BlackBerry Virtual Expert adds sensor and connectivity tests to the list of things you can diagnose

BlackBerry Virtual Expert adds sensor and connectivity tests to the list of things you can diagnose
By DJ Reyes on 29 Jan 2014 06:53 am EST

BlackBerry Virtual Expert is a small but useful app from by BlackBerry that allows you to run diagnostics on your device to check that everything is running smoothly. First released last summer, it is one I use every so often, just to check things are running as they should do. This latest update adds tests for the accelerometer and gyroscope. And it also adds tests for checking the HDMI and USB ports are working fine too. Great for finding out if there is something wrong with your ports.

If haven't yet used BlackBerry Virtual Expert, it is an app I highly recommend. You can run a test that checks everything or you can just run tests for certain things like a keypad test, or a sensor test. There's also a Health tab just gives you quick overview of your device or when things are quite running like they should be.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices as well as most legacy devices. It is also free so go check out today.

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BlackBerry Virtual Expert adds sensor and connectivity tests to the list of things you can diagnose


Interestingly, it was deleted by the update yesterday but I got notice that it had been updated and had to reinstall.

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I actually deleted this app, I have needed to use it and it's been helpful. I just don't keep it on my phone. But it would make sense if this wasn't an "app" but was right in the setting menu, same way BB Protect is.

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Ran through all the tests. What I didn't see, is a test to insure your touch screen was properly calibrated, or if any sensors in it was off.

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Love Virtual Expert for checking on how my Q10 is doing!! On Bell, and when I updated, the app was gone. Just went to Blackberry World, re-downloaded, and installed. Working fine. :-)

The legacy devices have this similar functioning already built in. Go to "Device and Status Information" in the settings and type TEST. It's not as advanced as this app but it works for the older BlackBerry phones.

This is a great app and why haven't certain BlackBerry apps received the Built For BlackBerry?

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Lol, so funny. I saw the icon after updating and deleted it without even realizing what I did until I hit up the forums here. Very useful app.

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The 10.2.1 upgrade included BBVE 2.4.7 as a hidden app, which is accessed from the Help app's menu bar "testing". Unfortunately, it becomes invisible in the home screen as a result.

It may also be invoked by the browser by typing "bbve://"

Upgrading from BlackBerry World will make BBVE visible again on the home screen.

Hope this helps.

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Hey BBry, great overall OS update. This little will remain on my device.

I wonder why though a few minor irritants were not addressed such as:

When adding an address, used to be that when you went to enter the City/State or Province, the first letter would auto capitalize. This was in 10.1 IIRC but later updates - no longer. Minor, but an irritant nevertheless.


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Love the battery meter percentage. Very handy, if you don't bother with a dedicated battery app.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Okay...this is pretty dope! Downloaded and I like a lot.

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Just downloaded the app. Very cool app I like it!!!! Man I live my blackberry :) keep up the good work!!!!

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@lilchukzy: There is a Health Screen stoplight display (Green/Yellow/Red) for Battery Health status, right under the charging state.