BlackBerry UK take the Z10 on tour

Z10 on tour
By James Richardson on 21 Feb 2013 06:47 am EST

Here in the UK, BlackBerry are in full swing with their Z10 marketing, but the next few weeks will see them step things up a notch as the Z10 is going on tour. BlackBerry will be setting up stands in a selection of shopping centres (malls) up and down the country in a bid to show off the wonderful new Z10 and generate some extra interest from shoppers. And who can blame them as BlackBerry 10 is so beautiful.

In addition, visitors to the shopping centres will also stand the chance of winning a BlackBerry Z10 - that should gain peoples attention!

The Z10 tour will be at the following locations:


  • Shephard's Bush, Westfield 21st - 24th Feb
  • Stratford, Westfield 28th Feb - 3rd March
  • Canary Wharf 11th - 13th March


  • Dartford, Kent, Bluewater 7th - 10th March


  • Cardiff, St David's 21st - 24th Feb


  • Bristol, Cabot Circus 4th - 7th April
  • Southampton 29th March - 1st April


  • Derby, Westfield 28th Feb - 3rd March
  • Birmingham, Bullring 14th - 17th March
  • Leicester 4th - 7th April


  • Manchester, Trafford Centre 7th - 10th March
  • Glasgow, Breahead 14th - 17th March
  • Newcastle, Metrocentre 21st - 24th March
  • Sheffield 28th March - 1st April

I may pop along myself to one of the days and be nosey. Anyone want to join me?

Reader comments

BlackBerry UK take the Z10 on tour


I don't think they should do any of this before releasing the q10. People are going to be more attracted to the q10 than they ever will be to the z10. The z10 has nothing special to offer and is pretty crap to those already owning phones e.g. S3, Nexus... The q10 is new, beautiful and therefore special.

LOL dont be silly, most people arenty interested in the physical keyboard version of the Blackberry other than die hard BB fans. So your claim of people are going to be more attracted to the Q10 is quite simply silly in all honesty.

The Z10 is a beautiful device, im a huge fan of the keyboard versions of BB but since seeing the Q10 in pics and images, i dont think its anything special.

As i said the keyboard version of BB10 is most likely going to be a niche product. People will be more interested in the Z10 so Blackberry have done this right. Sell and get interest in the Z10 rather than the Q10, which most people wont even consider due to the small screen.

Well at least Southampton are getting a visit......Belfast overlooked by another large company...

any idea if you will be able to purchase sim-free phones at the "promised" 479 pounds from these showcases and how much? anyone been? i may be able to take a trip to Shepherd's Bush Westfield Tomorrow and check it out if i don't get a reply

I live in Manchester, but will not be in town on those dates, would love to pop in though.
I am just waiting for the price to drop a bit, do not want to be locked on a long term contract and £479 is a bit too much for a phone when I have a 6 months old Galaxy S3 which I got for £350. EE do 12 month contracts at ridiculously high prices. Any ideas/suggestions?

Do they really need the advertising? I've read that demand is so high that retailers have raised the price and are charging more for a Z10 than for an iPhone.

"Major U.K. Outlets Hike BlackBerry Z10 Price Above iPhone5, Black Market Thriving"

Honestly Blackberry should have been doing this right from the day it was released, Samsung have little areas in both Westfield shopping centres here in London where you can play around with the S3, Note2 and a few of their tablets and camera's.

Good to see that Blackberry are doing this though but instead of a few days each, they should have these tours on a more permanent basis inside the shopping centres.

i cant wait for the Q10 , just my pref is for a keyboard, i am really missing my bold9900 , Z10 is temp until i can get the q10 in April