BlackBerry Unite! Now Available to USA BB Users!

BlackBerry Unite!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2008 05:41 am EDT

In the RIM 1st Quarter Results conference call last week Jim Balsillie made mention that BlackBerry Unite! would soon be rolled out to the larger BlackBerry community and it looks like Jim's word is coming true...

Those of you in the USA can can now visit to download BlackBerry Unite!. Previously you had to be on a Canadian IP to grab it. If you're not familiar with Unite!, here's the overview:

BlackBerry Unite! software helps you coordinate and keep in touch with your family and provides access to files on your home computer while you’re out. Or, use it in your small office to coordinate and collaborate with coworkers and keep business running smoothly. With BlackBerry Unite! software, you can stay connected to the people that matter most – while still enjoying all the great features BlackBerry smartphones have to offer!

In the time that Unite! has been out I've observed people either LOVE IT or they HATE IT, so you may want to Take a Tour before you install, or better yet, dig into the BlackBerry Unite threads in the CrackBerry forums.

[ Thanks to those who emailed this in, plus BerryReview via Joseph via BB Forums ]

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BlackBerry Unite! Now Available to USA BB Users!


Looking at the tour it seems this software offers many of the features of BES for us BIS users.

(By the way, BIS users are the real Blackberry addicts. We're here by choice, not because "the man" makes us.) :b

That's exactly what I was thinking and since I have BES, most of the features seemed redundant.

(By the way, I have a choice to use any smartphone I want to integrate with my Exchange Server and I chose BB)

It is not yet available in the UK.

The UK networks are still implementing it as part of thier package. I know for a fact that O2 are actively working on it.

It let me d/l it (from Texas) just like the post says, but when I try to install it, it fails over and over again... Stating it can not d/l 3rd party software! Hmmmm....

Gonna sound like an idiot here, but dont understand the purpose of it. Does this replace outlook calender? Is it useful to a single user? Can someone help me out- LOL

BlackBerry's website states that Unite! doesn't support Windows Vista 64-Bit. What's up with that? Are there any plans to offer such support? Has anyone tried it out in a 64-Bit environment?

Anyone in Canada on telus able to download Unite?

I keep getting an error message Microsoft SQL Server error and then it shuts down.

Hello All,

I was thinking of buying a home server and putting the Blackberry Unite software on it. Does anyone know if this will work or does the software have to run on a home computer?