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BlackBerry UK teases the gold BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2012 09:53 am EDT

A few days ago we told you how South Africa's Olympic gold medal winners were receving a custom gold BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Well it looks like they may not be the only ones with the gold. BlackBerry UK has posted the above video that teases the very same device (at least we think it is) and it looks like they may be offering up one (or more) for the taking.

Details are sparce with the video description simply stating:

Something unique is on the way. Want to be a winner? Get ready to go for Bold on 10th September 2012! Follow @UK_BlackBerry 

Maybe it's a sweet contest for a GOLD Bold 9900? Who knows, but be sure to follow @UK_BlackBerry for more details in the next few days. 


timmy t

Kinda makes the SA teams gift that much less special if anyone can buy them. They should have been one off for Olympic winners.


"if anyone can buy them." Just like "anyone" can buy the P'9981.


Well it might not be an affordable phone, but yes anyone can buy it...


It'll go well with the gold tooth you may have LOL


nay, this steel, brushed steel etc. is far more ***nice*** than this (g)bold


i want one... SO BADLY

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800


This would look sweet, coupled with my pimp'd PlayBook around my neck!

I never thought id say this...but gold looks good!



Um, I might as well get one of those gold markers and make my 9900 gold around the edges too!


Is this what they give for wining the smartphone olympics.................then I want one (ha aha!)