BlackBerry UK are giving away both a Z10 and Q10 via Twitter

By James Richardson on 21 May 2013 06:01 am EDT

Fancy your chances of getting either a brand new BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 for free? You can thanks to BlackBerry UK who are currently holding a Twitter competition. Entering is a piece of cake - just head on over to the below link and you will be prompted to Tweet "My typing's so fast..........#TotallyTouchscreen" or #QWERTYForever.

You can choose whether to tweet regarding the Z10 or the Q10 depending on which you feel you are quicker on. I'm a huge fan of the Q10 and it served me well at BlackBerry Live with its great battery life but I think I may have to enter myself under the Z10 option as I have become so accustomed to using the glorious touch screen keyboard.

The competition will run until June 2nd and as usual there are strict rules - such as you must be a UK resident over the age of 18 etc. Full terms and conditions can be found on the competition page.

Good luck UK BlackBerry fans.

Enter the BlackBerry Twitter competition here

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Only UK :( #1st :)

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2 Phonez

This has been going on for a while now, took you long enough to report it...


These kind of promos always stops me from leaving my bold.


Why? I'm proof that you can actually win them as I won a Z10 through the #BlackBerry10LDN competition :D

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Then let me first congratulate you :)

Now, having said that - if a device is selling good, then nobody and absolutely nobody gives it away for free!


Samsung was doing the same thing with the Galaxy S4 on Facebook last week. That's the fastest selling phone in the history of the company.

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Dave Bourque

Rofl... sometimes giving stuff away for free returns more sales because it's great for marketing

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It's a contest. Hell they give away iphones and iPads for free. It's no biggie and it just help add onto the hype.

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You and me both buddy! Love my Zed


My tweet is in, I'll have the Q10 please :-D

Sexy Sadie

Too bad I can not enter, since 2.june is my birthday.


You can still enter as you will be of eligible on June 2 so there will no problems. The competition closes at midnight on the day so you have been eighteen for a lot of hours before it closes.

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I just recently learned that a company is an "it" so therefore, the title of this article should be "is giving away" not "are giving away"

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According to US law corporations are people ;)


Hah, good point, but I think even in that regard it is considered a person, not a group of people....

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You are correct. I am glad someone else caught that, as well.

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I have tweeted for a Q10 so I can hopefully sit it alongside my Z10 :)

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And all the while those of us in the US are still waiting for word on when the Q10 will be released...


Even after Blackberry Live, we're waiting and waiting... And waiting...

Dave Bourque

Because you got carriers that just couldn't careless... if you want a Q10 right away purchase it from Canada.

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Are you aware that T-Mobile sent out a press release last Tuesday stating that the Q10 was available immediately for corporate customers? However, not one Q10 has been sold because Blackberry hasn't provided T-Mobile with any inventory. T-Mobile now says that corporate customers won't receive any Q10's before June. So, are you sure this is all about the evil carriers...


Lucky UK residents!

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Hope I win q10

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Are they going to do that in the states?

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This has been going on for a while now, they are offering the phones on exchange a two year contract?!?
Tricky offer!


How does one enter the competition?

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I'm in the UK and I have already registered earlier today.

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James awesome find, thanks! Tweeted for the competition back last month when they showed off the Q10 in Glasgow. So this might be another great opportunity to win.


Is that some kind of variation of "yo momma" joke?

Like, "I'm typing so fast, the text arrived before my phone sends it!"

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Yay finally one for us