BlackBerry user goes fingers on with the Typo keyboard for iPhone

By Bla1ze on 6 Jan 2014 11:28 pm EST

Despite the fact that BlackBerry has now filed a lawsuit against Typo Products for their slip-on iPhone keyboard due to its similarities to the BlackBerry keyboard, Typo is on hand at CES 2014 and offering plenty of demos of the accessory. We caught up with them at Pepcom to get hands-on look for ourselves and do a little bit of a quick comparison. Realistically, it would likely be great solution for those who want a keyboard on their iPhone but with the legal concerns it's hard to say where it'll end up.

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BlackBerry user goes fingers on with the Typo keyboard for iPhone


I'm sure iphone users are going to use this only when there is no BlackBerry user around.

Q10 \m/

They will use this right after telling a BB user that a physical keyboard is "lame old technology"

Yes, I've heard an iphone user say that. Even though my phone ALSO has a touchscreen, she somehow figured that including a keyboard in ADDITION to the touchscreen somehow means my Q10 is "old technology." Even though the Q10 is faster and more advanced than her iphone, but whatever, facts don't go far with these idiots...

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I love my iPhones and Blackberries equally. But if I have to choose one I'd go with Blackberry. Having a Blackberry ensures my ability to afford many new iPhones. If some idiot makes that comment to me I'd smile and reply "oh I leave that one at home!"

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OK, so I came home to my hotel room just now Adam was waiting for me... and he handed me a Typo. Turns out Typo loves CrackBerry (I guess we've been sending lots of traffic their way as we write about this thing) and they gave us a free unit even though it's pre-release.

I've been typing on it with my iPhone the last little pretty. The damn keyboard is actually pretty damn effen good. Totally a BlackBerry rip off in terms of keyboard design. The frets between rows are total BlackBerry, as is the shape of the keys. I get why BlackBerry is turning the legal screws on them. But from a product standpoint, I'm typing on it really well. Keys are clacky, which I like. It's a narrow keyboard, but usable. Setup was easy. Not sure on battery life as I haven't use it much. Having the tiny home button isn't that big of a deal. You lose Touch ID on 5s, but time saved and dexterity gained on a proper keyboard outweighs that.

Kinda surprised at how good it is. Bandaid solution, but it works. Will be interesting to see what happens on the legal side.

I wouldn't be surprised since I think I read some where that Seacrest really like BlackBerry's keyboard from old. So i guess this inspired the design. Hope they change it a bit or get a deal with BlackBerry.

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Since they sent CrackBerry a Typo, you should get a new video online. The focus on the carpet was really distracting and didn't show the product for comparison purpose.

Having its keyboard patent infringed like that would be devastating for Blackberry and frankly not that profitable for Typo either. If Blackberry's popularity goes down people would just gradually forget about physical keyboard on smart phones, and having a snap on keyboard like that would truely make someone look like he's hanging on to the dianasaur age. Typo is fighting a lose-lose battle with all the resources it's got. Whoever came up with the idea that Typo is gonna make enough profit to cover the lawsuit and PR cost does not know how the market works.

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I like this comment below the CNET demo video...
"Why would you name your keyboard company; Typo? That's like naming a car company Vehicular Homicide."

Kevin- how securely is the keyboard attached to the phone?

I'm really not sure if this is good or bad for BB. I mean, if people use these keyboards, will they begin to wonder what the experience is with a Q10? (Q5, or whatever)

OR, does it take sales away from BB?

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Kevin, this is exactly what the Q10 should have been when it launched!!! Fingers crossed that the blueprint is in the works now for a Q30 that not only has a bigger screen than the 3 inches on the Q10 but has a tall screen. The whole thing is being able to see your message while you type and the tall screen is perfect. Gosh, Typo nailed it with this one. The smart thing for BlackBerry to do would be to either buy Typo or make them pay for a license to use the keyboard design.

BlackBerry should just buy this company and produce a keyboard for the iPhone rather than watch a little startup reap the rewards.

Yes, but you can only purchase a company that wants to sell itself. Not sure how much $$$ threw in, but they may want to wait for a bit.

Maybe they will. Chen did say that he would like to see the BB experience on iOS and Android. We all think he means software, but it doesn't have to be....

Why would BlackBerry buy a company that is using intellectual property without permission. Why would BlackBerry not just make its own iPhone keyboard or license its keyboard for a royalty?

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I really enjoyed Adam's lack of enthusiasm about demoing an iPhone lol. Shows he didn't think too much of It really.

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Probably lost a bet to Bla1ze. Or Kevin threatened to fire him...for the thirty sixth time.

Nah, Adam brought me home a Typo, so not fired... this time. I feel like 2014 looks good on Adam. Haven't even yelled at him once this year.

Easily one of the best CB comedy moments reviewing the typo. I think he summed up in an instant what most of us think. Liquid gold this one. Might as well of just held it up to the camera and then thrown it on the floor and walked off. Pure genius!

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If you have sausage fingers maybe your New Years Resolution should be to eat healthy and workout. :-)

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I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned! lol

Seriously though...I have big hands. Like...unreasonably big hands. I'm 6' and only weigh 83Kg...some of us just have big-ass fingers. Some of us also have sausage fingers - those people are most likely fat. haha

Side by side it looks like someone found the q10 manufacturer and bought some keyboard replacement parts for q10 and sticked it to the bottom of a bulky battery case.....this shouldn't even need to go to court if the world wasn't so greedy and laws made to protect the guy with the smartest ( and better paid) lawyer....

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If this had been a collaboration I think it would've gone over better, but to blatantly copy the KB not cool.

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So, that told me what about it? Haha, sorry, but I would have liked a little more information, such as:
The balance / weight distribution of the phone with the case.
The feel of the keys.
The quality of the plastic.
The "typing experience" (how well does each key respond / feel when depressed, is the spacing comfortable, etc.).

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Right? Especially with this lawsuit going down, you'd think they'd comment on the (dis)similarities in the layout, the shape of each key, especially -- since, apparently, that's such an important part of it. I don't know. I feel like there was almost zero information there, and just a little bit of video time. I could have gathered that from pictures, even prototype pics. Hopefully this gets a follow up!

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1.4 ounces but I dunno about your other questions outside of Adam saying the keys are clicky. Might not even matter if they go to court and don't pay up for licensing fees. lol

Is it top heavy?
Does the it feel cheap or well made?
It's much skinnier than the Q10. Is it uncomfortably skinny or does it work well?
Just seemed a little less informative than I expected.
To be honest, id the lawsuit fails, this entire concept could cost BlackBerry a lot of users and a niche market, so I guess I was expecting a pretty in depth assessment. That's all.

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Meh, CB10 doesn't have an edit feature (that I'm aware of), or I'd condense this. I'm well aware this is an on the fly vid at CES; I'm just pretty interested in what the final experience offered by the product is like.
I mean, let's say that they get away with it... and Apple releases a similar product. then it's a huge issue for BlackBerry.

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"If you want a keyboard on your iPhone you should just probably buy a BlackBerry Q10 instead." ~ Adam Zeis


Great solution for those who want a keyboard with their iPhone: it's called a BlackBerry

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But you don't get it.

By doing it this way, hipsters can simultaneously scoff at BlackBerry while using their "retro" keyboard, which is uber hipsterish. They'll type on it while listening to vinyl records and wearing a steampunk outfit.

It's the BlackBerry Q80! The keyboard phone with a 4' screen lol

How one can say the Typo and Q10 keyboard do not look alike is beyond me

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If I ever see any of my iPhone users who constantly put down BlackBerry...I am going to laugh at them.. those BlackBerry wannabe's lol

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What's particularly hilarious is Seacrest and the rest were crowing about how the whole point of it was to replicate a BlackBerry typing experience while using an iPhone. OOPS... sorta shot themselves in the foot there.. yet they will "vigorously defend ourselves" against claims they were copying a BB keyboard.. ROFLcopter..

At 1:14 into the video, I spotted a big Quixey banner in the background. I still haven't figured out what the point of their offering is, but I regularly pass their office on my way to/from work every day. They actually have a big window along a strip of restaurants, in which they seem to show off all their job openings and photos of their "fun and hip" employees jumping or making happy faces.

I guess they're a "search engine for apps" or something.

Thanks for the video! We all know qwerty keyboard is gonna make a come back and this is where BlackBerry is gonna be number one once more!

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Slap a BlackBerry logo on it and I won't be so disgusted. All these iPhone users with a BlackBerry logo on their phones would be a fine irony.

Sportin' a Berry logo? I'd even buy an iPhone just for that, haha

Shows how backwards the iPhone's touchscreen is. BlackBerry an accessories maker for Apple! Imagine. Puts Jim Cook to shame.

No, there is no demand for physical keyboards, and Apple is never gonna make one. Right... Too bad....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Eh, personally I doubt it. I've already seen tons and tons of comments from people saying that this is just "a dead company grasping at straws". If BlackBerry wins this case, I'd imagine it will just worsen their already negative image amongst a number of iPhone users and if they lose, it'll just add fuel to those fires ("Haha suck it BBRY just die already"). Of course, I'm generalizing purely from my perspective and personal interactions, but I'm sure many others can agree that BlackBerry has a pretty unfavourable image amongst a large number of people.

Buy an iPhone if you want clicky.
Buy a BlackBerry if you want sweet.

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I'm surprised that didn't come from Samsung, they are the best at coping other peoples designs.

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I'm surprised CEA allowed them to be there while they have a lawsuit against them between BlackBerry. #CESlive

It's almost like the guys at Typo thought "BlackBerry is going down the shitter. They're not going to do anything about it."

Who's into hardware design?

This idea should spawn the Z10 or Z30 slider.

It's such a blantant Q10 rip off. If the Home Button of yesteryear can be patented, this is an open and shut win for BlackBerry.

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Don't know if anyone else has noticed but naming a keyboard after a typing mistake sounds dumb to me.

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That was the first that came to my mind. It’s a winning name, just like the Chevy Nova in Latin countries (no va means does not go). "Yes I'm typing away on my Typo keyboard, it's so grate. It makes my iphon lok cool.". Yes, typo it is.

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That's all I see coming from this...worse auto-correct fails on the iOS devices.

BTW, "Nova" in Latin means "new". Though, I'm sure you were talking about Spanish...

Though saying that the Chevy Nova is stupid in what you meant by "Latin countries" is also silly because presumably you meant Latin America which also includes Brazil in which Portuguese is dominant (Nova also means "new" in Portuguese) and this would also exclude Spain - the source of a majority of the language used in most of Latin America.

Lol...also, nothing I say is of importance or real consequence so don't fuss over anything I say. :-D

Preeeeetty much. I'm the worst...hehe. I'm just a sucker for schadenfreude.

Actually, I'm great at's when I'm NOT in party mode that I'm so terrible. ;)

That's a pretty ugly set up there. Phone is out of proportion now and looks uncomfortable to use.

The only problem with this keyboard is that for an iPhone5S user, it covers the TouchID sensor. Which means, only older iPhone users would be able to use it or 5C users. But I'm sure 5C users would be 5S users if they wanted to spend another $99 which means they wouldn't be likely to spend $99 on a keyboard.

So either way, this product will fail and phase out - unless they make their own TouchID. But also - I don't really know how the market is responding to TouchID and if they even care.

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I was also just thinking that the case only allows access to the Lightning Port, not the old 30-pin port which really narrows down the market to only the iPhone5 then - which isn't even made anymore. This product is stupid.

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Looks like the good old 9700 bold keyboard. Brilliant keyboard once you got used to the small keys.

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Bah! Come on, that was hardly worth watching.

There's patent litigation happening, the question you should have, but didn't answer is obvious: How similar is it to the BlackBerry keyboard on the Q10? Can you tell them apart with your eyes closed?

Most people here won't ever own an iPhone, and therefore won't be interested in how it makes an iPhone feel, etc.

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I've owned a iPhone. For a while. They get you with simplicity and great marketing. But then I grew up...


One thing this does prove to me is that the Q10 could have and should have had a 16:9 aspect ratio screen instead of the "too small" squarish 4:3 BlackBerry lumbered it with.

Q10 is 4:4 or 1:1, or 720x720 pixel

You can see that in the Camera app when you change aspect ratio for the shot

I think 4:3 portrait would have been just good enough to satisfy most, 4:4 is sometimes not enough vertically, not enough browser tabs and lots of scrolling

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Oh is it actually square 4:4, wow that's even worse than I thought.

I'm so unimpressed with the Q10 screen every time I pick one up. Too small, Cascades clutters the available screen space, touch sensitivity isn't as reliable as a Z10 or Z30 and the screen is far too dim for my liking.

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Chen made it obvious in the interview, there's more QWERTYs coming.

Let's hope and see, if you want a KB device at all. Still, vertically 4:4 is an upgrade over the Bold's 4:3 landscape 640x480 VGA.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Just use is much simpler and also makes it seem like one passed 3rd grade maths.

Funny, like it. ;-) (maybe Samsung should use those huge numbers to promote the aspect ratio of their new super huge TVs)

I was using 4:4 so it's easier to grasp when comparing it to 4:3. I knew someone was gonna get me if I don't use 1:1

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

You didn't type those numbers twice. Now I KNOW that copy+paste works on BB10 even without the trackpad!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

It might be good, but it's clearly patent infringement. Any judge should be able to see that.

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This dumbass keyboard needs its own charger.

Why do I feel like some kids made this add-on device in their basement as if it were a high school science project?

too narrow. narrow keyboards are good for virtual only, as you dont have to press hard, but for hardware keyboards, something that narrow would end up in finger fatigue.

You know what.. this is the lamest concept I have ever seen so far! For people who want phycial keyboard, should go with Q10.. no questions of iPhone and then buying this case/keyboard

what a waste of time and money

WHHYYYY?! The Z30 weighs 174 grams (or thereabouts)...the Z10 would also be insanely top-heavy. No...that would suck. Also, planning on getting the connectors in via some sort of witchcraft? If you do...I might have to burn you alive since I will not abide a witch!

I agree about the top heavy part. Isn't the iPhone going to be top heavy with this thing on? Apple must be happy since this will make people's phones fall and break, making them buy new ones.

Blackberry should sponsor American Idol this season and make Ryan hold up a Q10 every commercial break and say something like "I think I had a typo but now I use a Q10"

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Haha, or he should just say: "I'm a dumbass for even trying to copy the BlackBerry keyboard. I'm sorry." Then hold up a Q10 and say how awesome it is.

I'm sure if you got those infomercial diamond-tipped blades, the blender shouldn't have a problem with it.

I feel sorry for the isheep that got sucked into such a big hype over a phone that can't even type properly.

It looks like a lot of effort has gone into upgrading an iPhone to the equivalent to a bold 9000, maybe we should reward this effort with upgrading their name to "CrackPhony"

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It's like when you were a kid in the 80's and expecting a PacMan game watch for your Birthday but end up getting a calculator one instead. BB keyboard as opposed to this thingy.

I still want my PacMan watch...

I would actually feel pretty stupid with one of those, I would feel like I have a knock off of an "outdated" device.

iPhone users need to get over themselves and stop being so pretentious.

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Adam trying not to promote it but u can tell he thinks it's gonna be a winner (if it's not closed down). You can see how sad he is from his eyes :(

Screw you Ryan Seacrest!

From the Q10 Until the Q30

Check Kevin's post above, Adam got him one.

Good observation, abdallahk:
body language, looks, etc.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I think Typo assumed when creating this accessory, that Blackberry wasn't gonna survive at the end of 2013 but unfortunately they have been bitten in the ass. LOL

Wait wait wait...this contraption's named TYPO, and that's a good thing?? I am from the generation where bad became good and sick was fine, but this one's even over my head lol.

This is certainly not a winning device because as soon as they make the iPhone screen bigger and the phone becomes bigger i.e the iPhone 6 Typo are screwed because who wants to be holding a majorly top heavy device that's shaped like a funky Christmas card?. Hmm I really want to go from my Z10 to Q10 just to expensive atm.

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It seems to make the device look top heavy. It's also counter productive to have to whip out an attachment to effectively type an email or word process.

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I'm a blackberry user for a long time, I'm pro blackberry, I have a playbook and I have the z10. But what effin pisses me off the most is why didn't blackberry make a larger screen for the q10?!?! They all knew what the other company's were doing in terms of size but they decided to make the q10 like the bold. Wtf.. this is where I say blackberry deserves to lose for being stupid.. again...

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Please don't let this infringement get away just because they are Apple. Protect BlackBerry property!

Rockin' with the Q10…

An easy way for BlackBerry to bury these Typo guys at their own game:

For BlackBerry to come out with exactly the same style case, but with their logo on it, patent and license it out, so iPhone users could buy it from BlackBerry As a cross platform accessory.

Think about it.....nail them at their own would look good on them.

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Depends on whether Typo have patented an attachment keyboard device for iPhone 5's...if they have, BB can't do anything.

The lawsuit against Typo is the layout and look of the keyboard...not the fact that it connects to an iPhone - there, Typo is king.

These things just show any company must continuously innovate to move forward ahead of the others. A year ago some of us on this site were suggesting something exactly like this gadget for the iPhone. No need for a q10 or q5. Simply a slip on for the z10 or z30.

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Correct. And while you're plagiarizing, boast that your product is designed to mimic the thing that you are plagiarizing. And then when you're sued claim "We had no idea...! We will vigorously defend! But but..!!"

Op, gold iphone with a black sox? Hmm, sounds a bit tacky. (glad kevin's 9982 is stand alone).

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This makes me so angry.
Why didn't/doesn't BB realize, that it is this, that the community wants: a QWERTY-ühone with a large screen. At least larger than the current Q models.
I think the BB world would look different today, if they had released such a thing.

This would have been entertaining if let's say Samsung was involved but I don't think bb will have much trouble going up against American idle, ha.

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That's what BlackBerry used in their statement, "flattered".

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

They gonna steal our gestures too and call that product "Swypo"?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

If these Dr. Frankenstein gadgets gain any popularity, at the very least it could put BlackBerry back into the conversation as being relevant amongst non-users.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

And I'm not seeing anything about this lawsuit on TV. Typical. If BlackBerry was the one getting sued, I bet this would be plastered across all news media.

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How about this , turn around talk to a buddy and somebody steals my TYPO keyboard off my iP5, now I am in Virtual Keyboard Chaos !!

To bad BlackBerry didn't come out with this and put there name on it. It would be so fing funny to see an iPhone with a BlackBerry logo on it.

How heavy is the iPhone5 now? I have been watching AAPL Stock go down while BBRY stock goes up. Anyone who believe in Blackberry should own some stock. I bought mine after buying my Z10 . I see where they are going, and I like it! Right now BBRY stock is dirt cheep, and it's going to be like Apple in the early 90's. $5 to $500!

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American idol guy just gave BlackBerry a design idea. iPhone screen size with keyboard. I hope the old farts in BB realize it before Foxconn does.

Foxconn are not going to screw BB, they already have a deal. Chen wants more qwerty anyway.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I do think you see a lot (too many perhaps?) similarities between the two keyboards.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

This shows what's going to happen if BBRY contemplate their navel for N months and play boardroom musical chairs instead of cracking on with improving their engineering and innovation.
The competition are attacking them on all fronts of their traditional strong areas.

It's not competition when they steal. It's competition when they come up with their own product that's better or equal to Blackberry's keyboard.

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Ok the keyboard looks like BlackBerry's. Nonetheless this IS an innovative product that will sell (even if they do have to tweak it because of the lawsuit). My point is that bbry need to start prioritising their investment in engineering. In this market it's all about innovation not boardroom reshuffles.

Could BlackBerry not have asked for a cease and desist from Typo in their lawsuit to stop them from demoing at the CES or do they want evidence of user reports saying how close it is to a BB? Or perhaps, Mr Chen wants Royalty's and likes the publicity? Personally, I like the cease and desist. Time to stand tough. What do you guys think?

They are getting their paperwork ready. Royalties are perhaps a better way for BlackBerry. And Seacrest doesn't lose his investment.

If you allow the product and profit from it, there won't be any new competitors jumping on the bandwagon.

If you stop the first one, ok, but you might end up having to play whack-a-mole. Eventually, there will be a product dissimilar enough to make it past the patent lawyers and you are screwed.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

That TYPO has nothing on my Q10 and anyone who reads differently (It was just a typo) HA! Go BlackBerry

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Lol. He looked like he was being tortured. The thing is obviously a ripoff of the Q10.

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THIS is what the Q10 should have been!! a 4 inch screen with a keyboard. I don't care that it looks awkward...i want that damn screen real estate. (a bit wider though...)

Not sure why this keyboard is going so far in advertisement and promotion. Typo will clearly lose money through the lawsuit but I am sure they realize this. They will only spend more money on changing the design afterwards and start selling. To me this just goes to show how physical keyboards are still in and kicking. Good for BlackBerry is what I think.

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P.S. Anyone have a clue as to how much money we are talking about in the lawsuit or still too early? We know there is at least 1 mil invested/ equity.

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Call me a dinosaur but I want one for my Z10!!!!!!!!!! (runs and hides............)

Edited to add: just after posting, Seacrest was just on Today, with his keyboard. Said he and a friend invented it because they did not want to carry two devices and wanted a keyboard for some things.

I don't suppose you caught the part about how they wanted it to have a Blackberry-like typing experience. OOPS.

What I never got is. Why didn't blackberry come out with this first for the Z10 and Z30. I'd have a z30 right now if I could get that keyboard for it..

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Why doesn't BlackBerry just create slider versions of the Q10 (longer screen), Z10 and Z30 (user can decide of they want to use physical or virtual keyboard). Would it be too expensive?

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After blackberry bankrupts them they should just take all their left over inventory and start making them for full touch screen blackberry :P

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Any chance of seeing the iPhone fly off when someone whips this out of his pocket holding the typo keyboard?

The entire thing looks a bit top heavy to be convenient.

Nice draw pardner

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If BlackBerry have any sense they'll negotiate a licensing deal. Having iPhone users experience the joys of a real (BlackBerry - like) keyboard may lure a few of them back at some point...

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"F" buying Typo ... if that Typo garbage is not an infringement on BlackBerry - BlackBerry should make an iPhone Qwerty Keyboard by BlackBerry...

Dos can play at that juego..

Well, hopefully the next Q model will have a bigger screen. The elongated touch screen with the BlackBerry keyboard at the bottom doesn't look bad at all. I was concerned that the balance will be off but it doesn't appear to be so.

BlackBerry should make these cases for all note worthy selling touch smart phones.

It's a great avenue. Bbm is already in all of them.

WAIT why not just buy a BlackBerry!!!!!

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If it looked a lot better and I had an iphone, I would highly consider it as I like physical keyboard.

The q10 is a good phone but I was expecting better os wise and gui wise. Coming from Webos, the q10 seems the next best thing for me. BlackBerry should have bought webos.

I'm not a hardcore BlackBerry user, just a user who would change over to any other phone if I thought it would suit me better.

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Agree!!! I love BlackBerry but I am not married to it!!! The greatest gift for human is choices that we can pick and choose!! BlackBerry go improve your App, in my opinion that's your weakest link!!!!

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I think it would have been an interesting concept had they originally just made the Z10 and have a keyboard attachment though that would mean an overhaul in the design of the Z10 to accommodate the attachment. This way, those who complain that the Q10 screen is too small would have been satisfied. There is a much smaller margin for profit this way but it is an interesting thought nonetheless. Having make their own keyboard attachment for iOS and Android may be an interesting avenue to take as well.

Don't think the z10 would need redesigning. Frame if the typo just needs done imo.

 AT&T Z10 STL100-3/ 

I'd love a z10.version :p I can only type one handed on my virtual keyboard but 2 thumbed on my 9810 so I'd love to get one.

 AT&T Z10 STL100-3/ 

Here it goes again!!! BBM was killed by What's App and LINE in Asia, now TYPO will wipe BlackBerry hard wear!!! BlackBerry Apps suck!!! Do something, I am using Q10 now and hate to change back to iPhone again

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Great!! Has bbm allowed customizable alert ringtone on iPhones. Voice calls should not be using the inaudible ringtone as text and Ping messages! It should have a REAL ringtone for incoming voice calls like normal incoming phone calls. Preferably customizable and separate ringtones from text messages. It must be audible!

Blackberry should license this keyboard from Typo and offer this an an accessory to all their full touch screen phones. This beats their pathetic homegrown slide out keyboard in the BlackBerry Torch. At least Ryan Seacrest is a better designer than BlackBerry's design team. Emulating Apple's quick draw sue everybody approach will not endear it to consumers.

Truely is a rip-off. They could have made it so much different but had to duplicate the blackberry keyboard. Blackberry is entitled to and should file for immediate injunction.