BlackBerry Virtual Expert app believes a BlackBerry 10 slider device exists [updated]

By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2013 02:46 pm EST

*Update* As noted in the comments, the app is actually available for legacy devices as well, doh! Silly BlackBerry World shows BB10 Smartphone: 10.0.0 or higher on the web but then lists legacy devices below it, so it's reasonable to say it would be for the Torch line. Ahh well, still hope there is a slider out there somewhere for all those asking.

With BlackBerry 10 having been on the market essentially since January, we've seen quite a few devices released. First came the Z10, then the Q10 then of course the Q5 and finally, the BlackBerry Z30 and throughout it all, we've been hearing from many folks that they also want a BlackBerry 10 slider to be released.

There has been claims that one exists and people have seen it and while nothing has ever come from it as of yet, we're once again hearing that there's certainly one out there but it's only for internal testing and use. We're going to add a little fuel to the fire though because something was recently spotted in the description for an official BlackBerry app. The BlackBerry Virtual Expert:

Here is a sampling of the current tests, customized to your BlackBerry model:  - Touch Screen - LCD - USB port - Main Keypad - Keyboard - Side keys - Slider (for those with a slider) - Camera - Speaker - Loudspeaker - Headset - Microphone - Vibrator - Bluetooth - Status LED 

Do you see it? You can test the slider function on your BlackBerry 10 device for those of you who have one. Really? Who would have one, if one supposedly doesn't exist? Obviously it could just be a mistake in the wording but that seems like an awful weird mistake to make. We'll just have to leave at that since right now we don't have much else to go on but it sure piques my interest.

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BlackBerry Virtual Expert app believes a BlackBerry 10 slider device exists [updated]


Actually it's not. It says that on the web but when you check compatible devices it lists the Torch etc. I've updated the article.

Hence the confusion, it's NOT only for BB10 shows for legacy devices as well. See, now no one can get mad at me if others are making the same mistake LOL

Totally. Slider, Porsche version, 2 touch versions, 2 keyboard versions etc etc etc

Hey if you can't market might as well stuff the pipeline with a bunch of unwanted devices.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, landscape slider like the first Sony experience x1. It's cooler when it's a landscape slider. Wider buttons more space to play with

Posted via CB10

No, landscape sliders are not comfortable because you have to stretch your fingers, and move them much more than with regular ones.

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Qwerty device with a display a bit larger than the Q10 would be my ultimate BlackBerry! Another slider? Hmmm maybe not


I'd buy a Z30 slider. The touch keyboard is great on my Z10, but I can't type with my eyes closed like I used to be able too

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This is what I'm saying I used to be able to walk and type, now I feel like I'm going to either lose the phone or trip on something because I am staring at the screen.

I would too. It's the best of both worlds! Had the torch and loved it!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

If it's torch 9810 form factor it would be awesome else no please.

9810 was epitome of size functionality for me..

Posted via CB10 on Z10

The Torch had a sized-down keyboard and a terrible on screen keyboard.

It was just a compromise to create a "best-of-both-worlds" device that was, personally, not the best but the bare basics.


Sliders are thicker, heavier, more prone to breakage (due to additional moving parts and greater momentum when dropped), MUCH more expensive to build and support.

People complain already about how expensive BB10 devices are. A Z10 slider would need to be prices $800+ to be worthwhile for BlackBerry.

+1 Restructuring a rock bottom company ain't gonna happen with a plethora of new devices. Plus sliders are too much of a compromise between two worlds and doesn't really compete in either.

I've seen it. Even played with one before. It has a really great build and the slider feels smooth and legit. But then I woke up...

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i really enjoyed my Torch when i had it. I had that thing longer than any other phone i've ever owned.

It would be dope to see a slider style BB10 device. Now that would make me upgrade before 2yrs.

I absolutely LOVED my Torch, in fact still do!! (I use it as a "Z10's-battery-died-backup" now... ;-) ) It was the best of both worlds for me and it was really hard initially moving over to Z10, but Zed ROCKS, as well!!

"Zed(10) AIN'T dead, baby! Zed ain't dead..."

I wanted a BlackBerry Z10 (Slide out Keyboard) version so badly. I wanted the best of both worlds "touch & physical". Why didn't they put that option? :( but I would like to see one! Meaning having one. ~.^

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 using CrackBerry app.

Would love a Z10 slider! It would probably be a bit thicker but that's no problem if they put in a larger battery and usbotg :) I miss my 9810 sometimes...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Exactly! I don't see how people can complain about thickness.

Thinner phones don't have enough battery, it makes harder to type on, because you have a bad grip in your hand and you must move your thumbs closer to the other fingers.

It could be better if this new torch has a rounded screen like the LG Flex, for better balance when opened.

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A BB10 slider would be the El Camino of smartphones. I'm sure there are folks that wish GM would make that mistake once again too. Not needed. Type (er.. flip) on a Z10 and you will feel the same

More to the point the above list shows vibrator! Must be one hell of a battery with this model!

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Slide ? No NOT a keyboard , 99.8% wanted a touchscreen . Blackberry need quick a lumia 520 killer voor around 250 with 4,2 inch en and get the Z30 to 400 euro to move. The market that is growing quick now are late adapters and they all wanted a phone that is not 500-600 euro. Nokia understand this at the moment because the 800 series wasn't that succes and also not the 920 but the 500 series are going sky high if you compare it with the 900 series. So BB make the slider 500 but make only 1M and sell it as special edition with a 5 inch screen and slider but still I don't think it will be any succes. i asked 102 people and 93 saying NO GO and 8 saying maybe depends on te looks and 1 where saying YES, love qwerty. So there you have it go for the flow touchscreen like I comment before:

just make from every device 5M and go on with the next device for 5M so you have every 3-4 months a new touchscreen device - FLOW, GO, MOVE an same with qwerty devices, just build one every 9 months a new one but don't build to much maybe 3 M and when that stock is gone move the another qwerty device . FLOW, GO, MOVE

Let's look at the number of OS 7 slider phones were sold?

I'm sure it was that much....

Z10 keyboard is the best touchscreen keyboard...FACT!!!!

Why mess with what is working....improve by all means.

It's not like BlackBerry have money to burn... They don't...


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I still see a surprising number of the OS 7 (Torch) around. I think more people bought than than you think.

Agreed. More than a few of my old friends have been rocking the torch since it released, one of there most popular devices imo. Just bumped into one the other night I hadn't seen In a dogs age, still torching and said he's "hesitant to upgrade to bb10" due to all the negative media spin.

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A slider is the best from both worlds, screen real estate and a physical keyboard...

"BlackBerry... what else..." ;-)

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I hope, if this came into sale, won't be having any issues of doing the go-to-hub gesture with sliding the screen unintentionally, because that would be the most annoying thing for a BB10 slider!

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please let it have an AMOLED! will buy in an instant and line up for days before launch like the apple fan boys

As much as I love my Z30, I would give it up for a Z10 screen sized slider or a large screen QWERTY device.

Don't mess up blackberry :| gosh.....going back to the sliders wasting innovating money like for a quad core device with some awesome features

Posted From My Z10/FUTURE Z30

Lol.. slightly but I take solace in knowing others made the same mistake when looking at it. :)

A slider is needed especially if android apps can be loaded onto the phone directly. No one designs apps for small screens anymore and already the q10 has less apps than z10 or z30.

Posted via CB10

How about a slider case that pairs via bluetooth? I'd buy one if it had a good enough keyboard.

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Good Lord, another waste of resources for the dozen or so that would buy it. Stop moving backwards BBRY grasping on to old unwanted tech!

You are speaking for an N of 1.

There are plenty of people that want this, so why not have the flexibility? The moldings could be utilized from the Z10, and Q10, so the die-time will be minimized and thus, bring up the margin.

No there aren't.

Please understand that other companies perform a measure of research... minimizing the amount of unsold/written off inventory. Bbry doesn't. Clearly. It's why they have almost 1$B of unsold inventory.

This is just another bullshit distraction from RIM fanbois who want engineering marvels. There are 6000 fanbois on CB (based on the responses in the forums when device give way contests are underway. That isn't enough share for any device model.

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The unsold inventory is Z10... they overestimated that model.
And BlackBerry userbase is not composed by CB users, I post rarely on this forum.

To be precise, I post almost only when they publish news about a BB10 slider.

Every time a slider gets mentioned, tons of people chime in saying that they want one.

Blackberry has come out with a reasonably good QWERTY phone, and an above average slab phone in the Z30.

It wouldn't be a bad thing for them to offer a slider. I have a (now fairly old and crappy) Dell Venue Pro, and frequently when I pull it out, people check it out and think it's neat. There are definitely people out there who love having big slab screens, but who would also appreciate having a slider keyboard. No matter how good those virtual keyboards get, people can get things done more quickly with a physical keyboard if they use their phones a lot for email and/or texting.

Definitely, the slider device should exist. I love my Q10, but also love big screen of Z30 as it is more usable for navigation or playing games or reading books. So i'd like to get a kind of Z30 with a physical keyboard for bbming or writing email. But, make this device is a big deal. Because device shouldn't be bulky but still have room for big battery. And have great design :)

Would love for a slider to be released. One thing I would like to see different from my Torch, though, would be location of charging connection-- the one on the Torch interferes with keyboard & typing if plugged in.

I called this Months ago for either Year-end or first of the New Year.
See if another one of my predictions are correct.

The next device(s) will be either the slider, or the dumb terminal (a sort of PlayBook client). I believe this is what Thorsten was so excited about.

Short time will tell folks.

Oh, BTW,

If this happens, I doubt it will 'slide'.

Most likely, there will be a button that pops a hardware keyboard down, which may allow for a keyboard to be angled for ergonomics.

Good Lord so much hate on the slider for function. I think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I loved my torch. If I had a phone that had the touch screen and keyboard of Z10 with the physical keyboard of the Q10 I'd be all over it. Touchscreen for casual use and physical keyboard for when I really want to crank things out!

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Awwww. I love my Z10, but it still feels weird typing on glass for long emails, even though I can type way faster than with my 9810. Going to BB10 was a compromise between screen size and a physical keyboard that left me torn. The decision was made by BB being slow to release the Q10 and my carrier refusing to say that they would carry the Q10 :(

Seems like it could be a hit. Bb10 virtual keyboard combined with q10's best in class physical keyboard and some world class hardware design and specs.

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Slider should go landscape for dudes like me with big bear paws.

Z30. " I'm back in black. Yes I'm back in black!!! "

Personally, I never liked sliders but if a sizable market exists then it makes sense to add one to the stable.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

That's the phone I said BlackBerry should make. Big screen with slider keyboard.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

There are add-on "slider" keyboards for IPhones and Samsungs for those who want it : that would make me think about BB10.OEM would be better like Playbook's KB

For what it's worth, was in my local Sprint store a few days back and asked if he new anything about a Z30 release. He never heard of it, but he thought they would be releasing a slider device. My ears perked up and I said.oh really??!! But then he said, I'm not sure, I'm it's called the my eard fell back down and I took it with a grain of salt....

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No please, KIS it. ( Keep it simple) too many devices is not good

You are now in my Bingo Book

I have a torch slider phone as well as Z10.
It only struck that a slider Z10 would be a great idea.

I hope this becomes a reality.

Dr Saumitra Bharadwaj

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Horizontal slider would be better than a vertical one.

However, I feel there's no need for a physical keyboard at all. I can really fly through writing emails and documents with this phenomenal virtual keyboard.

Even faster than I can on a physical one!

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Loved my 9810 until a minor (very minor) drop about three months after getting it. Completely screwed up the slider mechanism and the phone didn't know when the keyboard was extended or not. Had a hell of a time using the virtual keyboard when I needed it. I also never felt really good about the physical keyboard. I thought it was cramped and sometimes tough to type smoothly on.

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There is huge demand for this device, especially in the USA amongst older legacy customers hesitant to make the switch! Why BBRY has not dropped a BB10 slider this year is beyond me and this would have been a better investment than the Q5 or the Z30. This should be the next device and SOON!

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Had to give my Z10 and it's bigger screen up to get my keys back on the Q10. I miss my Torch.. well, no, not really, but I miss the slider format. Only thing at this point that keeps me loyal to blackberry (other than patriotism) is they superior physical keyboard. It would take a phone with the Z30's capabilities and a keyboard to keep me happy at this point. Go slider!

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I need this phone! Good screen real estate if the z10 (not too big, not too small) w/ qwerty? I'll def get it!

Posted via CB10

Dont change it. Distinction is an important aspect of other competitors. Dont fix it if it aint broken.

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