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BlackBerry Virtual Expert updated with support for the BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry Virtual Expert updated with support for the BlackBerry Z3
By DJ Reyes on 8 Apr 2014 09:36 am EDT

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert app is not one that is often talked about but it's pretty useful. If you haven't heard of it, it's an app created by BlackBerry that lets you diagnose any device issues you may have. From port problems, sensor issues, microphone, speaker and many more. You can carry specific tests or run a full diagnostic test to make sure everything is running fine. I found it very useful recently as I discovered that the proximity sensor on my device was not working.

This latest update doesn't bring much. The changelog just states that it includes bug fixes and support for the upcoming BlackBerry Z3, due to launch in Indonesia towards the end of April. As we get closer to the launch, I would expect to see more apps from BlackBerry get Z3 support.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert isn't just for BlackBerry 10 devices either, it's available for most legacy devices too. If you haven't given it a try, download it today and check the health of your BlackBerry device.

Learn more / Download BlackBerry Virtual Expert



"Any device issues you may have"? Nah, useful but not omniscient.


Observation Junkie

This is an excellent app, have used it many times.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 


What is so excellent about it?

What is the use of this app if it doesn't attempt to fix problems it finds?

Posted via CB10


It's funny cause I never got this app installed in the first place and never knew this app existed

It's a nice app, very clean UI. Probably will keep it installed even quick settings are faster

Posted via CB10


????.Its not shortcuts, its a app used to troubleshoot hardware or software issue.


But it does work for that, if you'd like it to...

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]


I really like this style. Who else would prefer to see os 10.3 lean toward this simpler layout?

Posted from a Blackberry Z10


That my friend is a flat UI...

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever


Why do I get the notification about the update of this app if I don't have it installed? Anyone else had this?

Posted via CB10

Old Curmudgeon

I too got an update for it without having it already. Oh, well. Got it now.


That's what happened to me this morning as well, thought that was a little strange!



Yeah I got the notification that it had an update and I have never installed it before. In fact the notification link did not take me to the app. With the updates screen in BlackBerry World showing I did not have any updates.

Posted via CB10 via Z30


I was wondering about that too. Just thought I'd downloaded it and forgot about. Lol.

Posted via CB10


Never had this app on my phone, just got an update, looks cool so far

Posted via CB10

Thirdie Palma

I didn't know I had this one until I got the update notification.

Posted via CB10


Just downloaded it. Looks amazing!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


BlackBerry are more tied into our phones than we know. I never seen this app on my device- but this morning got an alert for an update to this app. Is it safe to delete?


Yes I didn't even have it initially

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever


Never knew that I had this app but it looks to be really useful!

Posted via CB10


Apparently this was a downloadable app before the 10.2 upgrade which was added to the 10.2 upgrade. Well that's what I read from a post earlier this morning.

Posted via CB10


I too never heard of this until the update..lol.

Posted via CB10


For all the people saying they never had.yhe app on their phone before the update.

You did it was only accessible from the help app though.

Just because there is no shortcut in your app drawer doesn't mean it wasn't on your phone.

Now you know, and knowing' half the battle!

Posted via CB10


I too was unaware of this app. Got it on the Z10 now though. I like it.


Hmm... so I ran through the tests, and it said plug in headset and I got nothing. Before I hit fail, I left the app turned on the tunes, plugged in my headphones and all was fine. So I don't know what was up with that.



This absolutely sucks. My Q10 refused to connect to Link after installing a leak, however it did charged through my laptop. I wanted .2947 so bad that I returned it to Sprint and got a refurb. Less than 7 days later Sprint drops 10.2. and now I get an update for this app which might've enabled me to keep my 1st one. Wahhh!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 I call her my QT



Posted via Z30 BB


Works fine, but still, having yellow fog near volume buttons :(

Posted via CB10


Same... never had it till now.

Z10 Black.


Understand app is already embedded in the OS. We all have it regardless of download.

omega supreme

This was discussed in the forums yesterday, you've always had the app, you just have to dig for it...hit the search icon at the bottom of your phone, type bbve, open the help icon and there it is...if you haven't downloaded the update for it.

Posted via CB10


Is this available for the PlayBook too?


As someone above mentioned, it is available through the help app. I tried it from the help app prior to downloading the update and it asks for all kinds of access. Weird that it did not have a direct icon and now it is notifying everyone to do an update. I'm skipping it, sounds very NSA bs to me. I went ahead and denied all permissions instead.


Tells me the phone is not charging when it is.

Posted via CB10

Peter Saulesleja

For those of you reporting that the BBVE Health Screen's Charging state is not working correctly, can you please advise (all from within BBVE):
1) Device Model number (ex: STL100-3)
2) OS Version (and/or SR version, just please tell me which you are reporting)
3) BBVE version (swipe down, and select i (about), and report the version

Note that some users running BBVE on leaked pre-release OS 10.2.1 see a mis-reported charging state, and also some BBVE installations originally done on 10.1, and carried via software upgrade to 10.2.1, may report an incorrect charging state. Fix is to use a released OS and re-install BBVE from BB World.

If you've experienced a mis-reported charging state please post the info, or message me.