BlackBerry Travel updated to v1.0.384.99

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2011 04:17 pm EDT
BlackBerry Travel updated to v1.0.384.99

Although it may no be an app that a lot of folks use daily, it's certainly one that when you do use it -- it works great. That said, if you're a BlackBerry Travel user you'll want to make sure you fire up BlackBerry App World and grab the latest update which, is now sitting at v1.0.384.99. No changelog was issued to go along with it but what we do know is the file is slightly larger so, if you see any changes within don't hesitate to drop a note in the comments.

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BlackBerry Travel updated to v1.0.384.99


With this version Blackberry Travel has been made available in Mexico through App World, so I guess it may be the same case for other countries where the app was not available.

I hate apps that require a data plan, I installed this app before realizing I needed one. I can't even sign in over WiFi.

Every where I go I has WiFi access, so I have no need for a data plan.

I hope someone find a hack to use this data-only app over Wifi, I'll be willing to a pay a lot for suck a hack.

I cant download this app on to my 9670 style. Does any one know if its going to be available for the style 9670

not really a major update hey? wouldn't users who have these programs be alerted to the update at some point?

Can't wait to use this... have a big trip up ahead with 4 flights and about 12 train rides at least.. hopefully it'll keep me organized.

Great app for the BB 9650. Love it!
Now, my wife has a BB 9670 and she can't get the app because her device is not supported. Regarless of the sales on that device being not as RIM expected, they should make apps like this one to support it. The device is fairly new to the BB. I know many people do not like the device, or maybe even RIM don't like the device, but that is not a reason for it to be unsupported by this type apps. IMO

Glad to see an update...I used this recently on a 2 day business trip and one thing that impressed me was that it kept up with all the gate push alerts every time something was automatically scans travel emails and imports them into the app flawlessly...this was RIM working with WorldMate and the result is a good app...

I haven't downloaded this app yet but I currently use Worldmate Gold, which is great. I'd luv to see a side-by-side comparison of this app with Worldmate. Anybody here used both apps and has an opinion on which one is better or are they essentially the same? I know that Rim collaborated with the WM guys on this, I was just wondering the differences/which one is better.

I bought the WM Gold subscription a month before BB Travel came out. For all intents and purposes, it's the same as WM Gold only FREE! It has a better UI than WM. Only thing I wish it wouldn't do is duplicate flights evertytime my intinerary changes. Flight alerts and information such as gates are a blessing and weather updates for your destination are cool.

The only glitch that I find with it is if you are on a flight that stops lets people off then back on and goes to the final destination it wont show the second leg, well with out manual input. For instance I went from DEN to ORD to FRA to ABV to SSG But since FRA to ABV to SSG was the same flight but just stopped in ABV BB travel only showed DEN - ORD - FRA - ABV then also on the return flight, even though the flight originates in SSG only showed ABV - FRA - ORD - DEN. Other than that it is a great app I use it at least twice a month. Although it seams that Trip Case gets updates first, BB Travel shows more info.

i use this app weekly... it is amazing... i have lead at least half a dozen of my coworkers to it.... i flew 155,000 miles last year and used it for every mile... now i want to see it as a playbook tether app...native on the playbook would be useless but as a tether app it would be amazing

Just to let people know, as I'm not sure this has been commented, that the update just adds language support for French, Italian, German and Spanish. I don't think there are any other changes

i use it every week, and its great. BUT it does not support any thing other the flights (ie rail, cruises, etc.)

I've had it recognise not just flights but also coach trips and car hire so really happy with this app. It didn't recognise an email from a ferry booking though but i am sure with time this will get better and better

This is definitely one of the better BB apps. I've had it since it was launched in beta and it just performed flawlessly for the business trip I just completed. My flights, updates, hotel, car rental, etc. all appeared in the app via the email scanning feature.