The BlackBerry University Power Tour once again visiting UAE

By Bla1ze on 19 Apr 2014 09:43 am EDT

If you live in the UAE, and are looking to learn more about BlackBerry then you'll be pleased to know the company is once again 14 different universities across the UAE, giving students a chance to get up close and personal with the latest technology and products from BlackBerry.

As something that started in 2012, BlackBerry has seen great success with the tour and this time around they'll be bringing along a familiar face with them. J_Caloy will be visiting Academic City and the American College of Dubai between on Sunday April 20th and Thursday April 24th.

With lots of exciting activities and insightful discussions set to take place, students will have the opportunity to explore BlackBerry 10 through hands on product demos and learn about the various tools that will help them be more productive during their student lives. They will also have the chance to participate in competitions and put their minds to the test with some exciting games lined up.

The events run all the way through until the end of May and will be hosted at various universities throughout UAE, if you're looking for the full list you can hit the link below or follow the BlackBerry Mid East Twitter account to know when the events are happening.

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The BlackBerry University Power Tour once again visiting UAE


I'm from the Dubai, and unfortunately BlackBerry market share is dropping dramatically in the last two years. Most of people are holding BBOS and not BB10. Still Nokia and Apple dominating the market here

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Nokia? Ugh, why? Windows Phone OS is terrible!! I'll pick iphone or android over any WP any day of the week...

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"Windows Phone OS is terrible!!" ?????!??!?!?

There it is! That's what everyone should look at... That is why BlackBerry is suffering... The truth is Windows Phone OS is not terrible and his opinion is a combination of bias without fact, and lack of willing to try it as a primary driver. Any person holding a windows phone (and knows how to use a smart-phone, there are some people that are just basic) will easily tell you that Windows Phone out classes everything in the market. HOWEVER, the majority of people have this very same opinion that @slagman5 shares, "I'll pick iphone or android over any WP" or BlackBerry.

Only now people are starting to notice the value of Windows phone, 4 years since it's inception. And only now does it have a real marketshare... I would suggest that this is unfortunately is the same curve that BlackBerry has to ride through, the painful process of hushing up naysayers like @slagman5

1) the WindowsPhone OS is far from terrible. If you use it for one day you'll realize that it is only second to BB10.

2) who cares if WindowsPhone is worse, they sell more than BlackBerry so it hurts even more if you feel it is terrible. It means that despite the fact that it is terrible, it is far more successful than BlackBerry 10 over there.
Contempt is not the solution here, but rather admit it and try to understand why.

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I think it's fantastic the way Blackberry is strategically marketing their products. Far more personal. Great, and we know word and mouth travels well.

Well done Blackberry.

Bla1ze, do you know if this is planned for UK and USA?

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Oops, and forgot to say well done to J Caloy, really lucky, and well deserved, especially after his video blogs

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Your "there" was correct the first time:-). Yes there is a fair currently underway for Canadian Students at all levels.

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North America is dead in the eyes of BlackBerry. The youth of Canada will be competing with penny-on-the-dollar "best and brightest." Yeah you' think BlackBerry would be hitting all the top universities in Canada and the United States of America and Mexico. Alas not.

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J_Caloy gets to go?!?! That is so awesome! He'll be a great promoter and product rep wherever they send him. Congrats to him and to all the lucky students that get to meet him!

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What about doing that in the United States? Not that they need help in this market, but hey, a little good publicity and positive exposure couldn't hurt!

The US is a lost leader. Why spend time and energy in a market that is closed by Google, Apple, the US Carriers and the NSA. BlackBerry may be marketing as an alternative to the rest of the world. Hope the US citizens at some point have a change of heart for BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Faithful state side should be serviced direct from BlackBerry.

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Well, more specifically, Samsung and Apple...

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Abandon ship, look for safer shores elsewhere...

Probably a wise move for the time being, until there is some cash in the war chest again.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Ugh, I wish I was enrolled in one of these universities :(

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I wonder if they have considered working with universities to get them as enterprise customers. It would be helpful for swift and secure communication between faculty and staff as well as students. This includes financial aid, scholarship, and housing information, homework assignments, tasks for staff to complete for management / administrators, and universities could even continue to keep up with students (if both parties wish) once they graduate. BlackBerry could have a University app suite for helping students transition into college and/or into their specific university after tranafers. Imagine campus apps that would show students how to get to specified buildings / classes / campus events with GPS guidance, and even provide a voice guided tour of the campus.

BlackBerry University #BBU :-p

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Couldn't say it better. You should go to a blackberry experience near you and talk to them about it.

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I will talk about that to BlackBerry if I get the chance in Cologne in 3 weeks. I'll be attending one of their BlackBerry experience meetings and since I work as a researcher at a university, I feel like there is untapped space there. We did have campus ambassadors but I don't think they were very successful.

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(the first sentence is missing a verb)

I wonder if BlackBerry could use this tour to drop some news on some/the new devices! (wishful thinking! :) )

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J Caloy you're very lucky! Can I go with you? I'm proud because you're Filipino! I hope you will visit Philippines also and soon your name will be on Philippine television LOL!

Why a company like blackberry should pay attention to a contry such as UAE. As a person who lives in middle east (iran),
I know arabic people are so lazy and only eat and sleep. It is better to do it in usa.

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get lost racist, ignorant shit! Just because you are from Iran, doesn't mean you have to share your hatred.

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yah that's why UAE is way more advanced than you guys. Not to mention you killing innocent Syrians

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this shows Iranian hates to Arabs... To end this up, delete your comment and leave this topic out of CB

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How do you know Arabic people? They are persecuted for being Arabs in Iran; in fact, for that matter, everyone else is other than Iranians faithful to the dictatorship regime! I must be in a different realm, but here Iran is killing and torturing it's own citizens and UAE has broken many world records including having the world's tallest building and man-made island in the shape of a Palm tree... They must do it while they are asleep as when they are awake, they only eat... *eyeroll*

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GO **** yourself you iranian *****!

They are a billion times more advanced than your stupid place, ignorant *****.

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Great stuff indeed!

Great to see his unusual efforts rewarded by our "unusual" phone company....

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How can the company be 14 different universities? Did he mean in or at these universities? Did 420 happen early?

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It would be nice to see demos happening in other markets. North Americans love to watch demos.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Well done J_caloy! John chen's management really has their ear on the ground. Full respect to both JCs!

2014/2015 is when BlackBerry rises like a pheonix.

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This is a JOKE!

The fallacy is 'get up close and personal with the latest products that BlackBerry has to offer'??

There isn't anything new beyond the Z3! BES12 isn't here and has no benefit to students unless their networking engineers in study.

The UAE has a local BlackBerry store in dubai that I'm most certainly sure all students are aware of.

I really think BlackBerry shield launch their portfolio all at the same time or within 30 days of one another, the buzz that would create would be nothing but positive also for Foxconn!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

This is one of those moments where DJ Quick would say ...

"If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense!"

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

J_Caloy is one of the best moves marketing and promotion wise that BlackBerry has done in a while. There's a connection with this guy that people associate with. Think the "Dude I'm getting a Dell" guy but better. I hope they continue to collaborate but not influence or try and direct him. Thank you John Chen and Staff for doing this "fresh blood + perspective ". I had high hopes that Chen would be the man that could bring this company back to greatness. I believe this is the first small "public" step of many in the right direction.
"Cuz dis is what I want, the slow stuff!!!"
J_Caloy all the way, and congrats to him.

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There is huge presence of BlackBerry in Dubai at least, BlackBerry has its commercials everywhere :)

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Shittt!! I just graduated from a university in academic city! :( im going to miss this!!

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BlackBerry will. One around again.. people are getting sickness of apple and android.. at least I know ow of a fee, that were curious about blackberry again. Just stick to what they ate doing and I think they will be ok.

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This is great. People need to try out BB10 to reaslise how superior it is versus all.

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I'm with JC atm in Dubai, and we are having fun! It's really hot though lol check my instagram AJ_Abdon to see what's going on with us!

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