BlackBerry Travel updated to v2.5.18.99, makes it a BBM Connected app for sharing

BlackBerry Travel
By Bla1ze on 19 Apr 2012 04:59 pm EDT

As RIM mentioned previously, some new apps got BBM Connected recently and one of the ones added to the list was BlackBerry Travel. The updated version that supports connection to BBM is now available for download in BlackBerry App World as version You'll find some other bug fixes in this release as well but it's mostly just for the BBM connectivity.

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BlackBerry Travel updated to v2.5.18.99, makes it a BBM Connected app for sharing


How about they integrate this with the maps application and traffic. I don't need to share my trip info with my friends, but I would like it intergrated with the other Blackberry travel related apps. I guess this is a start.

It already uses BlackBerry Maps (or Google, as you wish) and that option is available from the Options menu from within the application.

BlackBerry Traffic isn't an ideal "Travel" application I would think: I use BlackBerry Travel globally for hotels, cars, and especially airline travel. One vitally important part of BlackBerry Travel is integration into the Calendar and reminders on my BlackBerry (and thus, via Sync, to my Outlook).

The ability to parse incoming emails and look for travel arrangements, etc., is really my favourite part of this application.

But travel is a useful app and it does work well with maps. When I wrote that post I was thinking of the lack of communication between the maps app and traffic. Maybe there is a way, but it seems like it should work like this. Search a hotel on travel. Map it. And then navigate using traffic. It kind of works. But it isn't that easy. I don't get why going from maps to traffic isn't simpler. When you have a route on maps it should be simple to transfer that route to traffic, but it isn't that easy.

That being said, the whole BBM integration thing is just not that useful. At least in my experience.

Totally agree. People complain about developers not supporting the PB. RIM has a great app and as of yet don't support, their own device.

What about the ability to link the digital boarding pass to the event. I can't believe it doesn't do this when it parses the e-ticket boarding pass information.

I can't believe that they released this as a.5 release, all they did was add BBM support, which is useless since all of my friends have left blackberry. I agree with other people that bb travel needs more features, flight purchases, digital boarding pass, better integration with calendar, tasks, traffic, car insurance apps (in case you get discounts, frequent flyer miles programs, playbook version etc.

Side note, where's an update to linked in?

How can I get the price of airline tickets to show up? If this is not possible then what's the point of bothering with a flight search on this app. Unless I can see the price it's useless because the same flight can range from $199 to $2000.

I hate all this "BBM Connected" stuff. With absolutely no BBM contacts, all it does is add another pointless screen to navigate through before I can use an app.