BlackBerry Travel updated to v1.1.42.99

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2011 10:54 pm EDT
BlackBery Travel 

RIM has been making its rounds across some of the BlackBerry apps they control. This time around, BlackBerry Travel has received the update treatment pushing it to v1.1.42.99. While most of the listed change log was there previously, keen eyes will now notice the app has support for the upcoming BlackBerry 7 OS that will be loaded on upcoming devices:

Upgrades since V1.0:

  • BlackBerry 7 Operating System Support
  • Support for BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Style 
  • Rental Car Booking 
  • World Clock supporting 60,000 cities WW
  • Booking in 20 local currencies
  • Updated Weather Icons
  • Special Deals Search for Hotels
  • Improved Hotel Recommendations
  • Now available in 70 countries Worldwide

You can find the update in BlackBerry App World right now, if you're not seeing it -- refresh App World or install it directly from the BlackBerry App World webstore. Thanks, @dwdsquared2!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Travel updated to v1.1.42.99


How hard can it be to release this app in Europe too? Rim is making money only in international markets then again most of the app they make are only available in US and Canada. It's getting more and more frustrating to be a blackberry user...

I have to say this is one of the best BlackBerry aps ever. I get e-mailed itineraries from corporate travel and this baby automatically loads everything into its proper place without fail, it is great. Let's face it, BB are usually at a disadvantage in the app ware, but at least this baby rocks!

And I agree with he previous posters that RIM should make this work worldwide, BlackBerry is supposed to be a World phone, so make this app work for everyone!

X2. The only app on my BB that is worth anything. I travel 30+ weeks a year and the flight alerts feature alone has saved me countless hours of hassle. Too bad World Mate, who developed BB Travel, doesn't have free Gold service and nicer graphics as I will be getting an iPhone this fall. BB and their lack of useful apps is done with me. I will miss BB Travel though.

Definitely one of the better apps but the lack of isn't enough for me to change over. Apps don't rank highly at all with me.

I can't believe how awesome this app is. It's so easy to use, and the flight notifications are tops! The app alerted me every time the airline made a gate change eliminating the need to stare at those stupid departure boards. My only very very minor complaint (and this may be fixed now but I don't have any trips right now) was that the trip was added to the wrong calendar in my phone. I expected it should be added to the calendar where the itinerary email was received, but it was added to my 'facebook' calendar instead. Not a HUGE deal, but a small detail that could easily be corrected so that the item shows with the correct calendar color (my FB calendar is red, but the email acct is green). Maybe I'm just picky lol

By far the best travel app on any smartphone. Nothing like this on Android or iPhone comes anywhere near Blackberry Travel......And its FREE !!

Agreed. The ease of use and continuity of this app integrated into the OS is head and shoulders above the rest. It may not be realistic, but I wish RIM would just take over app production for over half of the apps on AppWorld. No offense to developers, but when RIM makes an App its hard to beat on any platform. Cant wait to try this out on the new 9900 (whenever I can get my hands on one!)

Anyone else experiencing a severe battery drain after installing BB Travel?
My phone used to last at least 12 hours before needing a charge but i can barely get 6 hours out of it now

Or in Italy, I had it, backed up - updated OS a while back and it was gone...does any nice person have the Jad file to share? Thanks in advance ...

LOVE this app. As the others said, it's the best travel app ever.

On my last trip, my BB Travel warned me of a delay on my flight about 2 hours before. But when I checked in at the airport, the woman said it's on time, so I asked... are you sure? My phone said it's 45 mins delayed? She double checked and said.. actually you're right, it's delayed for 45 mins!

Woop woop!

it cant be that hard to make this app available in germany (or all the other european countries which were left out)