BlackBerry Virtual Expert lets you diagnose device issues on the fly

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2013 02:13 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert is a simple app from BlackBerry that lets you run various diagnostics on your device to test everything from the display to speakers to the keyboard. It looks like it's been available for a while and somehow flew under the radar, but it's also a very cool app.

It's available for BlackBerry 10 devices as well as most legacy devices and is totally free. When you start it up you're presented with a few screens that run you through the basics and tell you about the various tests. You can run display, audio or keyboard tests as well as checking the camera, headset plug, LED, SD card, speaker and pretty much everything else on your device. 

The app is designed for those that may be having issues with a device but anyone can use it to check things out. After the tests you'll get a summary to read over and you can also send it along to BlackBerry should you want to. 

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert app is available free in BlackBerry World.

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Getting an error message. Invalid token, token has expired.

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lol he forgot to set Device-Release mode in the SDK when generating a bar file.


LMAO The app cannot troubleshoot itself lol.


Hmm, wonder if it can do more than the old BBOS solutions....

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Downloaded. Seems solid.

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Me thinks this should be built in.


So should password keeper.. but.. uh...


It should native in the OS.

BB Z10 rocks.


This should be a headless app and something that BlackBerry L2 reps and BES admins can use to troubleshoot the device - even using BBM Video to invoke it.


Thank You :D

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Device issue report: Your BB10 device lacks functionality, capability, user option and choice considered standard on other platforms. Please await upgrade to OS v12.8 to draw level and rectify this issue.


And you are in the wrong place. Do you even have an BlackBerry 10 smartphone!? And if you do, you aren't the brightest bulb in the chandelier ! Why do you buy it, in the first place?!?!


Seems like you're not the brightest bulb in the grammar chandelier.


That's totally true. But, for sure, I wrote much better in your language than you will ever do in my language.
Mulțumesc frumos!


Whatever that means! :)


Exactly what functionality and capability does the Z10 lack?

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The worst kind ever. The functionality and capability to troll on android sites from app on BlackBerry World.

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My 18 month ole Xperia s has this feature built in.

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Congratulations, good for sony.. and you..


Probably because it really needs it.


Lmao. Holy crap thanks for the laugh guys. I was tired until I read these replies.


My bb7 devices do too


Useful! My old 8310 Curve has such an utility embedded in OS:)


Downloading right now......

the future is easy because it doesn't exist


Easy to use and works smooth

the future is easy because it doesn't exist


Hmmnn my Z10 failed the LED test for white - mostly red on left side of the LED with a little white on the right side.

Anyone getting a pure white LED during their test?


Mine looks the same a bit red on the left side and mostly white in center and right side. It doesn't bother me.


It is because there is no pure white led. White is mixed together from red blue and green.

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But mine is mostly red with only a bit of white on the right side. Not going to freak over this though lol.


Sounds like mine when I was trying to do white in BeBuzz.  I wouldn't be too worried, others have reported failing, then passing too.


Mine is quite pinkish. Weird given that it was pure white on my 9810. I should see if that's grounds to allow me to swap it for a Q10.

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Thanks for sharing this...didn't even know such an app existed from BB.

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This is a nice app, but it should be better. When I pass a test that the phone knows I passed, it should advance on its own. Some other issues I had, but nothing too bad.

This is not meant to be a complaint, but more of an observation and suggestion if BlackBerry is reading this...

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"It's available for BlackBerry 10 devices as well as most legacy devices "..... playbook says not supported by your current device profile. wtf?



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Nice little app.

It would be a reallly nice advancement, if this could check the OS file system for common issues and make recommendations. In other words, make this the All in One utility for BB phones. Going so far as to say make OS updates be managed from within here as well...make a standard out-of-the-box application.

Just my 2 cents.

That I'm sure would be value added to many users.


Looks like my Berry is running perfect, but I didn't expect anything less. Seriously all seems to be fine. Like others this should have been baked into the OS.


It was released yesterday.


Working at a dealer, this is fantastic. I'm going to make sure everyone who calls in with issues does this first.

My gf thinks I love my Z10 more than her... she's on to me.



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Screen crack test is the best, it tells me after saying my screen is cracked that my screen is cracked hahaha (it isn't, was just a test)

They could do this if they'd scan the touch Matrix built on the glass too i guess.

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Seems work great. I was wondering about the speaker. They need to add tests for notifications.

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Just loaded it in my 9930.



Nice, but misses a vital part, called "what is running", or "what is draining my battery" ;)


There are other apps for that dude.

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Not on BB10 there aren't. It's not possible yet.


This is really good.


This app is slick. Everything works fine on my Q10.

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Thanks Adam!! Nice find!


Now people say that this app should be included. This is just EOM bloatware if you don't need it. I like the ability to download it only if I want it. Is it an android port?
Wait the browser is snappier and the battery last longer!!


Una buena aplicación. Saludos desde Chile.

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It's should be installed by default in the next update so user can test the device before buy it..

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I don't know if i should be laughing or crying. The test is simple matrix. Excellent BlackBerry now make this a standard built in app.

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Oh and Adam this app was released July 22 which would make it just released. Not out for a while as you state in article?

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Why is it by Research In Motion Limited?

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Too bad it doesn't test the battery. It would be nice to know when to replace your battery.


Great app!!! Let's go BB10!! Certainly loving it.

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Would be good if it can test the OS and app too not only the hardware..

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The first time I ran the Display Tests, everything went fine until I got to the LED part. It prompted me for a Yellow LED which didn't work, and one other color (maybe White) that didn't work. At least I am 99% sure it was a Yellow LED that didn't work, but I know the White didn't work.

I ran the individual LED test later and it only had tests for Red, Green, Blue, and White which all worked.

So I am left scratching my head trying to figure out why it tried to test the Yellow LED that to my knowledge doesn't exist on the Z10, and why the White LED didn't work the first time through. It's almost like there were two different LED tests, and the app selected the wrong LED test (perhaps for a different model) the first time around.

I just ran it again and it rotated through the 4 colors again, and Red and Green worked fine, Blue flashed Red and the White didn't work.

I have to assume this part of the app is buggy since I have seen it work at least once.


You would be correct in that the led part of the app must be buggy. I ran the first led test that cycles through red, green, blue, and white and my blue and white did not illuminate. I thought I had a bad z10. So I close the app and opened it again and the same test was done and everything worked like a charm.


Hi CrackBerry Nation. BlackBerry Virtual Expert pushed a major update for v2.4.7.2 on October 28 for all BB10 products.

Version 2.4 brings new language support for all 36 BlackBerry-Supported languages. A new Device Health screen shows an interactive device information panel which connects to on-device settings and the new Device Monitor. Test Results are now accompanied by suggestions to the user which link to additional help. Users may also submit their test results. BlackBerry Z30 is now supported.

Available, as always, on BlackBerry World.