could identify a troll when they smell one. The tone of your comment stinks! You need to get out a bit and see the world.

that's true.. I live in South Africa... BlackBerry takes the #1 spot...
And "you" should get out more, we ain't no different.. You will be suprised at what actualy happens here..