BlackBerry Travel will make its way to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 26 Dec 2012 11:59 am EST

That might seem like an obvious statement but alas, many folks have been wondering. As it turns out, the designs for BlackBerry Travel on BlackBerry 10 are already in play and it will presumably launch with BlackBerry 10. User flows, wireframes, interaction models and initial visual designs are available for viewing over at The Attic Column (The portfolio site of Joel Grenier, Director of UX & Ecosystem at YOUi Labs) though, some of the content has been intentionally pixelated so as to not fully reveal what the BlackBerry 10 version will look like.

Despite not being able to see the app entirely, I'm sure a lot of folks will just be happy to know it's being made available. BlackBerry Travel is one of those apps that you never find out how great they are until you use it. And once you use it, you start to wonder how you ever managed to travel without using it. It's certainly one of my favorites to have installed.

Source: The Attic Column, Thanks, @CatlinWells!

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BlackBerry Travel will make its way to BlackBerry 10


Double SWEET! the "supposed" video creation app and this one. I am excited. Now the big question is... Full touch or Blackberry Bold 9900 on steroids :)

BlackBerry Travel is one of the most used applications on my handset - this is really welcome news indeed.

If any of you fly even once a month it's really worth the download - it's that good. Even if you're coming from IOS or ANDROID this is a super-set of the WorldMate application which RIM invested in a couple of years ago.

PS: If you're travelling for work you'll probably also want to check out WAZE (sort of like BlackBerry Traffic but heavier crowd-sourced and multi-platform) and OpenTable (for restaurant reviews and reservations). OpenTable is more "Big City" (Europe, USA, Canada) but still works in some major Asian cities with more growing).


Open Table is a great app that is definitely a necessary one not just for when you travel, but locally. I've used my last four trips to Las Vegas and it's been a great app. Even better is that some airlines let you access Open Table for free using their onboard WiFi. My last trip to Vegas, my flight into Las Vegas was running a little late and I was concerned about being able to make my lunch reservations at a place and went to the Open Table site and was able to change my reservations immediately.

It's also fun to see where you can get a table at last minute.

Good deal! I use this thing a lot. I'm thinking most of the current native apps will make their way to bb10. (traffic, bbm music, etc)

This is great news and further increases my desire to have a new BlackBerry Z10 as soon as they become available. I love this app and was devastated when I lost it from my phone, but overjoyed when I got it back again. You don't know how much you need something until you lose it!!

I also hope BlackBerry Traffic will be available, not only on BB10, but worldwide.
Take a hint on Nokia Here Maps, Nokia Maps/Drive, or (sigh) Apple Maps.

I'm not sure if BB Traffic will be necessary for BB10 with the new map app. If it's there perhaps it could be integrated with the map app.

Very happy to hear this good news. I don't know why the article leads off with a statement about the inclusion of Travel being obvious....I see nothing obvious about it.

Agree with you 100%. We can't assume anything until RIM announces them or at least seeing them in motion. I'm very happy and excited to learn about this. I hope BB Traffic will be there at launch or even better BB Maps will have turn by turn direction feature.


This is one of my favourite apps on the current platform. There was no doubt in my mind this app would be there for BB10.

I was counting on this being onboard day 1 as a prerequisite for placing my order day 1. Thank you BlackBerry.

whatapp,noapp,someapp,flixapp.noflixapp, blah just give me BB travel and I am happy. This is my number 1 must have.

It works both online and offline. It monitors the travel arrangements you submit to it. You don't have to be online to view your airline, car and hotel reservations, but a Internet connection is required for travel to monitor your flight status.

As @PLTM writes above it's ambidexterous - it also works with your Outlook Calendars (if you Sync with Desktop Manager) to keep your corporate and other worlds synchronised offline as well.

It pops up reminders in advance of check-in etc.

You can set it so that incoming emails to your BlackBerry are monitored so that emails related to travel (say, from your Airline or Hotel or travel agent) are auto-scanned and imported into BB Travel and into the appropriate Calendar on your handset too.

Give it a try - it's free as well. A benefit of RIM investing in the platform years ago.


So glad to see Travel making the move to BB10. I don't fly a lot by any means, but when I do, this is a MUST HAVE application!

BB Travel has been great for me but I just booked thru TripCentral and found out it is not supported. Big fail on Tripcentrals side as I see that their emails are useless for integration.

At least Travel is smart enough that you can input stuff manually and it will track it your flights just the same as an auto-import

Also hoping that BB Traffic will be on BB10...and that the two (Travel and Traffic) will link together...that is one one missing feature in the current BB traffic. I should be able to go into BB Travel select my hotel entry and then send that address and location to BB traffic for directions

One of my absolute favorite native apps and was a believer they couldn't omit it - glad to see that's right.

Interesting to see this was "subcontracted" and not done by RIM/QNX.

Now I just have to hope that Delta will be bringing out a BB10 version of their Fly Delta app and I'll be set for travel. Those two apps are all I need when I travel.

I wonder if they'll add the ability to book flights?

Hotel support for smaller towns would be nice too.

I hope the BlackBerry Social feeds also make it. I love this app, it saves me so much space. That I don't need to download other news, tech apps and. I cann see Facebook on there too. I love it specially cause we're limited on space on the BlackBerry, something I hope they remove with BB10.

Fantastic. I travel 45 weeks a year and this is a complete must have. It is also a brilliant application for booking hotels on the go. I have used other travel app's, even on other platforms, nothing even comes close to bbtravel!!!

Sharing your fear, as RIM has quite a bad track record of giving access to essential apps for the most parts of the world ...

I can get BB Travel here in UK but Traffic is a no no.If BB Traffic will be available in the UK wonder if it will depend on which carrier you use because some have there own map apps or will they intergrate BB Traffic.

a non related question, however couldn't help asking, what is the app used in that image above (to show different screenshots/states of Blackberry Travel)?

Com'on guys, lets have back the BB Travel on our 10's. It should have launched simultaneously with the BB Z10 but will be a very serious miscue if it doesn't coincide with the USA launch of the BB Z10.