BlackBerry UK's Managing Director Rob Orr to leave the company

By James Richardson on 12 Jun 2013 01:30 pm EDT

Rob Orr, BlackBerry UK and Ireland's Managing Director is leaving for pastures new. Rob, who took up the new role in only September 2012, has overseen the launch of BlackBerry 10, the Z10 and Q10 in the UK and as far as I can see has done a grand job.

In a statement from BlackBerry:

“Rob Orr has resigned as Managing Director of BlackBerry UK & Ireland with immediate effect. We thank Rob for his contributions and wish him well for the future.”

Why the sudden change of events at BlackBerry UK we don't know and it's quite possible we will never know the real reason but on a personal note I feel it's a real shame that the BlackBerry UK team is changing it's management structure once again as not only was Rob super enthusiastic but also a real nice guy.

All the best Rob from us at CrackBerry

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BlackBerry UK's Managing Director Rob Orr to leave the company


Change can be really good for a company. I know how you feel though. I wish him well and look forward to an awesome replacement!

Rob Orr is not the FIRST one to leave and probably not the last. This happens in every industry.

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Exactly.. thank you, someone who has some sense. People make such a big deal out of something that is quite insignificant when you look at the bigger picture.

Normal. No one should read anything into this other than the guy resigned. And yes, they will probably find someone even better suited to the job.

The fact that they have lost him in less than a year worries me, especially since they also suddenly lost their main person in India earlier this year. I hope this is not a trend

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The media will spin this in the most negative way possible, I really hope not though.

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Yup. They'll pronounce that this proves BlackBerry is months til bankruptcy or some other nonsense.

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I hope this has not got something to do with BlackBerry pricing. The Indian M.D quit when BlackBerry received criticism for its pricing in India and the UK counterpart quits as soon as the Q5 gets priced.

Its unequivocally negative. India MD quits and now UK, which is one of their top 2 markets alongside the U.S. Not a good sign. Famed short seller Jim Chanos always says sr. executive departures are the signs of trouble. It would be foolish to ignore this.

'unequivocally negative' - disagree. Don't forget, Blackberry is undergoing a massive shift in their business and corporate culture and still finding itself. He may just not been the right fit.

Besides, even if it is negative, I believe that Blackberry will learn from this and move on (as every successful company is capable of doing).

These are usually blessings in disguise.

thats wishful thinking. He was bright, young and energetic. As an outsider you always look for clues that there is trouble and this is one of them. Don't sugercoat here.

The German managing director - Axel Kettenring - was replaced by Markus Müller a few weeks ago.
What´s going on there?

LOL you guys are comical. This is normal in the tech industry. People resign all of the time (and yes often after brief stints). Even if he did leave for negative reasons, I am sure Blackberry will be fine.

Sure. He arrived in 2006, worked his way up to run the region and stayed with them through the toughest parts of the fall and now leaves after z and q launches...that's not a guy with an optimistic outlook.

How do you know this? Have you discussed this with him personally?

Maybe he left the company because he wants to live out his childhood dream of traveling the world. Truth is, it makes no sense to jump to conclusions as to why he left.

Strange "resigned with immediate effect" for director could be just 2 reasons IMHO:
1. Laid off
2. Urgent personal problem which can't be delayed.
if that the 1st than it related to his performance, second nothing to do with Blackberry.
Even non-director position required minimum notice period to resign.

When someone leave the company I work for with immediate effect, it's usually because they got a job with our competition.

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Yup! BlackBerry is a 7+ billion dollar company. A drop in the bucket compared to hundreds of other companies. A 15 billion dollar company could have easily scooped him up.

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That's the most plausible explanation. If he were leaving by choice, he would have given some notice.

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The UK got both devices first and was definitely favored by BlackBerry. Very strange news... I wouldn't necessarily call it a "warning sign", but I wouldn't say it's not a problem either.

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I met him at the launch in January in London. A really nice person. I wish him well for his future.

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Don't know the man but I would have to say that blackberry in Ireland is not on the radar at all. Lot of work to do in Ireland to gain share of the market. Z10 was launched on o2 only for the 1st month you would have never know that blackberry had a new phone on the market

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He must have been a PlayBook fan, and has some idea about what's going on behind the scenes that he doesn't agree with.

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Blackberry should come out with better guidance on this departure. Negative news is not what they need.
I believe he got fired, but why? Come on Crackberry insiders give us the story.

The company just dished out the annual bonus. Maybe UK sales has gone really well but he didn't get the bonus he thought he deserved, got into argument with the boss, and ...

My buddy in the UK said that promotion and marketing in the UK was pretty lame and that is appeared nobody was running the ship. If that is the case and is one of the reasons he was let go, if he was even let go, then it is a sign that Kristian is really holding managers feet to the fire to deliver. I am hoping that is the case. Sorry to see a nice guy go though, whether for personal or performance reasons.

There is too much speculation about it being about the company. There are a host of reasons beyond his belief in the company. ...ex. stress, family issue, HR violation, etc.

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I wish him the best for his future
I saw him on BBC TV when the Z10 was launched in the UK and it was cringe worthy. The presenter rang rings around him, she even said the Z10 looks like a iPhone and he didn't correct her.

He was not a good speaker in front of the camera

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maybe he got too wasted at a launch party and made an inappropriate pass at a secretary or something. maybe he was selling insider info to google. lots of reasons why he would be forced to resign and be escorted out the door.

Fired... without a doubt!

I've been fortunate, or unfortunate, enough to have seen several examples of these kinds of statements when someone at or near the top leaves.

If it's planed, there's normally an "xxx will be standing down at the end of September to pursue other interests". If the leaving is on good terms, there's generally some reference to how xxx led and inspired, doubled profits, was nice to small children and animals, and will be missed, etc.

Any two-line statement that says nothing specific ("thanks for contributions" doesn't cut it)... and includes the "with immediate effect" wording is generally understood to mean "fired".

Either he's done something really, really bad... or he's told Thor he'll be joining a competitor next week.

Either he was a nice guy and sucked at his job or he got a better offer somewhere else. Pretty simple.

I tend to think he was let go based on the press release, but we're all just speculating. I like my Z10 but I am not seeing blackberry gaining much market share traction yet in the states. And I haven't seen any stellar reports release in UK was a phenom. The loyal RIM fan boys are sticking to it, but I am not seeing many apple lovers make the switch.
Go to your local cell phone store and 1. Look at how big the blackberry display is..
2. Look at how no customers are around said product. BlackBerry is in trouble, this phone is nice but not good enough to pull markets share fr om samsung or apple IMO.

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I have done that several times in different stores and in all cases the sales rep stated that the BB10s are selling very well and they are the only ones that were not being returned (i.e. As a product or for repair).

Amazing. All to see years for the Bruins and then his years with BlackBerry .... amazing....

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