BlackBerry Users Demanding More Money from Employers

We Want a Raise!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jun 2008 08:27 am EDT

Time for a raise! According to the CNN clip above, more and more BlackBerry users think it's time they get compensated for carrying around the BlackBerry Ball and Chain 24/7. Watch the video then let us know what you think!!

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BlackBerry Users Demanding More Money from Employers


Wow I am inpressed the strongest man not able to take out a blackberry, very inpressive, they really are a ball and chain

I can definitely see where this article was going. I don't think businesses should have to pay more to employees who carry a BB for work. Now, if a business wants their employees to do work on the BB after hours, then it is only fair to pay them.

Businesses wont tell you if they expect you to work on your blackberry... They figure if it is in your hands, then you will just work outside of business hours.

I'll bet most employees use their Blackberrys for personal use. That could be considered a benefit and treated as taxable income. Employers need to be reasonable in their expectations of 24/7 availability of employees within most office environments unless it is part of the job requirements. Of course, there are various jobs where people, such as emergency services or round-the-clock operations, where employees do need to be on call 24/7. Let's be reasonable.

I think that the people do have a point. The only tough part would be how to determine a way for them to be paid for *off hours, business related cell-phone use.

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While I agree if your employer is requiring you to use it after hours, you should be compensated.
If you are using it on your own time because you want to stay connected to work then, no.
We all have the option of turning it off.
That being said, we somehow can't, because we all want to stay connected, not miss the next email that may make or break our next day at work. In today's society, it is all about being one step ahead of everyone else.

Don't you just Love it CNN comes out and says "BlackBerry Users" not smart phone or iphone or Tero but Berry is the one recognized as the businessman's or businesswoman's tool the one that gets the job done. I do have to say i sort of agree with the idea because when you work on salary your expected to put in extra time when needed and I'm sure anyone can see with the BB's abilities employers my be tempted to request more work from an employee. But the way I see it if it's a problem ask for a raise or find a new job, or tell your boss that weekends are off limits.

Well, after reviewing the CNN tape, my opinion is that some people need to wake up and smell the roses. I don't think anyone forces people to carry the bb after hours. They can always place the device on the dresser at home until they get to work the next morning. I think most of them carry it because they care about the work area or maybe they just don't want to miss any of those personal messages they receive from family and friends.

I like the fact that I know what to expect when I get up in the morning ready to work. I work out of my home and travel so the BB is a good thing for me.

Keep in mind there are many people out there looking for jobs that would be more than happy to have a BB to answer.

Let's find a good cause to fight such has poverty, hunger, etc.