BlackBerry UX design team offers up official BlackBerry 10 icons for developer use

BlackBerry 10 Icons
By Bla1ze on 14 Jan 2013 08:27 pm EST

With BlackBerry 10 there are a lot of design changes in place over the previous BlackBerry OS iterations. As such, there is a whole new set of icons and visuals styles that will be used. To keep things in sync visually, there is a set of UI guidelines that developers should follow when creating apps. To help make that happen, the BlackBerry UX design team has now shared the action icons used throughout BlackBerry 10 for developer use. If you're building an app, you'll want to have these handy in case you need to implement them.

Download the BlackBerry 10 action icons

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BlackBerry UX design team offers up official BlackBerry 10 icons for developer use



Now we need a lesson in what they mean. Starting from the top-left and reading across each row, we have....

Add a folder?
Typing not allowed?
Not allowed?

... ok what are the rest? A few have me stumped. Any guesses?

Any word on whether the icons for Blackberry 10 will look like the Playbooks? I really like how the Playbook icons look, a lot less bulky.

These Icons are not new. You can find them on the developers page. There are a total of 59 icons. but for these 24 I'll give you the file name.

Row 1: Add folder, Add Contact, Add, BBM, Cancel Selection, Cancel
Row 2: Copy Link image, Copy Link, Copy Password, Copy, Cut, Delete
Row 3: Done, Edit Profile, Edit, E-mail, Enable, Expand
Row 4: Forward as Text, Help, Info, Lock, Map, Move

The images also come with a excel document that has a description section. For example the Cancel Selection (edyb "Typing not allowed") the description on the excel file says, "cancels currently selected text."

While I love the new direction that rim is going with bb10 and even the new UI that is meant to make things so much faster and easier i just wish there was one thing that they would change about it. Has anyone else noticed that the new UI of bb10 is kinda like IOS?With all the apps being to the right and something else is designated to the left(notification hub).I just wish that there was a way that you could some how "hide the apps"or kinda do like the previous blackberry OS's that had all the apps in a app draw. I mean it made the home screen look more organized....and not so busy looking like the IOS homescreen looks. I mean blackberry has always been a tool that is for people who are serious with getting things done. But would you want to walk into your office and find every tool you use just right there on the table?which would kinda make the table look cluttered?or wouldn't it be better to have things in a draw or "put out of sight"until it is needed?while this is small i think that alot of people would like to unlock the screen of there bb10 and see there favorite pic with just say 3 apps on the very bottom and everything else is "out of sight" til its needed you know?this is what i wish RIM would change or at least hopefully there will be something like a UI organizer app on bb10.