BlackBerry Travel updated to v3.0.1.2 - Global support and battery optimizations added

An improved version of BlackBerry Travel is now ready to download

By Bla1ze on 28 Mar 2013 11:29 pm EDT

When BlackBerry Travel arrived on BlackBerry 10 not long ago, many folks were expecting the same regional support as the BlackBerry OS version. After release, it became quite clear that support for various regions was not there and that those folks in the unsupported areas would have to wait for an update to arrive in order to reach that level once again.

Wait no more though as a new update is available in BlackBerry World that adds Global support in English plus, also adds in some battery optimizations to help with the sudden excessive drops in battery life some folks were experiencing after having installed the previous version of the app.

If you've been waiting for the additional support or have been having battery drain issues with BlackBerry Travel, then no doubt you'll want to go ahead and get this installed as soon as possible. Hit the link below to be taken on into BlackBerry World.

Download BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry Travel updated to v3.0.1.2 - Global support and battery optimizations added


Man I knew there was something up with my battery life over the last week. Great turnaround time for the fix. Love this app.

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Love this app!!! This has to be one of the very best apps out there!! I thought it was great on the Torch but it's waaay better on the Z10!

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I installed the initial version but never actually used it. I left it closed. My battery life took a huge hit instantly but I didn't know why yet. Instead of a full day plus, I'd get 4-5 hours. Dead by lunch.

After uninstalling all is back to normal. I'll be curious to see if people find this update helping.

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On the previous version I had to turn automatic trip scanning off because it killed my battery life. That worked well.
With the new version I've turned trip scanning on and I haven't noticed any appreciable battery drain.

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Yeah mine as well. I'd better stick with not downloading this app for now, I'll wait for the next update even though this build has brought lots of improvements here and there.

Besides I'm currently waiting for SKYPE!

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i have used this app ever since it came out and love it. Unfortunately, as with others who downloaded the initial BB10 version of this app, I experienced horrific battery drain and only through the wonders of did I figure out that the cause for my battery drain was from this app. Per the suggestion of others, turning off automatic trip scanning fixed the issue, but that defeats the purpose of the app. I'm super delighted to see that BBRY quickly came out with a resolution to fix the battery drain. However, I miss having the feature to take an email and add it to Blackberry Travel. They really need to add this functionality back into this app.

I haven't gotten my Z10 yet, but I remember reading the comments from people who thought the other version of this app was causing battery drain. Great to see an update was released so quickly! I tip my hat to the developers and I hope to download the new updated version on my new Z10 soon!

Everyone please include the date in your review in BlackBerry World as BlackBerry World doesn't have the date field. Thanks.

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I travel a lot and this app was really a need for me now finally for Pakistan also that's great Thank You...

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I also found battery life to go away quite quick, but on mine I clearly saw that GPS was on all the time (becase of the app), I disabled GPS loaction, and it fixed the issue.

Boy, am I happy...

Funny thing though. Description in World is in PT_BR, but it states only English is supported. The I open the app and the EUA is in PT_BR, but the app itself is in English. lol

Finally available for the rest of the world! Happy!

But there's a small glitch. My native city is Moscow, Russia. And when BBTravel starts it shows the proper name of the city just for a moment, and then it switches to some random set of characters. Something like "##$!@$@$%@, RU" instead of "Moscow, RU". Not a big deal though.

Got it here in South Africa finally!. Was getting worried that we would need to wait months for intl version. RIP RIM, viva long live! BlackBerry

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Awesome. I thought that I would never get BlackBerry travel but my day is looking up. Thank you BlackBerry

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It's just amazing that there was a bug in the software and it was fixed within couple of days! I think this is a good sign of more good things happening like more frequent software updates.

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Battery drain issue fixed, but still wont sync to my exchange calendar, only drops it onto my personal calendar. Clearly shows this on my profile, but no way to change it

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BlackBerry is doing a great job with responding to issues in the device apps and more importantly getting the updates out to the community quickly.

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Does anyone use tripit? When my bbtravel stopped working on my bes bb7 I made the switch to tripit which is solid. Now on bb10 not sure it's worth going back to bbtravel. Anyone have any thoughts? Side loaded tripit works well btw on bb10. Tripit pro does cost 50$/year but so useful.

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For those of you having issues getting the calendar updates in your work calendar, I believe you have to be using balance and install travel on your work side. Once done your work calendar will get the travel updates. At least this is how it is for me...

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This app I so buggy. It doesn't include all your contacts when you want to share your itinerary. It doesn't delete stuff from your calendar when you accident enter an incorrect flight and later delete it. It's slow. I'm not sure why others like this app. It's from blackberry and it so even seem native.

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So is it still a no-go or is it yes-go? Thanks. The battery drain issue is fixed but you can't share your trip because you can't see all of your contacts from Travel? Thanks.

Didn't have the previous version so this update is what I started with. 24 hours after installing, my battery got fiery hot! Did reboots and even kept my battery out for an hour to allow the phone to recuperate. Thought it might be a weather issue as I'm vacationing on a beach island in the Philippines.

Then remembered my BlackBerry 7 says when an app could cause battery issues. Removed BlackBerry travel. Did a few reboots and it finally settled down.

Stay away from this update for at least another few updates. Although kudos to BlackBerry for fixing this as fast as they can. Too bad that they need to work a little more.

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Maybe I'm an idiot but I can't find how to manually add an email to the program . I thought it would be in the action menu but it's not.

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I was pretty disappointed when this app was missing on launch. All is now forgiven. This is a fantastic app and an absolute must have for business travelers. I clocked a lot of miles last year and the year before and if it was not for this app I would have missed flights and stressed myself out trying to keep track of all my travel itineraries. I used to have Trip It Pro but there's no need for it if you have this app. Well done Blackberry! I've had a Blackberry since the mobitex days of year 2000 (yes, back when moat of you folks were in diapers....). so my Z10 is probably my 10th to 12th model that I've used. Loved them all. And this is my first post on Crackberry, thanks to the fantastic app you guys built. Bravo for that too.

Osama Faris

Have it for a few days now in india, no battery issues found, but trip scanning is not working, pain to add details online. Anyone have a solution, I have turned it on in the settings.

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