BlackBerry Travel v3.0.2.5 now available - Language additions, trip scanning enhancements and more included

By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2013 11:55 pm EDT

It has been a while since the last update to BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 rolled out but it seems BlackBerry has been showing the app some love behind the scenes. A new update is currently filtering through BlackBerry World that, aside from bringing in some bug fixes, also adds additional language support and battery optimizations as well as enhancements to trip scanning. As a fan of the app, I can say the changes are indeed welcome. Here's the full change log as per BlackBerry World:

  • Supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian Bahasa and Portugese (Brazillian) 
  • Improvements to email trip scanning
  • Battery consumption improvements
  • Itinerary items will be added to the default calendar
  • Bug fixes

If you're not seeing the update as of yet, you can check for updates to help it along or preview the app in BlackBerry World and the upgrade might show as available. Oddly, I'm seeing two different versions here. On my BlackBerry Z10, it shows as v3.0.2.5 but online, it shows as v3.1.0.6. Maybe there is different versions for the Z10 vs. Q10? There seems to be a lot of that going around with the Q10 getting higher revisions of apps. New to BlackBerry Travel and need the download link? You'll find it below.

Download BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry Travel v3.0.2.5 now available - Language additions, trip scanning enhancements and more included


Hoping to get better trip scanning as I caught it slipping with a blatant trip set up using my regular email. It worked with the email forwarding system, but it was flawless on legacy devices. Ah well, always love app updates!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


LOL, just kidding. Anyone know if Blackberry Traffic is out for BB10? Specifically the Q10? I love that app on my Bold 9900...

BB Traffic is much more than navigation and turn by turn - it shows you the traffic and delays on the way to your destination as a timeline and provides alternate faster routes in a simple, easy to read interface - no need for overview maps or other data hogs. It also allows you to share your eta via email, which is nice when you are running late. Essential tool for a daily commute and a nice addition for long trips - has saved me many hours of being stuck in traffic. Can't wait for the BB10 version to arrive. I keep my old 9700 in my car and use mobile hotspot on my Z10 just to use this app every day on my way to and from the office.

Thanks for letting us know. Loved this app on previous devices! Hopefully will work like it used to if not better!

Posted via CB10

Excellent keep making these core must have applications better BlackBerry.

CrackBerry needs to have a forum post for all BB10 users to thank BlackBerry on their efforts for improving various applications and the core OS. Maybe near Christmas time or Thanksgiving 2013. Hmm.

Still won't add my flights or hotel bookings to my calendar. I guess not all bugs were fixed :(
Uninstalled, re-installed, now adding to calendar. Yippee!!

If you un install and reinstall, will you still have the trip n stuff that you previously set up? I'm tempted to reinstall cuz I really want this feature.. but can't afford losing all the hotels n flights I have set up.


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I've always been really disappointed with BlackBerry Travel.

I tried this new version on my Z10, and (I live in the UK) it doesn't recognise the city of Parma (in Italy) neither offer flights to go there.

Also, I wanted to do a "In country" trip and it didn't recognise the city of Carlisle.
Then, I stopped my investigations there ;)

Am I doing it wrong or is this tool designed for the US and Canada only?

Posted via CB10

I use BlackBerry travel in the UK every week. I never had any issues with it recognising towns at all... one tip, sometimes when the signal is weak on the z10... it will search, then time out its search. I had to live without this app for 6 weeks when I swapped to the Z10, it was chaos!!!

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BlackBerry maps now have traffic data integrated you just need to enable it. Just press the overflow button and click on show traffic.

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Love this App, it is a must have for me. Just travelled to the USA, United Kingdom, and France in the last month; would have been lost without this App. Now that this App is updated and the Q10 is released today in is a good day. Off to get a Q10 today :-)

Really happy about the default calendar import. Wish they would add the manual "Add to BlackBerry Travel" hub integration like the old BlackBerry

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Is it just me, or is there no way to have multiple emails on the account profile now?

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

Not just you. I've noticed that the option to add multiple email accounts has been removed. That part wasn't broken, so why would BlackBerry remove that option???

I'd love to see train support as that my primary mode of travel. If you don't fly much it severely restricts the usefulness of BlackBerry travel.

Posted via CB10

I really like this app for keeping trips organized and automatically putting things on my calendar. I'm hoping the updates works even better.

Posted via CB10

No way to make it scan a flight confirmation email, not even forwarding it to myself. Can I find real help or support somewhere?

Posted via CB10

The update should fix that problem for you. I was forwarding emails to BB travel prior to this. Once I updated, all my previous trip related emails were scanned and added to the app. Why already completed trips were added is a mystery to me but at least they were added. The original BB travel worked like magic. Hope this latest update brings that magic fully back. If you're having problems, you might try uninstalling and reinstall it.

Good update (really glad trips are now being synched to my default calendar - Outlook), but the hotel I just booked for this Friday is showing up on Saturday..... Something wrong going on here with dates/times. Is it just me or broader problem?

Still not adding to default calendar, and some things are not added to the local calendar, either. I've reinstalled, turned on/off my phone, with no success. Now trying a battery pull...

Update: battery pull didn't work, either.

I'm still having the problem with it putting trips into the local calendar instead of the default calendar. I've deleted my trips, reinstalled the app, rebooted the phone, but still can't get it to work.
Local calendar is no good because I can't share my trips.

I wonder if it's an issue with which type of calendar. My calendar is an calendar; is bbtravel syncing with anybody's calendar?

Posted via CB10

Not working with the default calculator for me on OS 10.0 either. Does anyone on 10.0 have it working correctly with the default calendar? Or just those with 10.1?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Travel not posting on default calendar on Z10 with OS 10.0. I have Microsoft Active Sync default calendar. Uninstall and reinstall did not help.

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