BlackBerry Travel updated to version 1.0.341.99

By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2011 11:16 am EDT

BlackBerry Travel AppBlackBerry Travel App

As usual there is no changelog to be found as of yet, but BlackBerry Travel has been updated to version 1.0.341.99. RIM's own travel app (which is based off Worldmate) has been pretty popular since its release. BlackBerry Travel gives you all you need at your fingertips - book hotels, check flights, get weather and more. The free app is definitely a good companion for any frequent traveler. While we're not sure just what's included in the update, you can still grab it free from BlackBerry App World at the link below.

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BlackBerry Travel updated to version 1.0.341.99


Not available for my country/carrier???!!! WT*?! Sick of RIM leaving me out, can anybody explain to me why there are only 3 "priviledged" countries that can access this (and other) app.

I am so jealous! Why is it still not supported in Malaysia? T_T share it to the world! I believe it will be great for all BB users!

Well, I upgraded, and after reboot my phone went back to factory default? I believe I will be going back to the version I had.

Never used this before, but really liking it. FYI, i downloaded older version, then did a battery pull. Upon reset, App World notified me of the update

here's a question...I dl'd this on my tour on the telus would work fine but after 3-5, my phone would freeze...after trying to solve the problem with no luck, i uninstalled this app because after a reboot i was given a 30sec window approx to use my phone normally before it would freeze. After uninstalling, my phone went back to a few days later i reinstalled the app, only for the same problem to happen again. I am currently running my tour without the app, but desperately want anyone else having this problem?

What's the difference between World Mate Live and this app? Any particular reason to have one over the other?

The version in App World for me is the current version, not the updated version. Also, I couldn't find the update App World either.

I do have to say that this is a great app and it looks good as well. Where worldmate has some additions to it, i feel that BB Travel does a great job working with worldmate and having what needs to be there. I feel that its easy to use and has everything that i need when i travel.

- Can set it up to scan for travel info in your emails
- will remind you if you forgot to book something and if your flights change (for most major airlines)
- Puts trip in BB calendar for you
- Can book hotels right from your phone for fairly cheap prices
- Shows linkedin connections in the area (great for business travel)
- Shows weather of current place and your travel destination

So it has most of what the worldmate has, just crisper and easier UI.

what it is missing is the world clock and weather imagery, which in these days most phones will adjust to new time zones and most people have their own weather app to show weather detail like that.

- wish it could do more than just book hotels and flights, wish there were cars, and maybe open table addition for booking for restaurants.
- could use a trip calculator for how much you spend on booking as well as what you budget for the trip and what kind of money you spend on food, shopping, at the bar, and public transit, ect. so if it can be written off for business you know how much and what was spent where.

So that would be some nice additions, also if it could make airport security go faster. We can only wish and hope tho. lol

The left screenshot shows flight 3873 goes to EWR, but the right screenshot shows the same flight goes to WER.