BlackBerry users earn big, Android users drink the most and iPhone users are ambitious

By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2013 10:40 am EDT

The DailyMail has posted up the results of a recent TalkTalk Mobile study and the results may surprise you. The study compared over 2,000 BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users to determine how their choice of device related to their personality.

Users were asked about their smartphone as well as personality, habits and job. The results were interesting to say the least. 

BlackBerry users were found to be the biggest earners as well as send the most texts and make the most calls. iPhone owners rated themselves the most vain, most ambitious and most well-traveled. Android users round out the list being the most creative as well as those who drink the most.

Here are the full results of the study:

BlackBerry Users

  • Earn the most
  • Industries: Finance, property and health
  • Put in the least hours at work
  • Make the most calls and send the most texts
  • Have the most long term relationships
  • Drink the most tea and coffee
  • Are the most social
  • Are the least punctual
  • Eat out the most
  • Have the most friends
  • Characteristics: Loud, bubbly

iPhone Users

  • Rate themselves most attractive.
  • Most ambitious.
  • Most successful.
  • Hardest worker.
  • Thinks their boss rates them highly.
  • Industry: Media darlings.
  • Work late the most- five times a month.
  • Most active on social media.
  • Most well-travelled.
  • Spend the most on clothes and grooming each year.
  • Characteristics: Confident, ambitious, daring, bright, flirty

Android Users

  • Most creative.
  • Best cooks.
  • Most polite.
  • Industries: Culture and sport
  • Put in the longest hours at work
  • Watch the most TV
  • Drink the most
  • Characteristics: Shy, quiet, relaxed, introvert, calm

So what say you? Is this on par with your personality and habits? 

For me the coffee drinking definitely fits, but I'm honestly not too sure about the rest. Most of it makes sense but we want to see if this study holds true for the CrackBerry nation. Sound off in the comments and let us know!



First! Earning big time..


ahahhaha all of these are so true i can relate

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Young Z

I have all three phones. Apparently I am a rich ambitious drunk.

Check out my "Facepalm" channel: C0001F676


Or a tardy, vain, couch potato.

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Tomas Carrillo

50% but I'm pretty sure a OS isn't related to your traits.

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No way, the things you own say everything about you! There is an old saying in good ol' germany "Show me your smartphone and I'll tell you who you are." Fits perfectly...


I agree. Which OS you chose says a ton about you. I agree with a lot of what this survey says. Especially about the coffee, I drink way too much. My brother uses Android and is a part of a younger age group (we ate separated by a decade) and he uses Android and some of those characteristics describe him. Maybe it's an age thing as well. As someone nearing 30 vs one that isn't even 20, it makes a lot of sense.

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As an edit, I am also going into real estate, so the property aspect applies to me as well.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |


I agree with you but "show me your smartphone" is an old saying? lol

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What would you guys say about the millions of people who switched from BlackBerry to other platforms? All of a sudden their personalities changed?


It's not so much the phone or the OS as it would be what you do with it.

As for the millions who switched, maybe it was because BlackBerry wasn't FOR them to begin with. Maybe the big change in BlackBerry is to broaden their niche to a new "flavor" of people?


Yeh, plus what happens when you have various. I am in a kind of crisis as I use both iOS and Android, and think BBOS is cool. BTW where is WP? They have more market share than BB. What are they like?

Kevin Michaluk

I love that BlackBerry users drink the most coffee. Awesome. 

Soo... studies like this make me just want to carry around all three - BlackBerry, iPhone and Android phone. That makes me some sort of super human, right? 


Starbucks should take notice... and get us their App!


One of my saddest days was the day Starbucks stopped supporting the BlackBerry app.


The Android explains your drinking habits :P


"studies like this make me just want to carry around all three" Are you serious? :-)

"Rate themselves most attractive"
"Thinks their boss rates them highly"

Not sure I'd want to be in that crowd. Clearly they're in love with themselves and deluded!

As for "most successful", obviously that's not in a financial sense.

What the survey suggests is that iPhones are bought by people who think the device makes them look cooler. Which I guess is a self fulfilling prophecy for people who rate themselves most attractive.

They have to work harder but make less than BlackBerry users.

Sounds like they're a bit dumb doesn't it? So carry an Android and BlackBerry, but unless you're self obsessed and don't mind looking stupid you'd best leave that iPhone at home ;-)


^ This!

I was about to say the same! How do you rate being success? Money? Because that's how I would, and if that is the case, then BlackBerry users are more successful (and what's more, in more PRESTIGIOUS jobs... anyone can be a fckn' great barista, but that doesn't mean that they are successful).

Looking at it, iPhone users seem shallow and THINK that they are the bomb, but if I read this correctly, BlackBerry users have the most friends, are outgoing and well, there are less users because it's the 1% lol(I'm not, but maybe one day :p ).

As for Android... let's get some beer after work!

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Always earning.

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Mostly inaccurate.

C0004E653 - The official channel for


Not really. All the iphone users i know are full of them selves, have big dreams, work long hours and spend most of thier on clothes. The android users i know are very creative, modest or shy and pretty good cooks. Now the BB user i work less hours than my iphone or android friends, i drink more coffee then them and i make more money than all of them.

Now this won't hold true for everyone but, in my case this is very accurate.


I agree with the coffee part and sending the most texts or making calls. Actually more emails than texts. But the rest I can't say really applies to me.

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Agreed as well.

From the 9700 Bold2 to a Q10 via CB10


I like "Thinks their boss rates them highly" for Apple users. That about sums it up...


I really think the importance of what kind of phone you use is getting a bit blown out of proportion. It's still just a phone.

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I totally agree with you. It's getting ridiculous!

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Actually, it's not rediculous. I agree, it's not totally accurate but there is some truth to it. For example, there are people who will not follow herd and look for value. These people would most likely buy an android except Samsung which seems to be becoming even more expensive than Apple. There are others who want status and will get what's considered cool without even knowing the product. There are some who cheer for underdogs. And there are some who always look for change, are quick learners, and are looking for the next best thing (not necessarily coolest). I believe most BB10 users belong the last category. For example, I look for value and I am also cheering for underdogs. So, I like both BB10 and Windows 8. I loathe the idea of owning anything Apple. Just "i" prefix for Apple products says it all for its products and may be its owners, something to do with conceited view of oneself.


Agreed 100%!

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George Richardson1

I only disagree with this because I'm a blackberry user and I see myself as very attractive.

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Money money money :)

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Jerale Hoard

I believe that having a BlackBerry could be all those options (Android and iPhone) especially for the BlackBerry Z10.

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So what about me then? I've used BB, iPhone, Android, as well as Windows Phone each for a considerable amount of time... (over a year or two each)

p.s. where's windows phone from that survey? No personality, eh? ;)

Jerale Hoard

If anything Windows should be considered most creative.

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Window Phone = No Personality.



Accurate for me.

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What I think is interesting is how one could spin this to either favor or disfavor any of the three. I'd be interested to know the questions asked and whether the study/survey asked respondents to rate themselves or to provide more quantifiable or qualitative information that the administrator (or the DailyMail) could then analyze and interpret. Of course, any study like this is going to be over-generalized in its analysis, and not representative of every single user. Interesting stuff, though. Thanks for the post, Adam.


All my Co lawyers use BlackBerry

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So let me see, James Bond uses blackberry,

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Nope, The newest James Bond had the xperia z :P



Big deal. Some of the characteristics of BlackBerry users fit me, some couldn't be more far off of my personality. Some attributes of iphone users are me spot on, and others Not. I think people are trying to make an association where one does not exist.


Increase of ice cream sales correlates with an increase of swimming deaths.

Reality: in the summer people buy ice cream more and swim more. The two are not related to each other

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Brad Pitt uses iPhone, and Mr bean uses android

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What if i have all those phone?

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I consider myself an awesome cook! (hope to become a chef) And well......attractive. lol.

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Agree with iPhone and Blackberry (except the "Loud, Bubbly") sections.
Unsure about the Android side of things.

But interesting comparison.


From what I see on other site's comments, I am not sure we can agree with Android people being the most polite...

Bubbly? Hmm...
2. lively; animated; excited. "a bubbly personality"
3. Full of high spirits; effervescent

Right... Unless we get bad news. Then we sure get loud!


For those who are in the know realize that self assessments are extremely inaccurate and the participants tend to rate themselves higher. Take this survey with a grain of salt.

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BlackBerry - movers
iPhone - metrosexual
Android - everyone else

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Lol @ metrosexuals. +1

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Not sure if it is really accurate...

I do drink a lot of tea and coffee that fits, but else?

Supplying people with information they never knew they wanted to know, is that social? I'm not sure that fits me...

What definitely does not fit is not being punctual - I am pretty much always punctual or rather early - then only exception being events completely out of my hands (though if it is important I try to account for it and plan in extra time.)

As to beating out... I did not used to do that during my maths degree - I do in sometimes nowadays because I can afford it every now and then (keeping an eye on my finances), BUT I'd rather eat out less often and then better than cheaper and more often. Incidentally, I know an iphone user who likes eating out a lot....
In the end, such a study is just too general and every phone usage group will have its own subgroups.

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Eric Russo


Posted with my Z10


I'm a little bit of everything.

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If blackberry users earn the most working the least I say we're the smartest ;)

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farmer ken

Close. Definitely drink more coffee than most people.

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True That!

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This news was covered in the Toronto news on TV also.

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10


Seems to fit perfectly for me vs my friends...
And the friends I do have with BlackBerry's are high earners

People that ain't brain washed own BlackBerry's


A bit like reading the horoscopes


I seem to be a cross between BlackBerry and Android. Which is about right as I own products from both sides of that fence.


I'm in for the coffee too...

...forever BlackBerry ...


Pretty close on my for BlackBerry

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Sajan Parikh

Not sure this is entirely applicable to me. I've preferred, waited, and been loyal to BlackBerry for years and my personality fits more into the Android category from that study.

I've used Android exclusively for a year, and can definitely say I prefer BlackBerry.


This stuff is like reading palms and star signs.

gonzo uk

Sounds like i should have an android phone. Lol.
Oh well I've never fit in to a stereotype.

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Meh. Surveys suck.

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I'm still mad in the USA only Verizon has the white z10...i hate that picture they posted with 2 white phones!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

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So, what makes Windows' users then?

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Had to squint so hard in order to read the texts in the image... and later found them in the article just below the image. ARRGGGHHH!!!!

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That's weird, all the characteristics of an an android user for me perfectly..

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Uhh most top ranked people are baby boomers and are resistant to change/technology. Companies are now moving away from blackberry as a fact and that's how I got a sweet deal on my q10

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I got non of the positive traits of all three phones. I should go back to using land line. Good bye world!!


I know a lot of iPhone users have them only for the image. They love to say BlackBerry sucks even though they know nothing about how it works or what it can do. For the most part they don't even know what their iphones can do

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They do! Post pics on instagram and do lots of selfies... XD

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Mostly what I expected. Except I'd say that BlackBerry users work the most. I noticed that the one missing industry is law, where the BlackBerry is still king, though some firms have gone BYOD. The lawyers are too busy to respond, but trust me, they love their BlackBerries; including them will definitely skew the working hours, earnings, and the biggest use of the phone will be for email.

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I'm on my 5th cup of coffee out of 6 for the day. My family makes 61% more than the $52,762 US national average for household income. And our home is 47% more valuable than the $186,200 for 2012 US national median home value. Showing off? No. Just saying that I think they're close to being right. Now, I drink more than the average BlackBerry user, too! LOL! But doesn't mean I want an A$$droid product!

Kyle Andrei

I make good money
In finance industry
Own my business
Work a lot of hours
Love coffee
Text,email and talk a lot
definitely loud and social

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I totally agree with this article... all I go to do is look at my friends and their personalities... and a perfect match made in heaven..

Sent by Bbry Z10


I laughed instantly when I got to the part android users are most polite. NOT. Not in my country. They are way way way way waaaaaaaaaay very far from polite. Especially in everything related to BlackBerry.

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All generalizations are wrong.

Z10-4 .4687 via CB10


Me as a BlackBerry User:

Yes. Earn the most
No. Industries: Finance, property and health
Yes. Put in the least hours at work
No. Make the most calls and send the most texts
Yes. Have the most long term relationships
Yes. Drink the most tea and coffee
Yes. Are the most social
No. Are the least punctual
No. Eat out the most
Yes. Have the most friends
Yes. Characteristics: Loud, bubbly

Not bad. 64%

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As much as, I enjoy studies like these (they're just fun to look at), this doesn't even come close to describing me. Like, I don't even drink coffee... :p

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I'm sorry, but how good does that Z10 look next to the iPhone? It's so slick.

CB10 on my Z10


Looks like Windows Phone users are so hipster they don't even show up in this article.


Stupid survey is stupid. Plenty of people from both ends of the spectrum out there using all of these devices.

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BlackBerry users have it made.

Earn more, work less, more social life , eat out the most, etc etc

Feel a bit sorry for android users... there is always AA... lol

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I feel like it is mostly inaccurate, specifically the characteristics and "least hours" part. But still pretty cool.

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Surprisingly true. I tried denying it at first but then was shocked. Lol!

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No surprise here. This was a survey. Judging by the obnoxious posts here its clear most bbry users consider themselves to be astronaut cowboy millionaires.

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Majestic Lion

Two words suffice to confirm whatever follows as folly: Daily Mail.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can see how the bloomin' thing could lead the unfortunate user towards hitting the bottle. It sucks so much they could have branded it Hoover.


Coffee? Of course. Text? Sure? Calls oh my god.

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It's very true, i'm loud and bubbly, have lots of friends and make over 200K/yr But i also use a windows phone so apparently i'm non-existent at the same time.


What about Windows Phone? :p hahhaa


Seems I should be with Android then

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Poirots Progeny

Daily mail surveys now constitute news on crackberry? I don't know what the international readership is, for said paper; I do know what people think of its readers here in blighty... goood grief!

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BlackBerry Owner 1

I have characteristics from from all three of those platforms. But most of the list is not true.

Actually I find most android users to be loud, sometimes cocky, don't put in many hours at work. And ios users tend to be a huge mix of personalities and situations because so many people have the perception that the iPhone is the best phone out and end up buying it just because it's and iPhone.

The list for BlackBerry has 2 or 3 things that I would consider correct from MOST BlackBerry users but definitely not all of them. (I have 2 things going for me on that list)

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Yup definitely a BlackBerry. Except my characteristic's and Job industry. No wonder I'm the only of my friends that still has a BlackBerry. Love these things till the wheels fall of.

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IPhone users are in the Arts....

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Look at my name. Enough said.

Posted via naked white BlackBerry z10

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Yea!!! I live the big bucks category.

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I wish I made big money. Maybe one day.

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blackberry artichoke

I definitely drink coffee everyday and work 4 days a week.

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BlackBerry guys earn the most... That's right!
The recent phones but BlackBerry are really expensive and one must earn that much to spend. :)

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Earn the most while putting the least amount of hours at work sounds good to me
Never punctual is so me
And long term relationships is good to me too

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BlackBerry users are most social, have the most friends? I dont understand. Can we do this after BBM launches for iOS and Android?


BlackBerry users "Eat out the most" :)

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Guilty as charged......

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Haha true

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Put the least hours at work because we work off our phones.

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"Android users drink the most".... I read "Android girls are easy" ;)

Harrison Cole

These actually relate to the demographic of each phone so well. BlackBerry is mostly for business users, iphones are for females or teenage guys and Androids are for those who want to be different and not follow the iphone fad.

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I would have thought we read the most negative news

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Hmm...judging from the data, it would seem to read that iPhone users are narcissists.

m osnato12

Well according to this I should be an android user. Nothing about blackberry or iPhone is me at all and I've only had BlackBerry smart phones hahaha

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I know it's just a study, but I just think it's pretty sad that the world (our society) came down to this.

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Yeah I agree....I would have to be half-crocked to want to use Android, too


Got me pegged as a BlackBerry user!

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see lot of similarity as BB users so +1


BlackBerry owners are also least likely to own a smartphone

Posted via CB10


Hmm, if I'm included in the metrics, then this is prolly true!
I'm staying with BlackBerry.



I am a mix of all 3... -_-''


Big swooping generalizations that sort of align with how we already perceive each other...


If Google makes a phone, I suspect the owner would want to know it all in .0004 seconds.

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No windows phine, really. They all seem true though


I am anti-social, never call or txt (BBM or Whatsapp only) and drink way too much to be carrying a Z10...


No surprise here. For the most part, i'd you've spend any time interviewing users (such as this cross platform developer has), you have begun to gain this knowledge. Now, however, it's nice to have some data to refer to.

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Don't the Kardashian chicks rock BlackBerrys?



hey! I drink a lot as well. :)

Z10 : Black is back

Ralph Gillander

So true. I'm a rich drunk so far.

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I'm glad I read this while taking a $iht, otherwise I would ask for the past 5 mi uses of my life I just spent lol

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Posted via CB10


lol. bout half of the list fits me. x_x

Christopher Jacobi

Loyal and patient would be Blackberry user attributes. Surprised the survey didn't capture that.


According to this, I must be an Android user.

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How is it BlackBerry users put in fewer hours at work, but finance is listed as the first occupation. Something doesn't seem right about that.

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Higher paying jobs.


The iPhone owner attributes, which I see with more than a dozen coworkers every day, are fairly accurate in my opinion

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I'm surprised how many hits were bang on for me. They must have got their data from the NSA.

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I agree with it.

Up till 3 months ago I drank tea 24/7
I make more than most that I know
I mainly use my phone for calls and texts
I work less hours than those I know

It's off on the clothes though. I spend more on clothes than most of the people I know.



I'm a mix of all :3 mostly on blackberry and android though. My gf is more iPhone and Android xd

Posted on CB10 on my Z10


Anyone notice there's no windows phone??

and did anyone notice the subtle faces at the top of the phones? i love that they did that


I just completed a survey about myself.

I'm hot
Work hard
Vacation every day
Have super model girl friends
Have tons of friends in general
I can drink more than anyone
Work well with others

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Upper class, middle class and working class. Likely.

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I have android and BlackBerry so am creative and social

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Posted via CB10


crapberry users earn the most... who you fucking kidding!?!?!?

jenn blurton

Lol it fits...btw how do I change my user name?

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Not sure about this one... Apple has always catered to creatives. These creatives write books, tv shows, screenplays, design, art, graphic arts.

Always creating...

Then they become succesful heads of studios and get handed a worked issued Blackberry.

And, it seems Apple users are probably having sex with better looking people.

Hmm... The woman in the $1000 or the one flashing roms and rooting their phones...?


I'll take the woman who thinks she's hot. Cause here in New York City, she probably is.

As you were...


I should have kept using Android then... I don't get point of these surveys.


I love to drink (I'm Canadian) and yes I earn big with oil patch money.

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Zed 10 user here.
- currently my earnings are of the treasure in heaven kind
- work in Ministry full-time, write and teach
- work more hours at odder times than ever for no monetary wage
- many more texts and emails than calls ( am introverted prefer short concise communications)
- long term relationship - yes (27 years and happy)
- coffee - yeah definitely drink too much cutting down, too acidic
- most social? Not by nature but by practice have learned to be much more so. Sixteen years in the Air Force both helped and impeded socialness.
- do have small punctuality challenges
- do not eat out much (on purpose)
- most friends ( small cadre of close - close friends, counted on one-hand), many more aquaintences
- not loud and bubbly, reserved and intense with sporadic eruptions of wackiness and ridiculous pun humor among trusted parties

So as far as the profile goes, it may be accurate to say BlackBerry users are un-profilable. We are a unique breed - not quantifiable by trait nor tendency. We are not defined by the box, we exceed the box... hopefully not by size. :)

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Ron In Motion

What about those who earn big, drink the most and ambitious?


wow this is really pretty accurate for me and my friends who are non bb users!


I find myself mix between all three of them.

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Surveys never mention the exceptions to their rule. Im a BlackBerry loyalist and am the opposite of most of those. I earn squat living on a Walmart salary so I'm no "big earner." I work 40hrs because thats the most they'll allow me, so "least hours" is incorrect. I can't attract a girl to save my life after many years so the relationships one is incorrect. I never miss an appointment and have never been late to work so the punctual thing is a +. I have only two people I would call "friends", and im absolutely the direct opposite of loud or "bubbly."

These surveys always crack me up.


I seem to have dropped the tiniest grain of salt with which I've taken this "study".

Where do I begin? This was industry produced, and it was based out of the UK—which is not representative of any market other than its own.

Those Blackberry "big earners" are corporate users tied down to company-ordained handset policies; what correlation could this show with personality?

Nothing more than a fluff piece; perfect fodder for those looking to fuel the flames of these exhausting phone wars.

gg bb

Creepy Berry
- this is just a bit too accurate!
I work producing financial reporting for a health company. Invest in property as a side line. Take unpaid leave for extra holidays.....

Posted via CB10

gg bb

I don't think earns the most means necessarily corps tied in. They are there of course. I think it's just relative.
Says as much about Android as BlackBerry. Android phones are just the perfect device for people who travel to work on the bus, spend more time on thier own than they would like to and need something to pass the time without spending money they don't have. After working the long hours they have to put in they drink away thier sorrows.
We probably all had phases in our life being the typical android looser. Trouble is there are more people spending more of their lives in this state it's the global economy. No suprise android is on the rise then.

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Wow, this was amazing. Everything rings true, LMAO.


It's like what is your zodiac and let me tell what kind of person are you.

Posted via CB10


true in some parts, not in all.



Characteristics for BB users: Loud and bubbly! LOL. So true! :)


iToy users = arrogant little bitches (owned)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10.


After reading some of these posts I feel like doing a relationship compatibility rating based on device users.

BlackBerry and BlackBerry, a great team, hard working, in it for the long haul, but distant and a bit on the boring side.

BlackBerry and Android, a case of opposites attract, each inspire eachother, a set up for a well balanced relationship.

BlackBerry and iPhone, too many egos in the room, a clash of perspective, one thinks you have to work long hours to deserve your earnings and the other is just clever.

Android and Android, a very passionate relationship, but lacking stability and financial support.

Android and iPhone, work well together as socialites, but if they both have their eye on the same thing animalistic competition kicks in.

And finally
iPhone and iPhone, the perfect relationship, both completely living in their own fantasy world's, love themselves so much all they need is company.

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IPhone vs iPhone sounds exactly like bbry vs bbry. Mindless drones,we love the leader (thor). Just like the Simpsons cult episode.

Posted via CB10


No matter what, on stuff like that, Marketing decisions are made every day, so good news to monetize BBM channels!!!!

Posted via CB10


I work 95 hours per pay period. Not exactly spending the least amount of time at work in my opinion

Posted via CB10


I agree for the most part, but I have had all three OS,. granted I am now equipped almost entirely with BlackBerry. I will say almost everyone I know with an iPhone is full of themselves and the Android owners are normally heavy drinkers.. some are even drunks!


I work for Verizon, mostly out of retail stores, and I can testify to this pretty well.

The only people, and I mean the ONLY people who buy BlackBerrys or even look at BBs are super successful people. I worked with a guy who does all of the general contracting for WAL MART and he carried a BlackBerry, upgraded to the Q10 actually. I have another customer who organizes and runs all of Paul Michell's events and she uses a Z10 for work and a Droid DNA for personal (makes sense because she's a good hairstylist as well).

iPhones are purchased by three demographics: 1) Hipsters/townies who think working 60 hours a week at their HR firm making $30k a year is "success." 2) The grandparents of demographic #1 who don't know any better, and 3) People who love Macs and are too lazy to explore anything not made by Apple.

Androids are purchased by two types of people: tech nerds who are awful and insufferable, and chill, normal, hard working people who just want a phone that does cool stuff and want a vast array of hardware to pick from.

Windows Phones are typically purchased by some variant of the iPhone people. Sometimes the hipster/townies parents go Windows Phone because they run their business on Microsoft Office. The other purchaser of Windows Phones are very young people who like how much is going and how colorful/clean it is.

I know this seems like pigeon-holing but after spending like 5 minutes with a customer I can tell which way they're gonna go.


Well for sure Blackberry owners earn the most, as Blackberry helps them be the most productive, ha!


BlackBerry users ROCK!!!!


So true! Surprisingly accurate lol.

Z10STL100-2/ O2 Uk


I am 8 of the BlackBerry list so I'd say it definitely represents me.

Z10 :)


I need to understand how are BlackBerry or i phones comparable with android. when apple & BlackBerry have there own few phones that they manufacture & android is only an os that many different manufacturers like HTC. Samsung. & many more Use as there os. They produce diffrent phones with different specks. Which I'm sure when people buy thesse phones don't say oh wow I need to have that phone because it has an android os. they look at the camera or so on. And as a BlackBerry owner for 10 years or more I definitely didn't stick with BlackBerry because it has better specks then the HTC 1 or galaxy 3-. 4 or Nokia


I'm a BB Z10 user and i'm not boring!


Hey - where do I lodge my complain? I have a BB and don't earn a lot ... Somebody must have forgot to put me on their payroll x)


Doesn't match up with what I've seen. Also, without knowing the study methodology, I think it's suspect.


I guess I would drink a lot if I owned an Android. My wife is an Apple flirt and is never wrong. And that leaves me (Z10 guy) to buy all of you and ship you to .................


I've never owned an iPhone/android smart phone...they don't appeal to my needs and in a way I agree with the survey...I defo see iPhone as Vein, and I do happen to work in finance and drink coffee lol

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